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Comment BYOD works for me. (Score 1) 82

BYOD works fine for me. I own the phone, I manage the voice and data plan and the company pays for half. This definitely works out in my favor. If I travel out of the country the company pays for the roaming plan. At work I use the company guest wifi to save on data use. I had to install some kind of app so they can wipe the company email if I lose the phone. My personal email is completely separate. The company has next to no issues supporting me. I don't have to carry two phones. Everybody wins.

Comment The War on (this) Drug is almost over. (Score 1) 307

Gambling used to be illegal almost everywhere in the US. Gambling was addictive, it ruined families, it caused all manner of social ills.Then governments figured out how much money there was to be made from lotteries and casinos, and now gambling is legal and casinos and lotteries are everywhere.
I think the very same thing is going to happen with cannabis. Colorado made about $125 million in tax revenue on weed last year. There are going to be a whole lot of other state governments that see that and start doing whatever it takes to get their hands on that revenue.

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