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Submission + - Poor quality control from Verizon, 11 bad cell phones in one year

onyxruby writes: "I have been through a total of 11 (not a typo) defective cell phones from Verizon in one year. I have had cell phone after cell phone sent out to me and require replacement although all but the first one was 'certified like new'. The problem is that the warranty refurbished cell phones have been put through very poor quality control with problems that never should have been put back into production.

I have had cell phones sent out to me with a defective power button, one that wouldn't charge the battery, several with bad antennas, more than one that was unusable the day I received it, phones with screens that would blank out and several that were completely unstabile. The point being that the phones would fail for different reasons, and could always be verified by a third party (I wasn't abusing them).

I had so many problems the technical rep at my local store recognizes me by face. I had phones that the very day I got them they could not get a signal from the tower laying on the counter in the Verizon store. I went through more than one model as a certain model kept failing on me and eventually a new model was offered to alleviate my problems. Every time I did this I had to buy a new protective case and screen covers. At one point I actually went through three defective cell phones in a single week.

After a solid year of problem after problem I was finally allowed an early upgrade by 6 months to an actual 'new' phone and about $120 in credit for my hassle. I have lost far more than this on cases and covers and time and have had to call back in to chase down my credits multiple times. Is Verizon being reasonable or is this par for the course treatment for customers today?"

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