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Comment Re:Xenophobia (Score 1) 268

You do realize that the majority pf H1B Visas holders are not foreign students educated in the United States. The majority are from India.

Give it up Potsy. The H1B Visa program is being abused. The majority of H1B Visas go to off-shoring firms like Tata and InfoSys. They do not go to business trying to find hard to find skills. The H1B Visa program is meant to supplement NOT replace US workers.

Comment Re: no comments? (Score 1) 268


"It was also a period where the recruitment of so-called H-1B labor was at or close to the cap"

This would show you the affect of H1B Visas on the labor market. And *YOU* assume these jobs would be moved over seas. Off-shoring did not pick up traction until the 2000s.

FYI Potsy if the company doesn't fill the job position then there isn't a need to increase the H1B Visa cap.

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