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Submission + - DRM on Linux? (

phatphoton writes: Would it too ironic to have an open source platform for secure media management and distribution on FOSS platforms? Is it possible to automate certifying a software environment as secure and legal enough to encourage media giants to become more FOSS-platform friendly?

Submission + - Careful What You Say - They Might Advertise To You (

Dekortage writes: "Today, Pudding Media is introducing an Internet phone service similar to Skype's online service, but without any toll charges. The catch: they are eavesdropping on phone calls with voice recognition software to monitor calls, then push conversation-relevant the ads to the subscriber's computer screen. Interestingly, during tests, "conversations [were] actually changing based on what was on the screen," said the president. "Our ability to influence the conversation was remarkable.""

Feed Two open source email virus scanners for Linux (

If Linux is hardly affected by viruses, why do system administrators use anti-virus software on their Linux email servers? Because an anti-virus scanner on a mail server can serve as another level of defense for Microsoft Windows desktop users. Linux provides several server-based anti-virus applications, most of which can be configured to interact with a variety of messaging servers. Many use the actively developed ClamAV open source virus toolkit on the back end; others work with proprietary or commercial scanners. In this article we'll compare MailScanner and Anomy Sanitizer on a Sendmail messaging server.
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun to change ticker symbol to JAVA

C3ntaur writes:
Sun Microsystems today announced that it will change its Nasdaq stock ticker symbol from SUNW to JAVA, the ubiquitous technology and brand it created in 1995. The stock ticker change will go into effect for the trading community on Monday, August 27, 2007.

"The Java brand and technology have evolved to be among the most pervasive on the internet, yielding extraordinary awareness for Sun and opportunity for the community that leverages it," said Jonathan Schwartz, president and CEO of Sun. "More than a billion people across the globe, representing nearly every demographic, market and industry, rely upon Java's security, innovation and value to connect them with opportunity. That awareness positions Sun, and now our investor base, for the future."

Submission + - Vista Update Promises Performance and Reliability

AjStone writes: Earlier this month Microsoft posted an update to Windows Vista that is not automatically pushed through Windows Update. The update (KB938979) states "This is a performance update. Install this update to improve the performance of Windows Vista in certain scenarios." and "These issues have been reported by customers who are using the Error Reporting service or Microsoft Customer Support Services." There are seperate downloads for 32 and 64-bit Windows Vista installations. Seems like Microsoft is actually listening on the other end of the "Send Error Report" button.

Submission + - why aren't there more women in IT? 2

pretygrrl writes: a short nifty writeup in the WSJ with some basic stats on women in IT, management. From the article: "And teenage girls are less interested in computer science than they are in other scientific fields. Only 12% of the finalists in the 2005 Intel Science and Engineering Fair, a national competition for high-school students, were girls, compared to 54% of the finalists in biochemistry. Similarly, only 15% of the high-school students taking the AP computer science test in 2006 were girls compared to 48% of the students who took the AP calculus test."

Submission + - Wii Update Kills off Freeloader/SD Media Launcher

Croakyvoice writes: "The latest firmware update for the Nintendo Wii has dealt users a double blow, Gamesindustry report that Freeloader which enables you to play import Gamecube titles on the Nintendo Wii is now unusable, Wii-News have also revealed that the SD Media Launcher which is a way of legally playing Gamecube homebrew on the Wii has also suffered the same fate. Nintendo have responded by saying that because it isn't an official product approved by Nintendo, there was nothing it could do."
The Internet

Submission + - We will all get rich taking in each others Laundry

BigTom writes: The register is running a report about the Stanford Summit where various VR luminaries Philip Rosedale, Craig Sherman and Jaron Lanier.
Among claims of VR environments running on "100 of millions of servers" Jaron Lanier made the prediction that: "In 25 years, robotics will be so good, we'll have no more manufacturing jobs. Software will be so good, there will be no more consulting jobs. But we will all get rich buying and selling virtual goods."
He had me going for a moment, but then "no more consulting jobs"? Yeah, right.

Submission + - Girl faces year in prison for 20 second film clip

PizzaFace writes: It's Jhannet's 19th birthday, so her boyfriend borrows a camcorder to memorialize the occasion, and they head to the mall. They goof around, recording each other and the Chick-fil-A cows in the food court, then decide to catch the Transformers matinee, which started a few minutes earlier. During a big action scene, Jhannet takes the camcorder and records a 20-second clip to show her little brother. A few minutes later, cops who were called by the manager come in with flashlights, arrest Jhannet, confiscate the camcorder, and, at the behest of Regal Cinemas, charge her with film piracy. "I was terrified," said Jhannet. "I was crying. I've never been in trouble before." If convicted, she could be sentenced to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. The police say they lack discretion because Regal Cinemas chose to prosecute: "They were the victim in this case, and they felt strongly enough about it." The National Association of Theatre Owners supports Regal's "zero-tolerance" prosecution standard: "We cannot educate theater managers to be judges and juries in what is acceptable. Theater managers cannot distinguish between good and bad stealing."

Submission + - The sad state of sound in Linux ( 1

Wertigon writes: Looks like atleast one coder has been driven insane by the aggravating difficulties of getting sound to work properly in his 'nix application. Coming from his blog:

All this shows me is that ALSA is truly garbage, and a very bad idea from the ground up. If you want good sound support under Linux, the best, and sometime the only feasible option is to install the closed source OSS. With this, you always get mixing (even using the hardware mixer which ALSA doesn't always do), support for a dozen UNIX OSs, and finely tuned controls.
Perhaps it's time to go back to OSS, now that it has become Open Source again?


Submission + - Confustion over Vista cause of most support calls (

harsha_c writes:, a "Instant Technology Relief" support website that opened its doors to troubled techies in June, has released survey results from its first month of business. The number one reason for support calls? Vista questions.From a pool of 1,000 users that inquired about technical help, 77 percent needed help with Vista. Of those inquiring about Vista, 30 percent needed help navigating around Vista's new Aero user interface. According to Anthony Rodio, the chief marketing director of, the three main issues were navigation problems, device incompatibility, and home networking issues. Consumers are having a hard time with Aero because of the changes between Vista and the Windows 2000 and XP user interfaces. customers were also complaining about device issues, which were mostly attributed to outdated drivers that needed to be brought up to speed with Vista. Lastly, customers complained about home networking issues in which Vista users were not able to see Windows XP computers connected to their home network.

Submission + - Halluc II the Transformer tank robot runs on Linux

Gary writes: "Halluc II a robot developed by Japan's Chiba institute of technology has 8 wheels and a lot of sensors. It can move in six mysterious ways, including going forward, sideways, up steps and slopes. Weighing 44 pounds and at 31 inches long it is powered by an AMD Geode Processor at 800 Mhz. The eight wheeled cockroach fuses robot and automobile technology and works off a Linux OS."

Submission + - Zonbu $99 PC choose Gentoo, Ubuntu better option?

Anonymous Coward writes: "The $99 Zonbu mini-PC runs a custom version of Gentoo Linux. Is this a good choice given the target market and the problems the Gentoo community is grappling with? Would Ubuntu, with its much bigger mind-share have been a better choice? atters-does-zonbus-linux-choice/"

Feed The Register: US price cut for Xbox 360 HD DVD player (

European gamers hard done by yet again

US gamers will again be the first to benefit from a Microsoft retail strategy. The Seattle-based software behemoth today announced plans to reduce the US price of its Xbox 360 HD DVD player by $20 (£9/€14), but failed to mention any similar cut for its European gamers.

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