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Your Rights Online

Submission + - Help Serve Charles Carreon (

nweaver writes: "We all remember Charles Carreon and his ill-fated lawsuit against the Oatmeal. But the story is not over. The author of the Satirical Charles page was also threatened by Carreon. Instead of taking these threats lying down, Satirical Charles sued first. But now it turns out that Charles Carreon is also a coward and ducking service. Since process servers are expensive, Public Citizen is soliciting donations to pay for the process server and the other costs involved in protecting bloggers' rights to free speech."
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Crystal Cox is Not A Journalist (

nweaver writes: Slashdot has previously reported about a court in Oregon ruling that a blogger is not a journalist. But it turns out this was a far more subtle ruling, recently upheld. Rather it was a ruling that only a single "blogger", Crystal Cox, is not a journalist. Marc J. Randazza, L33t Defender of the 1st Amendment explains the story firsthand: Crystal Cox's behavior is not that of a blogger, but an extortionist, who has targeted many people, including him, his wife, and his three year old daughter.

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