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Submission + - Watching Drug Resistance Develop in Vivo

nursegirl writes: As the spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria like MRSA and the new XDR-TB (extremely drug resistant tuberculosis) becomes a growing concern throughout the world, a team of scientists has been able to learn how bacteria evolves in vivo as a response to vancomycin and other antibiotics.

The team isolated S. aureus bacteria intermittently through a patient's antibiotic therapy and sequenced the genome of the bacterium multiple times. The results demonstrated 35 mutations in 31 locations as the bacteria evolved from vancomycin-susceptible to vancomycin-resistant.

Submission + - The Linux Foundation Speaks

Andy Updegrove writes: "Last week you may have read a number of articles quoting Jim Zemlin, the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, responding to a Fortune article appropriately titled Microsoft Takes on the Free World. The big news in that article was to be found in the gnomic statements by Microsoft's General Counsel, Brad Smith, in which he articulated (after a fashion) its current patent intentions in relation to Linux and other important open source software. You can read the Foundation's formal response now in a Viewpoint piece written by Jim and just posted at the Business Week site. Why care about what the Linux Foundation has to say? Because it was formed to perform a number of roles: one is to speak out on issues of concern to the Linux ecosystem in particular, and open source in general. Another is what we refer to internally by the shorthand handle as "the Legal Protect" function. That means that we launch internally as well support externally a variety of initiatives that legally strengthen the Linux ecosystem. We also try to coordinate, articulate and educate, in order to make sure that the straight story reaches the marketplace. Needless to say, you'll be hearing more from the Foundation on this and related topics in the future. story.php?msg=9"

Submission + - Thai land bullying Google

An anonymous reader writes: First Thailand blocked YouTube (and other video sites). They then accused Google of bullying small counties, but caving to chinas will. Next it was to sue Google in America, then criminal charges in Thailand. Well now the unelected government of Thailand has passed legistration that would make useing proxies and other IP hiding system illegal. Oh but wait after that now they are demanding YouTube hand over IP addresses of those who uploaded the clips the unelected government deems inappropriate. ews06.php ews06.php hp?id=118677

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