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Comment Re:One rule for them and another for us (Score 4, Insightful) 314

One rule for them and another for us.
Hillary using email doesn't sound so bad in comparison now does it?

Hillary using e-mail wasn't the problem. It was her setting up an insecure private MS Exchange server in order to avoid oversight from the government or public (via FOIA requests) and to make her willful destruction of evidence so much easier.

I love how people try to downplay this as if it was an "accidental" slip and a trivial oversight on her part. Flynn is obviously a douche as well who needs his ass kicked.

Oh.... almost forgot.... FUCK YOUR PARTISAN BULLSHIT!

Comment Re: Any still used? (Score 1) 74

Wrong, Voyager used a mutant custom architecture. The first real microprocessor in space was the RCA 1802 which flew on some MAGSAT, Galileo and even hubble. The 1802 was the first microprocessor built in a radiation hardened version. Kinda weird but it was a cool CPU and very power efficient but a bit slower than the 8080 or 6502.

Comment Re: "Civic Society" not a very impressive euphemis (Score 1) 805

I didn't support either of those ass-clowns. I'm not a Trump supporter in the least and I didn't vote for him. I don't support the leftists and I don't support Christian Nationalism. I'm just a simple Libertarian.

And yeah, I'm fairly old and experienced enough to realize the road to hell is paved with good intentions that are eventually used to inflict mass tyranny by the next guy. If you like anti-"hate speech", blasphemy laws and far left-leaning governments that coddle their citizens, I hear the EU is pretty nice.

You can feel that I'm "dumb" because I'm more than willing to let anyone "appropriate" any part of my culture that they like regardless of their race or class. You can feel that I'm an idiot for not identifying with a bunch of brats on an Ivy League campus I could never hope to attend screaming about "white privilege". You can think I'm an idiot for not giving a shit about "hate speech" because driving bigotry underground is dangerous. But you know what? That's your right and I won't stop you from being naive, young and stupid. After all, this is America.

Get a grip, not everyone in the tech industry is a left-leaning, over-sensitive cry-baby.

Comment Re: "Civic Society" not a very impressive euphemis (Score 1) 805

So people being harassed for "cultural appropriation" for having dreadlocks is an appropriate response? What if my wife were to harass a black woman for straightening her hair? Or if I harassed a native American for wearing a western-style business suits without attending a board meeting, business function or office interview? Or a rap fan for wearing a Slayer T-shirt? Or if a religious nutter harasses people who decorate their house with crosses without attending a Christian church?

In short, I'll "appropriate" whatever the hell I want. Chances are, those cultures ripped it off from some other culture (modern or ancient) along the way anyway.


Comment Re: "Civic Society" not a very impressive euphemis (Score 1) 805

Then you've never attended college in recent years. I've heard plenty of them pissing and moaning about "white privilege" and "cultural appropriation" since I decided to go back to school. There are even recent cases of harassment and assault of white students for having dreads because even that is considered "cultural appropriation".

No, YOU need to grow up and release the extreme views that the left (especially the naive younger lefties) has started to champion are the reason the alt-right crowd exists. I don't consider myself "alt-right", more of a simple Libertarian.

Comment Re: Why would anyone buy Apple devices? (Score 1) 478

I wasn't aware they released InDesign, Logic Pro, ProTools or MS Office for Linux. With a Mac, I can run these.... and most of my favorite X11 based FOSS software natively.

USB-C is perfectly usable for all those tethered things you described. You just need an adapter. Soon there will be USB-C versions of all those devices as well. People bitched about USB for years too. Now everyone uses FTDI USB->RS232 adapters.... I have an industrialized 4-port FTDI USB->serial box on my desk right now.... plugged into my Hackintosh. USB-C is certainly fast enough to handle gigabit ethernet adapters, etc.

Just like USB, thanks to Apple, USB-C will be standard on your cheap Wintel hardware in a couple years too.

Comment Re:Not very smart (Score 5, Funny) 497

"I am going stuff Trump feet first through a woodchipper" = not cool

Would stuffing him head first be cooler?

A.) It wouldn't hurt as much. B.) It's still a direct threat that's hard to write off as just fantasizing.

The first example isn't even really incitement because I'm not attempting to convince a group or individual to do the deed. Just saying I wouldn't be unpleased if it happened. I'm not a cult leader nor am I ordering or provoking anyone to do it. Direct threats of violence are bad. Wishing a violent act would happen to someone isn't a crime. Not saying it can't get you a talking to by some mean-looking SS and FBI agents. By now, I'm pretty sure the NSA knows I'm not actually going to hurt anyone. If they could send me a backup so I can restore some lost e-mails I'd appreciate it though.

Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 170

$79.99 on VMWare's site. Compared to a lot of packages I've had to buy in the past it's pretty damn cheap. Take a look at VMWare ESXi licenses some time. If $79.99 is too expensive, why are you buying a $3000 boutique laptop? Small price to pay for pretty much the best virtualization environment in existence.

You can always use VirtualBox. VMWare is well worth the money though. Parallels is about the same price but FOSS OS support is a little weaker IIRC.

There's also this bay I've heard about, you might try there if you drained your bank account after the mac purchase.

Comment Re:Old man yells at cloud (Score 1) 44

Damn kids today with their Slapchat, Chitter, Instaflam and BookFace.... brats don't know how good they got it. Back in my day we posted on BBS's using an ASR-33 teletype and a 110bps acoustic coupler modem hooked to our homebuilt S100 CP/M crate.... and we LIKED IT. Get offa muh LAWN!!!

(Disclaimer: In reality I started out with an Atari 130XE and a 1200bps smartmodem..... I'm not THAT old.)

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