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Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 5, Informative) 335


Revenue at the 2015 global box office crossed $38 billion for the first time in history, surpassing last year's record $36.7 billion.

That includes an unprecedented $11 billion-plus in North America, up 6.3 percent from last year's dismal $10.35 billion

By the end of 2017, China is expected to surpass North America and become the largest movie market in the world. http://www.hollywoodreporter.c...

So no the movie industry has not been destroyed by the internet. No even close. Time to take you head out of your ass.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 573

I think the point moron is that we have been kicking the can down the road for the past 40 fucking years! At some point you need to start doing something. If we had started 40 years ago we would be in a better position. Now with all the delays, we will need to do something big which will have impact on people's lives.

It's the difference of a small change or a really big change.

Comment Thank God (Score 1) 278

Now we can out this bull shit behind us. Hey ass-hole computer programming is available in high school to ANYONE who wants to take it. You don't need to fucking shove it down student's throats. If they want to learn it they will. It's not a core course, it never was.

Comment Would you like a Blackberry with you Windows phone (Score 1) 157

Seriously, the bigger question is why are you using a Windows phone? It's pretty pathetic at this point and time. Windows phone is dead. Band, dead before it started.

What the savvy investor should be asking is why Microsoft is not in merger talks with Google or Apple or heck Amazon. Outside the server business, Microsoft is in decline.

Comment As opposed to alcohol abuse that causes (Score 1) 560

Korsakoff's syndrome

There seems to be a real ambivalence towards alcohol use and abuse and yet its negative outcomes are far greater than Cannabis use. Heck we're even pushing alcohol consumption during Sunday brunch!

For medical use, marijuana shouldn't be anymore dangerous than any controlled substance or do you want to ignore opioid abuse.

For recreational use, it would be advisable to understand the consumption limits of marijuana, like we have for alcohol.

When we have a complete picture we can make informed decisions.

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