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Submission + - Polish Scientists Invent Remote DUI Detector (spie.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Polish scientists have published a paper describing an invention that can detect drunk drivers as they pass by. Specifically, the system uses laser to detect the presence of alcohol vapor in the air inside the cabin of the vehicle. Such a system could revolutionize the detection of drunk driving.

Submission + - Archeological Study Contradicts The Bible (tau.ac.il)

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at Tel-Aviv University in Israel used radiocarbon dating to pinpoint the date of camel domestication in the Middle East, and the results are not good for people who interpret the Bible literally. The study shows that camels were domesticated in Israel sometime around 900 B.C., not 2000 B.C. as claimed in Genesis. This shows that the text of the Bible was written long after the events described in it occurred, or that the Earth is in reality much younger than we thought.

Submission + - Samsung Galaxy S4 Security Vulnurability (bgu.ac.il)

olsmeister writes: The Samsung KNOX enterprise security system (presumably a play on Ft Knox, the location of the United States Bullion Depository) contains a security vulnurability that could put both personal and business data at risk. This is according to a discovery by a Ph.D. student at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. This is the security system used in Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4 phone, which Samsung hopes will allow it to compete with BlackBerry in government and enterprise applications. The flaw could allow attackers to access secure data, as well as load malicious applications.

Submission + - New All-Solid Battery Outperforms Lithium Ion (phys.org)

olsmeister writes: The new all-solid battery design uses solid sulfur and lithium, and outperforms existing lithium-ion batteries with four times the energy density. The battery can maintain a capacity of 1200 milliampere-hours per gram after 300 charge-discharge cycles. More work needs to be done, but one would think this new technology could have applications in renewable energy storage, electric cars, and consumer electronics.

Submission + - Dunkin Donuts Takes Donut, Bacon, Egg Sandwich Nationwide (consumerist.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Think America has a weight problem now? Just wait. Dunkin Donuts has announced that a donut, egg, and bacon sandwich will be available nationwide starting June 7th, the same day they also are offering free donuts. Interestingly, the sandwich supposedly has 360 calories, which doesn't sound all that bad considering one of these things probably would keep me going well past lunchtime. Will they sell? Well, they do have bacon. The next question would be where does the bacon come from?

Submission + - Low Levels Of Toxic Gas Found To Encourage Plant Growth (phys.org)

olsmeister writes: Hydrogen Sulfide is a toxic, flammable, foul-smelling gas that some theorize may have been at least partially responsible for some of Earth's mass extinctions, including the Permian-Triassic event, which killed well over half of the species on the planet. Now, thanks to a fortuitous accident, doctoral student at the University of Washington seems to have discovered that very low doses of the gas seems to greatly enhance plant growth, causing plants to germinate more quickly and grow larger. The finding could have far reaching implications for both food and biofuel production.
The Matrix

Submission + - Is the Universe a Simulation? (phys.org) 2

olsmeister writes: Ever wonder if the universe is really a simulation? Well, physicists do too. Recently, a group of physicists have devised a way that could conceivably prove one way or the other whether that is the case. There is a paper describing their work on arXiv. Some other physicists propose that the universe is actually a giant hologram with all the action actually occurring on a two-dimensional boundary region.

Submission + - Google's iOS GMail App Pulled (cnet.com) 1

olsmeister writes: Google removed their new GMail app from the App Store due to a programming error that caused an error message related to the aps-environment entitlement string when the app was started and also caused the notifications not to function correctly. They are working to get the app fixed and are going to have the new one ready soon.

Submission + - Alaskan Village Orange Goo was Fungal Spores (msn.com)

olsmeister writes: In a follow up to a report that was mentioned on Slashdot a week ago, the NOAA has determined that the orange 'goo' that washed up on the beaches on the remote Alaska village of Kivalina was not eggs of crustaceans, but rather spores from a fungus that creates rust on plants. It is not known whether the fungus is harmful to humans or not.

Submission + - Webb Telescope In Crosshairs Of Budget Cutters (ibtimes.com)

olsmeister writes: With cutting the Federal budget high on the list of priorities for most politicians, the James Webb Space Telescope has come into the crosshairs. The telescope is slated to be the successor to the very successful Hubble and will orbit the sun well away from the Earth at the L2 Lagrange point. With the telescope well over budget and behind schedule, it is being singled out as a prime example of government waste and ineptness. If you have an opinion on this, you should contact your representative and let them know your feelings on this program.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony to Offer Free Identity Theft Monitoring (bloomberg.com)

olsmeister writes: Several weeks after having the Playstation Network hacked, and apologizing to users for the breach, Sony is offering $1 million dollars in identity theft protection for users who sign up before June 18th. The protection is being offered through Debix and is called AllClear ID Plus. This appears to be some kind of custom plan especially for Sony, as their normal offerings are called AllClear ID Free and AllClear ID Pro.

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