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Networking (Apple)

Submission + - SPAM: Why Commodore rejected Apple 25 years ago 1

alphadogg-networkworld writes: An Apple II PC being sold by Commodore International in 1982? It came very close to happening, but luckily for Apple, Commodore rejected the idea, instead going with its revolutionary Commodore 64. Apple was one of the companies that approached influential Commodore to sell PCs, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said during an energetic panel discussion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Commodore 64 PC, which took place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on Monday evening.
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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - XKCD Artist Randall Munroe speaks at Google (

def writes: XKCD Artist Randall Munroe gives a pretty amusing talk at Google recently. Munroe on Munroe: "I'm just this guy, you know? I'm a CNU graduate with a degree in physics. Before starting xkcd, I worked on robots at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia. As of June 2007 I live in Massachusetts. In my spare time I climb things, open strange doors, and go to goth clubs dressed as a frat guy so I can stand around and look terribly uncomfortable. At frat parties I do the same thing, but the other way around."

Submission + - Duke Fellow on GPLv3 and the SoftwarePatent Menace (

andy_from_nc writes: "Recently the Triange Linux Users' Group (which meets at the Raleigh, NC Red Hat HQ on NCSU campus) hosted Sapna Kuma speaking on GPLv3 and more particularly about the Microsoft Patent menace. The videos are now up on iBiblio in both MP4 and OGM (OGG for video). I've also posted links to torrents and will update with mirrors on here.

The talk raised some important issues and raises a call to action for the entire "FLOSS" community on battling the Microsoft menace of patents. The video is okay (the other camera failed) and the audio is decent with captions of the key questions."


Submission + - Vista Validation Totally Cracked

Brian Gordon writes: "The Inquirer reports that cracking group PARADOX has cracked Vista's activation model. The new crack results in an installation virtually identical to that of a legitimately activated license key, which means that cracked installs are eligible for Windows Updates and will pass WGA validation.

From the readme: Microsoft allows large hardware manufacturers (e.g. ASUS, HP, Dell) to ship their products containing a Windows Vista installation that does NOT require any kind of product activation as this might be considered an unnecessary inconvenience for the end-user. The basic concept of the tool at hand is to present any given BIOS ACPI_SLIC information to Windows Vista's licensing mechanism by means of a device driver. In combination with a matching product key and OEM certificate this allows for rendering any system practically indistinguishable from a legit pre-activated system shipped by the respective OEM."

Submission + - Phishing gets more sophisticated, so does security

Ant writes: "This IT Security blog says: "If you're in a certain income bracket, you might get an e-mail threatening your life. A new group of spammers, posing as professional hit-men, claim that recipients have been targeted for assassination and ask for up to $80,000 to drop the contract on their lives. Recipients are warned against contacting the police or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Internet security firm, Sophos, said it had received a number of reports about the scheme and issued a statement today. A group of professionals, including dentists and a car dealer, reportedly took the message seriously and did contact the authorities, according to the Times Online. "This is surely one of the sickest phishes yet seen — the intention of this email is quite clearly to frighten the recipient into coughing up a substantial amount of money or, at the very least, their bank account details," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos... Seen on Digg."

Submission + - MySpace to offer parental notification software

Jim_Maryland writes:, News Corp.'s popular online social network, plans to offer free parental notification software in a bid to appease government critics, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

Parents will be able to use the software, named "Zephyr," to find out what name, age and location their children use to represent themselves on MySpace, the Journal said.

It would not allow parents to read their children's e-mail or see their profile pages, and it would alert children that their information was being shared, the paper reported.

Full article at Reuters

Submission + - Swedish wiretap bill killed - by the secret police

Scared Poor Fat Anonymous Cow-Ard writes: "The Swedish weekly newspaper Ny Teknik (New Technology) reports (in Swedish) that a couple of FRA employees (more or less the Swedish NSA) recently tried to pass a bill that gave them unlimited wiretapping rights.

This bill included all types of electronic communication, and was sent for review 22th December 2006. It included a passage that requested any objections to be sent back no later than 8 January 2007, and the bill to be passed 3 days latter. The idea was of course to pass the bill when while legislators where off due to Christmas holidays.

The bill would have been passed if not, to everyones surprise, the Swedish Secret Polis (SÄPO) had publicly objected. The Secret Police stopped this bill, which they call a "coup", by publishing a harsh response (PDF file, more Bork Bork) only four days before that deadline."

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