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Submission + - HP Rings Out 2011 With Release of Scandal Docs

theodp writes: HP caps off its 2011 meltdown with the publication of the letter detailing sexual harassment allegations that got CEO Mark Hurd fired, as well as emails sent by his accuser. Since Hurd's departure, HP has seen its stock tumble 45%, thrown in the towel on tablet production, given away WebOS, and even considered dumping its PC business. Hurd, who subsequently landed as co-president at pal Larry Ellison's Oracle, was replaced last year by Leo Apotheker, who himself was ousted this year and replaced by Meg Whitman. When it came to drama, Mad Men had nothing on HP!
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Net companies consider the 'nuclear option' to com (

Atypical Geek writes: Alec Liu of Fox News reports that Amazon, Facebook and Google are considering a coordinated a coordinated blackout of the internet to protest SOPA, the Stop Online Privacy Act being debated in Congress. From the article:

Such a move is drastic. And though the details of exactly how it would work are unclear, it's already under consideration, according to Markham Erickson, the executive director of NetCoalition, a trade association that includes the likes of Google, PayPal, Yahoo, and Twitter.

With the Senate debating the SOPA legislation at the end of January, it looks as if the tech industry’s top dogs are finally adding bite to their bark, something CNET called "the nuclear option."

"When the home pages of,,, and their Internet allies simultaneously turn black with anti-censorship warnings that ask users to contact politicians about a vote in the U.S. Congress the next day on SOPA,” Declan McCullagh wrote, “you’ll know they’re finally serious.”

Major media companies continue to press hard for the proposed law's passage. Richard Bennet writes in the New York Post that "SOPA is a careful and reasonable way of dealing with crime... protecting Americans from bogus Web sites should be a government priority."

Comment Re:evolution fixes everything? (Score 1) 235

Evolution is a messy business all right. I know some about cystic fibrosis though because both of my brothers children were born with it. The CF gene is carried by about 1 person in 29 but it affects only those that have 2 CF genes. It's a double recessive so it only effects a much smaller percentage of the population.

I don't know a lot about genetics though beyond what you read in mainstream media so I can't say for sure why it doesn't evolve out of our species. My guess though would be that there isn't very much of that kind of evolutionary pressure on humans. We can coddle the sickly with our communities and doctors. Somehow I don't think most nearsighted (like me) neandrathals lasted too long yet we still have nearsighted people. Introduce a lot of chaotic violence and war into a society though and the sick , elderly and handicapped sure are at a disadvantage. I agree with you though that there is a lot more to be learned about genetics and why things have evolved the way they have.

Comment Re:What about copper? (Score 1) 211

There is no reason not to use aluminum wire or galvanised stainless steel wire.

South Africa may have many chrome reserves but there are many countries with large reserves and there is no shortage (even when South Africa starts to implode).

One reason that South Africa have so many reserves is because of good prospecting (both for chrome and other minerals). Other countries may also have substantial reserves that we don't know about.

It would however not be sensible to use stainless steel.

Comment Oh no! (Score 0, Flamebait) 762

... people will have problems using cell phones after being critically injured in a car accident? Oh darn. That is just horrible. Oh, and GP is facetious totalitarian prick.


If they're critically injured, they can't use a cell phone and there will be plenty of folks around them to call for emergency services. And most likely, they're in that situation for having been using a cell phone in the first place. Therefore, if they can't use a cell phone, they won't get into an accident and then they won't be critically injured. Problem solved.

There is nothing so important that you have to talk on the phone in the car while driving. Even if you are a brain surgeon, there will be folks at the hospital who will keep your patient stable by the time you get there. Besides, if you're talking and driving while giving medical instruction, you might say the wrong thing. For example, you're driving and telling the medical staff what to do about IVs and whatnot and then someone cuts you and you yell, "Asshole!" and you go on. You arrive at the hospital and find that the IVs are in your patient's rectum. You get sued and your patient dies!

Don't talk and drive!


Submission + - BBC reports an active glacier is found on Mars

ddelmonte writes: "Showing an image from the High Resolution Stereo Camera aboard the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft, a new image shows a perspective view of a possible glacial feature located in Deuteronilus Mensae. The full story including quotes from the ESA scientists is here:"

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