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Comment Re:Real world benefit? (Score 3, Interesting) 94

I'm not sure myself. I have a 3570k Ivy Bridge system for when I feel like some gaming (not often these days) and for a while I had it up to 4.5 GHz. Everything seemed smooth, but one day it overheated so I just said to hell with it and went back down to the stock 3.4. Lo and behold I could not tell the difference. Games had about the same frame rate and the overall system felt just as responsive. Maybe you have to be at the edge of the CPU performance envelope and typical video gaming just doesn't do that yet. BTW, I game on Linux and Windows and I noted this on both sides.

Comment Re:Is Linux now a reasonnable gaming OS ? (Score 1) 99

It's called priorities. Everything is a trade off, and gaming for me is just a pastime. It's not a job, e.g., front-end development where it's useful to be up on the latest happenings to maintain employment mobility. I use Linux to get work done, and occasionally I fire up Portal to blow off a little steam. That is precisely the opposite of cutting my nose off despite my face so you can stick your pretentious bullshit up your ass.

Comment Re:Reasonably priced? (Score 1) 109

I thought half the point of a Chromebook was that it was supposed to be cheaper than a standard laptop?

I'm sure that was the case at first as they were going up against the extremely dominant Windows platform and they felt like positioning the Chromebook as, among other things, a value was a good way to get some market share. Now that they have traction and people are buying Chromebooks on other merits like security, ease of use, and simplicity, the OEMs are taking a shot at going up market. Now the message can be, you know that Chromebook you like so much, yet was slow and cheaply constructed? Well now by just paying a bit more, you can have a more premium experience. It's not just buy a Chromebook instead of Windows because it's cheap, it's by this Chromebook rather than that one because it's faster/higher resolution/IPS/more RAM/better.

I'd say the sweet spot is around $800or so now, but you can pick from a number of pretty decent laptops for around $500.

You're still thinking, Chromebook vs. Windows. A chunk of the market is now sold on Chromebooks so for them it is Chromebook vs. better Chromebook and Asus, with this model, is casting their line there.

Comment Re:Never Buy ASUS Laptops (Score 1) 109

I bought my wife an Acer Chromebook, I think it has a 15 inch screen though. At any rate, she loves the thing. The Haswell? Celeron is very capable, the construction is good, has a nice bright 1080p IPS screen, the works. And all for 250 bucks. I'm not sure what the deal is with Acer as their Windows laptops in my experience suck but they make pretty good Chromebooks. It's like two different companies. I have a 10 inch Acer 2-in-1 I picked up on a whim a few months ago and it is horrible. The keyboard and trackpad are worse than the ones on my Aspire One netbook from back in the day. Almost literally trash.

Comment Re:The Stoics (Score 1) 338

Ha! Lots of funny. I'm not feeling negative visualization so that bit was especially entertaining.
Shifting focus away from vagaries of chance to what one controls seems to have some value though. This fall, I got, not overwhelmed, but uncomfortable with a bit of academic work. But as soon as I directed my attention away from the result and focused on what I was actually doing, the stress just melted away. Best part about it was when the final product ended up better than I expected. That's when i figured I might be onto something.
I like philosophy but I'm not a philosopher. If something helps me live a better life, I use it, otherwise, into the trash. Right now, Stoicism is delivering the goods.

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