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Submission + - Microsoft announces Surface tablet, with kickstand and fold-out keyboard (extremetech.com) 7

MrSeb writes: "At its much-discussed “big unveil” this evening, Microsoft did indeed launch a tablet — but rumors that the device would showcase a Barnes & Noble partnership were misplaced. Instead, Microsoft showed a vision for a next-gen PC that combines the portability of a tablet with a minimalistic fold-out keyboard and integrated kickstand. Microsoft’s idea for the tablet (confusingly called Surface) is a device that integrates a better keyboard option than typing on the screen without adding size or weight. That’s where the new keyboard — which doubles as a screen cover — kicks in. At 3mm thick, it adds virtually nothing to the device’s size, but it opens up a world of inputs. There are two covers available — the Touch Cover (very thin) and the Type Cover (with proper, tactile keys). Microsoft is touting the device’s magnesium body, vapor-deposited construction, full PC functionality, and additional features like being the first tablet to showcase a 2×2 MIMO wireless antenna. Windows RT (ARM) and x86 versions are both in the works, with the x86 version apparently having a higher quality screen. No word on hardware specs yet; Microsoft is claiming it “rivals the best ultrabooks” and uses less power than the Core i5. I'm a little bit dubious on that front — and also dubious about how Microsoft's hardware partners will receive this new, rather competitive offering..."

Submission + - SPDY Not as Speedy as Thought? (guypo.com)

Freshly Exhumed writes: Akamai's Guy Podjarny reveals after testing: SPDY is different than HTTP in many ways, but its primary value comes from being able to multiplex many requests/responses from client to server over a single (or few) TCP connections.

Previous benchmarks tout great benefits, ranging from making pages load 2x faster to making mobile sites 23% faster using SPDY and HTTPS than over clear HTTP. However, when testing real world sites I did not see any such gains. In fact, my tests showed SPDY is only marginally faster than HTTPS and is slower than HTTP.


Submission + - Encrypted P2P Voip 3

shaitand writes: I've been combing the web and have yet to find what I think is pretty much a basic operation for secure digital voice. Communication must be encrypted from end to end not decrypted and recrypted at the server. This also should be supported by major phone platforms such as android, blackberry, and iphone. Or at least android. Does anyone know of such a beast? A search for android security apps gives no gpg, no secure im, no secure voip, no tor, no truecrypt like plausible deniability whole os encryption, no stenography, just lists of anti-virus and password vaults. Where is the real mobile security?

Submission + - Where can I buy ROMs? 1

PktLoss writes: "I'm interested in building an arcade machine, following the footsteps of Cmdr Taco amongst many others. Not being all that interested in piracy, I need to find somewhere to buy games. Starroms used to be the kind of thing I was looking for, though with an incredibly short catalog. The MAME people have a few available for free (non-commercial), but this isn't going to sate my needs.

There's an entire cottage industry supporting this goal. People are ready to sell me plans, kits, buttons, joy sticks, glass marquees, and entire machines. That's fantastic, but where can I get the games? I refuse to believe that this entire industry is built on piracy."

Submission + - HD transfer of Star Trek: TNG to arrive this year (trekcore.com)

psychonaut writes: "Digital Bits have confirmed through sources at CBS Paramount that CBS are working on a high-definition transfer of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A four-episode Blu-Ray sampler disc is to be released later this year; the episodes featured will be the two-part pilot "Encounter at Farpoint", "Sins of the Father", and fan favourite "The Inner Light". On 2 September, LeVar Burton tweeted that he had stopped by CBS Paramount Television City to check the progress and was "mindblown" by the conversion. TrekCore has an article with further details and an analysis of some of the technical hurdles involved in remastering these episodes."
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Xonotic 0.5 Released (Nexuiz fork) (xonotic.org) 1

Xonotic writes: "Xonotic is a free, open source (GPL), ultra-fast, first-person shooter with multiplayer online matches. The project is geared towards providing addictive arena shooter gameplay which is all spawned and driven by the community itself. It is a direct successor of the Nexuiz project after it was "sold out" and the entire community created a new project under "Team Xonotic." We are showing with this new release that we're back in action and development is still going strong. :D"

Submission + - The Netflix Webkit-based UI for TV Devices (deviceguru.com) 1

DeviceGuru writes: Netflix uses WebKit, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to build user interfaces that are delivered to millions of game consoles, Blu-ray players, Internet-connected TVs, and devices such as the Roku player and D-Link Boxee Box. Matt McCarthy and Kim Trott, device UI engineering managers at Netflix, have just published 50 presentation slides from their recent talk at OSCON 2011 in which they explained how Netflix develops its Webkit-based user interfaces.

Submission + - 20 Stunning JavaScript games of just 1 kB size (blogspot.com)

An anonymous reader writes: What is the ultimate challenge a programmer could get? Develop an app of just 1 kB size? Yeah, that's right.No arguments there.For amateur programmers, this challenge could take the hell out of them.JS1k is one such competition that challenges programmers to code javascript applications within 1 kB size.Started out as a joke last year, this competition received over 150 submissions in 3 contests held till now.

We checked out all the submissions from 3 contests and suprisingly we found dozens of stunning cool browser-based javascript games and graphic apps that generate visuals like the ones above.All these awesomeness in just 1 kB.From them we filtered out some amazing cool javascript games worth playing.Check out our shortlist of 20 stunning javascript games of just 1 kB size..


Submission + - How to Combat IP-Based Censorship?

An anonymous reader writes: For a while now there has been a lot of buzz on a new proposed censorship scheme in Turkey. The government wants to crack down on freedom of speech and other rights by preventing us from accessing any websites it deems unsuitable. The reasons for that could be criticism of the government, pornography and basically anything a politician might dislike (Youtube is blocked for example, not sure about Google etc. because I'm bypassing the filter). Right now the state is using DNS-based filtering which can be circumvented with OpenDNS or proxy services which everybody knows about in Turkey. On August 22 however a new scheme will go into effect that uses IP-based filtering. Bypassing this by any means is illegal, but I wanted to get some opinions on how this could be done without having to set up a VPN server outside of Turkey and using it as a private proxy. (Really sorry for the lack of good sources but most of the articles I found are not in English.)

Submission + - Does SSL Validation Matter?

An anonymous reader writes: Right now, in an email list excluded from the public eye some bright people are discussing the future of SSL. At debate is (a) do they allow DV (domain only validation) certificates to continue to exist (exist for e-commerce use? only encryption use?) or do they require a higher degree of certificate validation? (b) Do they allow certificates to be issued with non-unique common names (certificates used on internal networks, think your exchange server) or do they ban the practice? If this were 'hypothetically' a heated debate going on right now and you could chime in, what would you say? Hypothetically. I would love to hear from the slashdot community.

Submission + - Norway terrorism: Help decode encrypted document (pccts.com) 4

An anonymous reader writes: It appears that the perpetrator of Friday's terrorist attack in Norway, claimed to be part of the PCCTS, or the Knights Templar. On the PCCTS home page, there is a number of creepy hidden links, including what appears to be a interactive strategic map of the USA. Google has also revealed a PDF that appears to contain an encrypted message.

The Slashdot community has helped Norwegians with decoding encrypted information before, and although the circumstances are far more gloomy this time around, I hope the crypto experts amongst you would still like to have a go at it. Who knows — maybe it might even help prevent further loss of lives.


Submission + - Google+ Suspending User Accounts Enmass? (zdnet.com)

ideonexus writes: "Reports of Google+ deleting user accounts all over, including Limor Fried — AKA Lady Ada / Adafruit Industries recently featured in Wired Magazine and former Google employee Kirrily “Skud” Robert for violating Google's identity ToS. Other users are finding themselves locked out of their accounts without an explanation of how they violated the ToS. The worst part for these individuals is that a lock-out of Google+ includes being locked out of all Google services, including email, calendar, and documents."

Submission + - Best offline storage method for large archives

An anonymous reader writes: I have a collection of large projects (Indesign files with associated images), typically 40GB to 60GB each. In this current climate, what is the 'best' method of archiving these? Spinny magnets? Solid state drives? USB? Tape? Blu-ray? All have pros and cons and price considerations. If I remove the price issue (my data is important to me), does this change the choice?

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