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Comment Re: Not per cockpit flight recorder (Score 1) 737

AirCanada & EasyJet in addition to NorwegianAir just announced today they're immediately adopting the "2-crew in cockpit rule" used by all US Carriers as well as carriers flying to/from the US. Hopefully the rest of the a airlines, including Lufthansa will follow suit to show they've learned something from this mass murder.

Comment Not per cockpit flight recorder (Score 2) 737

Per French prosecutor, Co-pilot set controls to descend for deliberate crash. The course was a steady 26 degrees indicating he didn't faint and fall on the control stick and still maintain 26 degree course. Further, you must not just touch the control but hold it down for a time before the course is maintained. Breathing was normal.
The solution, already standard in the US (and today by NorewgianAir) is to require 2-crew in the cockpit at all times (one may be a stewardess). Further, aviation experts seem now convinced to require streaming cockpit cameras aboard all large passenger planes. This demystifies all the time spent on accident investigators & news media speculators. The worldwide passenger needs trump and pilot privacy.

Comment US solution adopted IMMEDIATELY by NorwegianAir (Score 2) 737
NorwegianAir today requires 2 crew at all times in cockpit, just as we have in the US. We can only hope Lufthansa can follow sooner than later. Also, it's about time cockpit streaming cameras are required on all large passenger jets, demystifying most accident investigations. The worldwide passenger demand certainly trumps any pilot privacy.

Comment Re:So the videos are true? (Score 1) 514

You are correct. RIM and Nokia have no case, as the videos clearly demonstrate they can
have similar problems to very small number of iPhone4 customers who experience this problem.
The missing message from the distorted press was that this is NOT a significant problem
for most iPhone4, RIM or Nokia customers, but was blown out of context with all the iPhone hype.

Comment Re:So the videos are true? Please Watch Th (Score 2, Interesting) 514

Very well said. It's disgusting to see so many /. posts with no basis in fact, just personal bias.
Before someone posts - please inform yourself by watching the video.
Apple has done far more than any other smartphone company ( including the "foreign" ones, like
RIM and Nokia) to make sure everyone who buys an iPhone4 is 100% satisfied including
free bumpers and complete refunds (no restocking fees). Funny how despite all the press
about this very minor issue, the iPhone 4 is Apple's best product yet with virtually no
returns and the highest rate of customer satisfaction among all smartphones.

Comment Re:Misleading Title - Does not affect iPads (Score 1) 196

A bit more about malware on Mac Products:
By the way, many hear Macs have no better security than Windows PCs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is NOT simply “Security by Obscurity” (10% of laptop Market). Mac security problems (viri etc.) reported have been related to old pre-OSX O/S, Officeand other M$ products run on Macs, pfishing attacks etc. Macs don’t recognize .exe files,and most importantly default privlidges do not allow any “foreign” software to be installed.MacOSX informs you of any attempt to install “foreign” software, and if you insist on installing it, it will ask for the system password. Even if you’re gullible enough to enter the system password, it again warns you that you’re about to install “foreign” softeware for which you have to acknowledge again. Even if it is installed (i.e. an .exe file), you can click on it and it will do no damage to you Mac. In addition, unlike Windows PCs out of the box all port access except 2 (ftp & ssh) are blocked which prevents hackers from exploiting backdoors. You can see plenty of testimony from Windows users who are relieved when they switch to Macs to be free of malware, except phishing attacks, of course. Now if Apple would only send me a check for writing this based on my heavy Windows, Linux and OSX systems experience.

Comment Misleading Title - Does not affect iPads (Score 1) 196

Note that this is another Windows virus that affects only Windows PCs.
It does NOT affect iPads or any Mac products.
BitDefender is likely using the iPad's popularity to widen
their Windows anti-virus audience. Most everyone knows
that Macs do not use .exe files used by virus writers to perpetrate
Windows viri. Nice attempt at publicity!

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