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Submission + - KDE runs fundraiser to fund Randa Meetings 2014 (

An anonymous reader writes: KDE is looking for donations to fund Randa Meetings 2014. The biggest hackaton sprint of KDE with more than 50 people working on more than 7 different projects.

Submission + - WebODF: New open-source Google Docs killer with real-time collaboration and ODF (

An anonymous reader writes: WebODF developer Aditya Bhatt has written a blog post introducing a self-hostable replacement for Google Docs that works with ODT files.

Made by the same developers that maintain KDE's Calligra Office Suite, the web app features real-time collaborative editing that works in the browser without any plugins.

Incidentally, this is also used in the new OwnCloud Documents...


Submission + - Dutch public tv broadcasts soccer using DRM (

An anonymous reader writes: The Dutch national television association, the NOS (which is tax-payed), is broadcasting the European soccer championships using a Microsoft silverlight applet which embeds a DRM stream. In a response to questions in the Dutch parliament the responsible minister Plasterk responded that at least 99% of the users are covered using DRM and Silverlight, which conflicts with a law adopted last year that forces all gov organisations to use open source software and open standards.

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