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Comment Re:Been running a dev build for a few weeks now (Score 1) 212

No no, I quite agree that the management could be done better or different, your statement about task managing was just a bit too strongly worded for me to agree with it.

Pinning programs to taskbar is perhaps another task-reducing improvement (and one I find quite useful). I tried to think about what I would want the computer to close for me, but there weren't that many things... Steam might be one, if I were running out of resources, but on desktop that isn't really the case as more can be placed on disc and the resources aren't that sparse anyhow...

Application groups might have some promise though, such as easier opening of related applications and such... Perhaps automatic task manager could update SVN, update the local db, and preload relevant programs when needed. (Although some of that stuff is pretty much already happening)

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