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Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 190

Also realize the rate of gun deaths typically includes people shot in self defense protecting their life or a family member. This happens a LOT. That should not be included in the homicide rate. That's one of the reasons we have guns. When seconds count, cops are 45 minutes away.

And if you think the US govt is screwed up now? Wait until they think we're all unarmed and totally powerless. They may have tanks and drones but the thought of people getting shot still gives them pause.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 190

Not really, there's plenty that are civilized with high homicide rates. Unless your idea of civilized is the EU and noone else because you admire their brand of social tyranny. There's also plenty with high homicide rates with incredibly restrictive gun laws. I'd hardly call Russia uncivilized and they have more than twice the homicide rate and quite restrictive gun laws. It is only VERY recently that self-defense was considered a valid reason to have a gun at all in Russia.

There's also millions upon millions of unregistered, untracked and thus unknown weapons in the US. Good luck with a ban, especially in a state like mine which has purposely avoided tracking private sales or creating a state gun registration system. The whole reason? To thwart any confiscation efforts.

And violent crime in the US has been steadily declining for 50 years. It's dropped pretty dramatically since 1992. And gun ownership is up 140%. YOU might not like guns and are free not to buy any. I'm certainly not willing to give mine up however.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 0) 190

Yep, because guns are legal. The homicide rate in general is quite similar to other developed countries. They just stab or bludgeon each other to death instead. Hell, England was considering banning knives with points. The only thing a gun does is level the playing field and take physical size and strength out of the equation and allow one to engage multiple attackers under favorable circumstances. So yeah, I'll be keeping my guns whether you like it or not. Even if a ban were successful, we can simply make our own. They aren't rocket science by any stretch of the imagination.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 190

I'm calling bullshit. There's no such thing as a "gun license" in most states. In my state, all it takes to get a gun is to not be a felon, be 21 or older, pass a phone-in background check and have a couple hundred bucks for the gun. There's no license. A permit is only required if you want to carry concealed in public which the state does on a "shall-issue" basis unless you have a record.

And you know what? It doesn't look like Afghanistan here at all.

And yeah, people who commit suicide and own a gun are more likely to use the gun than hang themselves, whodathunkit?!

And you know what? Our overall homicide rate per capita is no worse than most other civilized countries. Including Australia which has averaged 1 mass killing a year even though guns are almost impossible to get. And I mean real mass killing. Not the stupid term people have attached to 3 person multiple shootings. France just had 80 people mowed down with a truck. Much more effective than an AR-15 with it's weak rifle cartridge and semi-auto action.

Yes, we have more gun deaths.... BECAUSE GUNS ARE LEGAL. We do not really have many more HOMICIDES.

Comment Re: Wow, open source is a disaster (Score 1) 124

Yep and even half of the text editors out there will need 750MB of dependencies and install 90% of the crap you installed slackware to get away from anyway. An application shouldn't require installing most of a bloated desktop environment just to function. At most they should require a small GUI widget library and do everything else with standard OS functions and functionality provided by standard X11 libraries/extensions.

Unless you just want to run 20 year old software written in proper UNIX fashion, there's no realistic way to avoid the insanity. The shitshow has also made portability between mainstream Linux distros to different UNIX variants a complete nightmare.

Comment Re: Wow, open source is a disaster (Score 5, Insightful) 124

Bullshit, Linux 1.2 ran quite well on my 486DX4/100 and supported all hardware. FreeBSD 2.2.8 ran nice on my K6/233. Even with basic 3D support. FreeBSD 4 ran great on my Athlon/600 with Adaptec 2940 (with a even bigger pile of SCSI drives, a Bernoulli and an Exabyte tape drive), Radeon 9200, 3COM PCI NIC and various other goodies.

It really wasn't until purposely locked down 802.11 and mutant locked down 3D accelerators that we even NEEDED commercial backing. And it wasn't until commercial backing that people felt the need that a timesharing/server/developer/power-user OS needed to be palatable for millennial retards thus killing the appeal for most people who made it awesome to begin with. GNOME3, KDE4, SystemD..... all abominations and very un-unix-like. And..... it's still not the year of the linux desktop for grandma no matter how much you try to integrate the worst of Windows and MacOS into a bloated buggy shitshow.

All this work over decades to replicate what UNIX users didn't want.... and then Google slaps a Java stack with a crippled poke-and-drool UI on top of the Linux kernel over a few years and it's in everyone's pocket. And desktop Linux sucks more than it ever did. Even MS wanted a piece of the Android pie, their piece just capitulated however.

Comment Re:Tired of it (Score 1) 256

Sadly, expensive ways of killing each other get us very cool tech and achieve things that otherwise we'd never spend the money on. Like going to the moon. Or advances in modern computing.

So no, I'm not tired of it. Nobody has the balls to push the button anyway.

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