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Comment Re:Still Humans? (Score 1) 409

In evolutionary terms, fitness is defined as how well you can pass on your genes to the next generation, not how many pull-ups you can do.

And I hate to break it to you, but Darwin was likely wrong on that account. Species that are too responsive to change often end up filling niches that are only temporary, and end up dying off when the conditions they evolve to depend on change again. And yet there are plenty of species out there (gators, sharks, etc) that have survived tens or even hundreds of millions of years while barely changing at all.

Comment Re:that's not really "much" more (Score 1) 1316

Either your university has a very good liberal arts program, very skewed statistics, or it is located in an area where most grads end up somewhere with a high cost of living (like California). Or you really suck at reading statistics. Here are the nationwide numbers. Political science is the only one over 40 grand, everything else is in the mid 30's or lower, with an average starting salary for liberal arts majors of $33,258. Meanwhile CS grads make $56,921 on average. So please, save yourself the embarrassment and give up this ridiculous claim.

And human resources is a business degree, not liberal arts.

"Forgive me if I have zero belief that there is any "patriotic concern" among companies. They want cheaper labor than they can get now; that's their sole motivation."
They are getting cheaper labor, from India and China. They aren't going to just hire spoiled Americans who think they are entitled to starting salaries right out of college of what, 70 grand?

Comment Re:that's not really "much" more (Score 1) 1316

"but there are plenty of liberal-artsy jobs that start at $40-50k"
Ha! Like what? According to my old university's post-graduation report, the average salary of a liberal arts grad is $35 grand. And the only major in there that is at or over $40 grand is International Studies. But thank you for confirming that your view of the job market is completely out of touch with reality.
Also, even if your numbers were right, most people consider 20% a pretty significant differential.

"Tech companies don't want to do the capitalist thing to entice new employees into the field (if supply is low at a given price, the price is too low)"
Oh no, supply is not low at all. There is a huge population in India and China who are willing to take those jobs. The concern tech companies have is not a business concern, but a patriotic concern. They understand that if Americans continue at this rate, we will not remain a tech leader for very long.

"so instead they whine to Congress about H-1Bs."
Most of the people I hear whining about H-1Bs are not companies but engineers worried about having increased competition for their jobs. Of course I know you are not among those, since you have already stated your support for doing "the capitalist thing" (and of course having the government artificially cut the supply to increase the price is antithetical to the principles of capitalism).

Comment Re:then the companies need to offer more money (Score 1) 1316

What exactly do you consider a good salary? Entry level software engineering jobs typically pay much more than most entry level positions. $50-60 grand right out of college? Most people consider that pretty good.

Yes, those jobs often involve a lot of boring work, but so do most jobs. Thats why you get paid for it. I think you've spent too much time watching TV where characters always seem to have fun exciting jobs. But in real life, work almost always involves, well, work.

Comment Re:First step: Understand why women have babies. (Score 1) 616

"The first step would be to understand why women have babies. "
I know this was probably an attempt at a flamewar, but I can't resist.
As a general rule, for every woman who has a baby, there is also a man who... contributed to the process. Actually, scratch that "As a general rule" part. Its always the case. Get your mommy and daddy to explain it to you, its not my place to do it for them.

"In my own research, I was able to find many examples of women having babies when it was definitely not good for the man, for the society, or even for the woman."
You are not the arbiter of when it is good and when it is not good to have a baby. In fact, there is no such arbiter. Hence why eugenics does not work.

You seem to be one of those people who saw a news report on "Octomom" and now think every woman in the world is just like her.

Comment Re:Blame the parents teachers (Score 1) 1316

Well now wait a second. As a fairly recent grad (its been a little over 4 years now since I graduated), I did well in college and as a result I have done well in the workplace. No, I did not approach it thinking that because I had a good education I was entitled to success, but rather that because of my education I was capable of earning success in the workplace. If you got the idea that you could just go to school and then sit on your ass for the rest of your life bringing in the big bucks, then you completely missed the point of what your parents and teachers were trying to tell you.

Comment Re:Pidgin Plugins (Score 1) 1104

They did make a plugin for that, the fork was actually more in response to the fact that this kind of thing is fairly common with the pidgin/gaim developers. They don't particularly value the comments made by users who don't contribute to the project, which is fine for a small open source project but not so great for something that is distributed as the default im client for many desktops. In this light, a fork makes perfect sense.

Submission + - iphone security hole - and a free AT&T cellpho (blorge.com)

destinyland writes: "Security researchers have identified three separate ways to install malicious code on your iPhone. By mimicking a trusted wireless access point, they're able to install malicious code and then access everything. "In our proof of concept, this code reads the log of SMS messages, the address book, the call history and the voicemail data...then transmits all this information to the attacker." The other two methods involve embedding the code in messages, or in hyperlinks on a web page. But there's some good news too. Bloggers have identified a loophole in AT&T's cellphone contracts. AT&T subsidizes $250 of your cellphone cost if you sign up for a two-year contract. Upgrade your cellphone to an iPhone, and you can transfer the two-year contract — while keeping the free cellphone!"

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