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Submission + - What's happening at Microsoft? (

onyxruby writes: "Has Microsoft completely lost it's way? For years they dominated as no other company, even taking over from IBM. However Microsoft has lost their vision that made them the once dominant force in the market. Microsoft has been desperately afraid that they computing is moving past the desktop and into mobile platforms where they have a historically weak presence.

In response Windows 8 was developed to be as mobile friendly as possible, to the point of forcing everyone to use the default mobile interface by default. The result could not be more hostile to enterprise environments. Microsoft is willing to sacrifice Windows 8 knowing that enterprises are migrating to Windows 7 anyways.

The reason Microsoft is sacrificing an entire enterprise operating system release and angering the enterprise is to avoid being left behind in the mobile market. They did so in direct response to the Apple iPad and the risk they perceive in it. In order to push this vision they even brought out proof of concept hardware in terms of the Surface tablet which was generally well received and many people think could be quite competitive.

However they have completely failed in executing their vision. The first reports of pricing for surface tablets are now out and they are going to cost significantly more than the Ipad! The price is well into the netbook category for hardware that is far less competitive. Who on earth enters a market with markedly higher prices and inferior hardware? What's happening at Microsoft? This never would have happened under Bill Gates."

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