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Comment McKinsey & Company (Score 1) 404

Do we really need to read trash published by this company.

"A 1997 article and a book it published in 2001 on "The War for Talent"...The authors found that the best-performing companies were "obsessed" with acquiring and managing the best talent. They advocated that companies rank employees by their performance and promote "stars", while targeting under-performers for improvement or layoffs. After the book was published, Enron, a company which followed many of its principles, was involved in a scandal that led to its bankruptcy."

But hey just look at these insightful statements from the article:

"Automation is happening, and it will bring substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide"

"...machine learning have put us on the cusp of a new automation age"

"Automation will change the daily work activities of everyone..."

Hello the Industrial Revolution is calling, they want their insights back. Perhaps they have some pithy quotes from Eli Whitney. Jackasses...

Comment WTF? (Score 2) 200

"“I just think government needs to be very cautious about investing taxpayer dollars in these networks that they not only have to be able to manage, but they also have to maintain them,” Byron told The Roanoke Times. "Maintaining this type of stuff is much better done by private business.”"

Really cock sucking whore. Do you have proof to support this assertion that does not come with wheel barrels full of cash....

Comment Re:I'm all for protecting the consumer (Score 1, Troll) 159

Really? Amazon wouldn't know if those prices were accurate. A company that use analytics and big data to analyze the buying behaviors of it's customers and the pricing of products wouldn't know whether or not the MSRP is accurate or not. Troll somewhere else ass-hole.

Comment Re:Canada extorts $1 Million from Amazon (Score 1, Troll) 159


"The investigation centered on the practice of Amazon displaying its prices compared to higher "list prices" -- suggested manufacturer prices (MSRPs) designed as marketing gimmicks to make people think they are getting a deal, even though it's often the case that no shopper ever pays that price."

“The Bureau’s investigation concluded that these claims created the impression that prices for items offered on were lower than prevailing market prices,”

So false advertising but hey I guess you like buying a floor cleaner than doubles as a dessert topping. Moron.

Comment Re:Not so fast (Score 3, Informative) 102

They already got it:

"Foreign-trade zones are essentially outside US customs territory, which means companies can avoid duties when exporting or importing merchandise. The US government supports the zones to help create jobs through "the encouragement of operations in the United States which, for customs reasons, might otherwise have been carried on abroad."

"On its domestic sales, Apple would be able to choose the duty rate during customs entry procedures that applies to finished server assembly cabinets (duty-free) for the foreign-status materials/components noted below and in the existing scope of authority," the notice continues.

Comment Re:Figure out what you want to do (Score 4, Insightful) 259

Exactly. You rattled off a bunch of technologies as if that determines your career path. Those are just skills, which change over time.

What do you want to do?

What do you like?

Those are the questions you need to answer. Perhaps the best advice is go see a career counselor to determine your career. It may have nothing to do with CS.

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