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Submission + - Green Card Lottery Results Voided Due to Error (

omnibit writes: The State Department has issued an apology claiming that due to a computer error, all results from the 2012 Diversity Immigrant "green card" lottery have now been voided. U.S. law requires that Diversity Immigrant visas be made available through a strictly random process. A computer programming error resulted in a selection that was not truly random. Each year, up to 55,000 people receive a green card through the lottery. A new draw will be conducted by July 15, 2011.

Submission + - Wikileaks: Shell Corporation runs Nigeria

Maxo-Texas writes: The Guardian's analysis of wikileaks documents has revealed that Shell Corporation has inserted employees into every aspect of the Nigerian government and basically runs the company. In what is a view into our corporate controlled future, while the country has billions of dollars in oil income, 70% of the population lives below the poverty line.

"The company's top executive in Nigeria told US diplomats that Shell had seconded employees to every relevant department and so knew "everything that was being done in those ministries". She boasted that the Nigerian government had "forgotten" about the extent of Shell's infiltration and was unaware of how much the company knew about its deliberations."

Submission + - SPAM: Lung cancer in smokers vs. 'never-smokers'

SmokingHabit writes: Lung tumors in those who smoke and those who never smoked have different DNA alterations in the tumor genomes, according to results of a pilot study presented at the Ninth Annual AACR Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research Conference, held Nov. 7-10, 2010, in Philadelphia. Based on the results of this study, Kelsie Thu, a Ph.D. candidate at the BC Cancer Research Center in Vancouver, Canada, suggested that "lung cancer in never-smokers should be studied as a separate group," and that lung cancers in smokers and never-smokers may represent two different diseases.

Submission + - Breakthrough portends cure for the common cold ( 1

breadboy21 writes: Scientists have been able to show for the first time that the body's immune defences can destroy the common cold virus after it has actually invaded the inner sanctum of a human cell, a feat that was believed until now to be impossible.

The discovery opens the door to the development of a new class of antiviral drugs that work by enhancing this natural virus-killing machinery of the cell. Scientists believe the first clinical trials of new drugs based on the findings could begin within two to five years.


Submission + - HP unveils the Slate 500 8.9-inch Win 7 tablet

An anonymous reader writes: After almost a year of rumors and waiting, HP’s Slate is official. As leaked, the HP Slate 500 runs Windows 7 (not webOS) and it has a Ctrl-Alt-Del button built right in. If you’ve been following the rumors then you already know a lot about the Slate 500, but what you might not know is that HP is promoting it as a business product.

Submission + - Giant Lab Replicates Category 3 Hurricanes

Pickens writes: "The WSJ reports that a new $40 million research center built by the Institute for Business & Home Safety in Richburg, SC features a massive test chamber as tall as a six-story building that can hold nine 2,300-square-foot homes on a turntable where they can be subjected to tornado-strength winds generated by 105 giant fans to simulate a Category 3 hurricane. The goal is to improve building codes and maintenance practices in disaster-prone regions even though each large hurricane simulation costs about $100,000. The new IBHS lab will be the first to replicate hurricanes with winds channeling water through homes and ripping off roofs, doors and windows. The new facility will give insurers the ability to carefully videotape what happens as powerful winds blow over structures instead of relying on wind data from universities or computer simulations. The center will also be used to test commercial buildings, agriculture structures, tractor-trailers, wind turbines and airplanes. "We will be the only lab on the planet that can do what we do," says Julie Rochman, chief executive of IBHS. "We will just put them on a turntable and test them under a very realistic replication of natural hazard conditions." However there are still some disasters beyond the capabilities of the lab. Tsunamis, for one. "You have to have an earthquake under the seabed to cause the tsunami itself," says Joseph King. "We're not able to do it and certainly don't know anyone who can.""

Submission + - Apple to stop serving Java (

An anonymous reader writes: The Register reports today that Apple are going to stop supporting Java on their desktop. I wish I could think of something funny to say about this.

Submission + - DOJ Says No to Amended Google Book Settlement (

Miracle Jones writes: "The Department of Justice issued a filing today saying that the recent amendments to the Google Book Settlement are not good enough, delivering a serious blow to the chances that the Settlement will be approved in New York on February 18th. From the DOJ: "...the amended settlement agreement suffers from the same core problem as the original agreement: it is an attempt to use the class action mechanism to implement forward-looking business arrangements that go far beyond the dispute before the court in this litigation." While the DOJ says it is committed to helping Google and the Author's Guild fix this problem, there is not nearly enough time for this to happen, unless Google has a secret emergency settlement hidden away somewhere."

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