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Comment More worried about the other flying object (Score 1) 159

From the blog:

one spot isn’t a spot at all, it’s the International Space Station!

The dimensions for ISS are 357 feet by 167 feet. A simple search for spy satellite yields this:

"The satellite likely consists of sensitive radio receivers and an antenna generally believed to span up to 328 feet to gather electronic intelligence for the National Security Agency," Molczan told Spaceflight Now.

How can we tell a sun spot is a sun spot?

Comment From TFB: (Score 1) 64

Problem 1.11 (last one in the String chapter):

Left- or Right-Pad a String


for (var i = 0; i < diff; i++) {
oldStr=filler + oldStr;

For who is written this solution? Loops are as basic as you can go in programming.

Submission + - Firefox, Adobe top buggiest software list (

jhughesy writes: "Firefox was the application that had the most reported vulnerabilities this year, while holes in Adobe software more than tripled from a year ago, according to statistics compiled by Qualys, a vulnerability management provider.

Qualys tallied 102 vulnerabilities that were found in Firefox this year, up from 90 last year. The numbers are based on running totals in the National Vulnerability Database."

Comment OpenLdap Incompatibilities (Score 1) 1231

The only problem I encountered moving from 9.04 to 9.10 was in OpenLdap. The new version 2.4.18 complained about a configuration file in a subdirectory under /etc/ldap/slapd.d. After reading the OpenLdap source it turned out that it required all access rules to be numbered if at least one was numbered. The files in question were produced by the earlier version of slapd by parsing slapd.conf.auth. So I edited them manually adding a number prefix to the last rule and then it worked OK.

Comment Re:Dear content producers... (Score 1) 256

True but Bank of America would still rather advertise in the U.S., where the ads are relevant to SOME of the people

I receive at least one email a day from BoA telling me I have to confirm my account details because of the new security system they just put in place. If we have to go though this ordeal we are entitled to sponsored content as well.

Need to go now, I just got an email about this once in a lifetime opportunity from Nigeria

Comment Just bought a PSP 3000 (Score 1) 272

The PSP 3000 comes in a pack with a camera, PSP-300 that was supposed to provide videochat. Except Go Messenger stopped at the end of last month and Skype can't use the camera. I tried to use it in the older PSP 2000 just for microphone in it but PSP 2000 won't recognize the usb cam in spite of being on the same software revision as the new 3000.

OTOH the power button is still in the same place so accidentally switching off the console during game play is a feature that has been preserved in the new version.

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