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Submission + - Microsoft Word Rage ( 8

HighPerformanceCoder writes: Way back in the dim distant past (well, the 1980s, for those who remember), whilst a PhD student of theoretical physics, I noticed a distemper amongst my colleagues attempting to write their theses using a word processor. It involved much swearing and cursing at the computer, slamming of doors, and running full tilt down the corridor screaming at the top of one’s lungs.

What prompted me into writing this is that one would have expected that with two decades of computer development in both software and hardware (with the hardware being 10,000 more powerful now than when I wrote my thesis), this condition of “Word rage” would be a thing of the past. Not so. My son recently was writing up a report on his school science assignment. This was no book! It was around 30 pages, and yes, had quite a few figures and tables, but I found him swearing at the computer, complaining of Word “crashing and running slowly” in an eerily similar way I noticed my PhD colleagues do all those years ago.

We need a word for this phenomenon.


Submission + - External Thunderbolt graphics card on its way (

An anonymous reader writes: Last week, as the result of a straw poll on Facebook, Village Instruments agreed to begin development of an external Thunderbolt-connected graphics card enclosure. Village Instruments already has experience with its ExpressCard-connected ViDock graphics card chassis, which provides extra GPU juice for Windows and Mac laptops, and the Thunderbolt version is expected to be the same kind of thing — but faster. The only problem is, Thunderbolt is only 4x PCIe 2.0, so you won't be using this to connect modern, desktop-class GPUs to your laptop — and more importantly you need to carry around a second monitor to actually use a ViDock. So why not just buy a proper gaming laptop...?

Submission + - India wants to monitor Twitter, Facebook (

swandives writes: India's home ministry has asked its communications ministry to monitor social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook amid fears that the services are being used by terrorists to plan attacks.

The request suggests that the Indian government is trying to broaden the scope of its online surveillance for national security. Under new rules to the country's IT Act that came into force earlier this year, websites and service providers are required to provide government security agencies with information on private accounts, including passwords, on request without a court order.

Submission + - Windows Phones Down 38% Since '7' Launch (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Microsoft's share of the smartphone market is plummeting at an alarming rate--so much so that the company's last ditch effort to make an impact in mobility, Windows Phone 7, may be irrelevant by the time it manages to ship the much-anticipated Mango update and realize its partnership with Nokia later this year.

The question is for how much longer handset makers and carriers will consider it worth supporting Windows Phone 7. Microsoft's mobile market share has been declining at a compound rate of about 5% per month for the past six months. At that pace, its overall share may be be hovering around just 4% by the end of the year.


Submission + - Internet Eats into Time-Warner Cable Porn Profits 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Peter Kafka writes that big cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable keep saying they don’t see Web video cutting into their business but there’s at least one big, dirty exception. Time Warner Cable said in its quarterly earnings report that its video-on-demand (VOD) business dropped significantly in the last quarter. Asked to explain where the drop came from, CEO Glenn Britt came clean, more or less — much of the drop is because, instead of renting “3 Way Cheating Wives” in HD for $9.98, Time Warner's customers are getting their porn fix on the internet for free. "One of the things going on with VOD is that there’s been fairly steady trends over some time period now for adult to go down, largely because there’s that kind of material available on the Internet for free," says Britt. "And that’s pretty high margin." To be fair, drooping porn rentals don’t account for all of Time Warner Cable’s VOD decline. Chief Financial Officer Rob Marcus said that while "the biggest piece of the year-over-year decline was in fact in the adult category," about a third of the total drop, the rest of the drop is because there weren’t many big pay-per-view events like boxing matches last quarter, and because regular movie rentals are down, too."

Submission + - Sabayon Linux 6 Review (

JimLynch writes: The last time I looked at Sabayon Linux it was up to version 5, this time around it’s version 6. Sabayon Linux is based on Gentoo and, as you may already know, Gentoo has not always been considered the easiest version of desktop Linux for non-technical users to install and use. Sabayon Linux does a pretty good job of making Gentoo available to those who simply want to install and use Gentoo without having to roll their own or otherwise deal with Gentoo’s potential headaches.
The Military

Submission + - Railgun round travels 7km after penetrating armor (

schwit1 writes: Video shows the latest test of General Atomics' high-speed railgun. Where earlier attempts have fired ungainly missiles that tumbled end-over-end through the air like "hypersonic bricks," this one uses a sabot round, which flies straight and smoothly for a distance of seven kilometers, AFTER punching through a solid steel plate.

Submission + - SPAM: loreal eye cream

An anonymous reader writes: Does L’Oreal Eye Cream Work? L’Oreal Eye cream as a leading cosmetics, hydrate and nourish the skin.To know more about L’Oreal Eye Cream please read our reviews.
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Submission + - Key Stroke Logger - Source Code ( 2

_16s writes: I wrote a passive key stroke logger (back in 2007) called 16k to demonstrate how these type of key stroke loggers work. No one has ever paid it much attention, until yesterday when several anti-keylogging softwares discovered it and realized that their software did not detect it. Since that time, my hosting provider has received multiple abuse notices and take-down requests that I have had to respond to and a few DNS services have blacklisted my domain names (clear cloud dns). My source code and binaries are GPG signed, authenticode signed and MD5'ed and have not changed for more than a year. They've been available for download for many years. And now, all of a sudden, out of the blue they are labeled as malware. I had a small degree of respect for commercial security before this, but now I have none. It seems Security Theater and morons are in charge of companies claiming to make the Web safe. I was hoping /. would help me get the word out.

Submission + - Microsoft outs Yahoo as bandwidth hog ( 1

markass530 writes: Microsoft and Yahoo have finally acknowledged that Yahoo is, as has long been suspected, culpable for Windows Phone 7's excessive data usage. Microsoft admitted to a problem a couple of weeks ago, faulting an a third-party service but infuriatingly refusing to specify which third party.

This silence was unfortunate, as it left users with no good way to avoid the problem: given the potential to run up substantial bills, this was indefensibly irresponsible of Microsoft. Now that Yahoo! Mail has been confirmed as the problematic provider, users can mitigate the issue by setting any Yahoo accounts to check for mail only manually.

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