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Submission + - Weta Workshop creates life-size Half-Life sentry turret for Valve (

nut writes: Weta Workshops, the Wellington, NZ special effects company behind King Kong and Lord of the Rings has built a working sentry Aperture Science Sentry Turret for Valve Software. It does everything except fire live ammunition. Weta would consider making the devices for the public if Valve were prepared to license it — but it won't be cheap. Says director Sir Richard Taylor, "It's little less pricey than a piece of military hardware from the USA Government — and a bit more expensive than a piece from the New Zealand Government."

Submission + - Google Wallet Stores Card Data In Plain Text (

nut writes: The much-hyped payment application from Google on Android has been examined by viaForensics and appears to store some cardholder data in plaintext. Google wallet is the first real payment system to use NFC on Android. Version 2 of the PCI DSS (the current standard) mandates the encryption of transmitted cardholder data encourages strong encryption for its storage. viaForensics suggest that the data stored in plain text might be sufficient to allow social engineering to obtain a credit card number.

Submission + - Trademe auction site hit by malicious adware (

nut writes: NZ's online marketplace Trade Me has been hit by "targeted" malicious software. It's not clear who is doing the targeting. Users with out-of-date operating systems, web browsers or antivirus software were presented with an ad that asked them to download a virus-removal program. The NZ Herald tells us nothing more specific than The virus has caused significant computer problems and some suspect it has stolen their credit card details.

Submission + - Apple Passes Microsoft as Largest Tech Company (

nut writes: Apple has officially become the largest tech company in the world, surpassing Microsoft by a market capitalization margin of $2 billion. It's now also the second largest company Standard & Poor 500, behind Exxon Mobil.

Market capitalization is, of course, just a measure of what the market thinks a company is worth though — the total value of all the outstanding shares of a company. Apple shares closed at US$248.47 yesterday vs. Microsoft's US$25.49.


Submission + - Shark gives another shark a Caesarian section ( 1

nut writes: Visitors to an underwater aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand were stunned to see one shark give another shark an impromptu caesarean section. Staff were initially dubious when visitors came running to tell them there were baby sharks spilling from a wound in a female school shark's stomach — courtesy of a large bite by another shark.
It's not uncommon for sharks to take chunks out of each other, in the wild or in captivity, but in this case the bite probably saved the baby sharks' lives. Staff did not know the mother was pregnant and as sharks are commonly born at night they would most likely have been eaten before they were seen.

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