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Comment Re:Next step... (Score 1) 154

b is cheap and to the point, Also it's easy to set up an appointment. call the local arb association and you can get 3 qualified to pick from. Court would be the next step, to collect.

Also, you have to look at it from my point... every seller wants more, every buyer wants it cheaper. both sides after 3 or 4 days get buyer's/seller's remorse. it's a fucking nightmare sometimes, I've seen fights break out at the closing table over 1 fucking key IE: it was a medco key, cost $25. and the seller wanted the buyer to pay for the second copy, and that's when I pulled out the listing contract and said " no, it's 2 main keys, you signed here remember ", and at the closing table is where people will try to screw you over ( both the seller and buyer ) that's why I never schedule both parties at the same time.

Also, do you want to take your client to public court, great reputation to have. No, Arb is always private and usually never even get's that far, good people realise the error and fix the problem.

Comment Re:Next step... (Score 1) 154

In the example of the sinkhole; if I did not disclose to the public that I know it ( which I did once he filled out the disclosure ) I'm guilty of fraud and maybe more. if the owner never disclosed it, and I went on to market the property and discovered ( a known problem that was not disclosed ) the sinkhole after and inspection, I can take the owner to arb and demand that he pay my marketing cost and/or cancel the listing.

that's why I don't do anything without a listing contract and a sellers disclosure.

Comment Re:Next step... (Score 1) 154

Yes, you are right. My contracts are give and take, not fixed.

>>Binding arbitration clauses remove the customer's right to file a lawsuit.

Yes, I work amazingly hard, I don't want to be wiped out due to some bullshit
lawsuit because the owners want an $ 11,000 magazine cover marketing spend
on a house that is worth 200K.

Seen it happen, and a realtor had to give up his 5000 in commissions as a settlement to end it.
Won't happen to me. I do less business than others, I try my best to give top quality service,
and don't want problems ever.

Comment Re:Next step... (Score 2) 154

disclosure : I am a licenced sales associate for real estate

I do not accept a listing contract ( contract to market and sell the property ) without the arbitration clause signed.

Why? it's amazingly simple. Sellers lie. Lie all the time.
by the time the seller's disclosure is fully filled out, the house is not the same house.

"we spent 100K on the kitchen", when I add up the totals it comes to 43K
"roof leak, never" ... well Michael we had it fixed 4 years ago ...

I had a guy cancel a contract when we did the disclosure, he expected me to not disclose the sinkhole
repair ( sinkhole drops land value by 30% automatically and home value by 8% ).

I am not going to get into a lawsuit because of your lies.

Comment Re:There's one reason you can't (Score 1) 154

>>>The Constitution vests the power to make law in the Congress. The courts don't have any right or power to strike down laws based on "I don't like it".

Wait Wait Wait. Unless I have forgotten my school house rock ....
Congress creates the law.
Judges will rule it's legality, if it's brought to court.

given enough time, the bad laws are fixed and good laws stay

Comment Re:Not very smart (Score 1) 497

While you might be thinking legal stuff, let's use some common sense. Trump is a known extreme action person. So he can order it as a threat and make some work for his employee's. The interesting part; that he might like is the storm trooper action of the entire event. he's going to push it, I am rather sure of it. Question is, how far.

Comment Re: Trump 2016!!! (Score 1) 2837

No, it won't be. Look at his person history, revenge is something he enjoys, many real estate people woke up today wondering how the heads will roll... I know I voted with my heart, I am hoping that the USA will be able to manage without a civil war. Should be interesting.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 340

Well, thinking out loud, Not much space really, if we are looking to spread failure risk around. So first look at the ability to get the dead abandoned spaces into the grid. IE: blighted area's. Next, think in the sense of 3d stacking of the battery buildings. I'm thinking it's going to look like a container ship cell design myself.

So we got rid of some blighted area's, next we have to optimize already used space IE: parking lot's, smaller local distribution.

And 1 space that I see used somewhat in Florida, under the massive powerlines ( the real thick big ones ) that's a lot of acre's

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 160

What you forgot to mention... the plant was built a reasonable distance from people, but over time , people encroached on it. and it get's worst, the plant was in violation of some reasonable security measure ( well maybe not a violation but common sense ) and built illegally certain parts of it's factory. So it's multiple problems, A) lack of oversite B) lack of local government control asking the developers not to develop, and C) lack of local government asking and or demanding that common sense and building rules be followed.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 160

Those are all great question. At the end of the day, in a condo, the rules are really specific about strangers on premises. Leases in FL state that if a guest of yours stays more than an agreed time ( 15 days on average ), you need to register them. And people will over time learn what you are up to if you are breaking the rules. ... as for your motorcycle incident, a smart property will outright ban them on premise, otherwise, it's a tow in the morning if the ban is placed in the entrance ( we do it consistently )...

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 160

Many people talk about "neighbor(s) from hell", well there is a great resolution for it. it's filing Properly all legal complaints. I've done it to the point where a court house clerk said we are becoming friends. Long story short, I filed for 2 years every possible legally valid complaint I could defend, and then when they made a big mistake, I jumped on it, they pursued peace, file a few claims against them and the insurance company, they sold....

I respect your right to do whatever the fuck you want, just don't bother me, leave me out of it, let me grow my vegetables and sleep. 11pm is night time and 8am is the start of the any and all construction...

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