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Submission + - Netalyzr on Android (

nweaver writes: Many Slashdot readers are no doubt familiar with Netalyzr, our free, comprehensive network measurement and diagnostic tool that runs in the browser using Java. For those that aren't, its checks a ton of network properties and provides a handy report. At the same time, Slashdot readers also know that Java should probably be removed from the browser. We've been hard at work on a solution: a Android port of Netalyzr, which is both free and advertisement free. We implemented the full Netalyzr test suite, test run in the background (so you don't need to wait), and if your debugging someone else's network, you can have them run Netalyzr and share their results with you. Help us understand what works on the Internet, and what doesn't.

Submission + - Google + Feds: Watching your searches..

nweaver writes: Michele Catalano has a scary story about how innocent web searches for Pressure Cookers and backpacks (and perhaps quinoa) apparently resulted in a visit from Anti-terrorism Law Enforcement. If true, this implies one of two possibilities. Either Google is, on their own initiative, checking people's activity for "suspicious" behavior and reporting it to the government, or the government has mandated that Google report such "suspicious" behavior.
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Help Serve Charles Carreon (

nweaver writes: "We all remember Charles Carreon and his ill-fated lawsuit against the Oatmeal. But the story is not over. The author of the Satirical Charles page was also threatened by Carreon. Instead of taking these threats lying down, Satirical Charles sued first. But now it turns out that Charles Carreon is also a coward and ducking service. Since process servers are expensive, Public Citizen is soliciting donations to pay for the process server and the other costs involved in protecting bloggers' rights to free speech."
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Crystal Cox is Not A Journalist (

nweaver writes: Slashdot has previously reported about a court in Oregon ruling that a blogger is not a journalist. But it turns out this was a far more subtle ruling, recently upheld. Rather it was a ruling that only a single "blogger", Crystal Cox, is not a journalist. Marc J. Randazza, L33t Defender of the 1st Amendment explains the story firsthand: Crystal Cox's behavior is not that of a blogger, but an extortionist, who has targeted many people, including him, his wife, and his three year old daughter.

Submission + - Stealing Cars with Just a Phone Call (

nweaver writes: Dan Wallach (CS Professor, Car Buff) has written a article on the state of automotive security. Yes, cars can be p0wned, including controlling the brakes, gas, stealing cars, and a host of other attacks. And they can be p0wned remotely, by malicious CDs placed in the stereo, by short-range bluetooth, or even through the cellphone network. This is as summary of a research paper Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces.

Submission + - A Patent Application on being a Patent Troll... (

nweaver writes: Bad news for patent trolls: Someone is trying to patent being a patent troll. Yes, Clive Menendez, on behalf of Halliburton, is trying to patent "Patent Acquisition and Assertion by a (Non-Inventor) First Party Against a Second Party". Lets hope it gets approved, pity there is probably too much prior art out there already.

Submission + - The ICSI Netalyzr, now improved (

nweaver writes: Some Slashdot readers may already be familiar with our Netalyzr service, from
this June story. For those who aren't, Netalyzr is a free network measurement and debugging applet designed to check for a wide
range of network problems and neutrality violations, including unadvertised port filtering, DNS wildcarding, and hidden proxy servers. We are pleased to announce that Netalyzr is now out of beta. We've made many enhancements, user interface cleanups, and added a bevy of new tests such as enhanced DNS probing and checking for problems with fragmented traffic. Since the Internet is changing constantly, we would love it if
Slashdot readers would (re-)run Netalyzr so we can see how things have evolved since June. More generally, the Netalyzr project aims to
compile a comprehensive survey of the health of the Internet's edge. Your help in making the study a success is greatly appreciated — thanks!

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