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Submission + - Linux on the TabletPC

n9uxu8 writes: "The workplace just puchased a Toshiba (m400) TabletPC for training purposes. I liked it so much I bought a tablet (HP TC4400) for myself. While officially rescinding my previous rants against the TabletPC format, I'm still currently staring at a windows box. With the recent announcements of the Mandriva's and Ubuntu's latest releases, it seems an appropriate time to focus the usual my distro is better than your distro rants with the following question: which distro, in your experience, actually offers best tablet support out of the box? Key features include pen (and pressure) support, handwriting recognition, screen rotation and suspend to disk/ram.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Diving deeper into Linux

teh moges writes: From an administrator point of view, I know a lot about MS Windows, where files are stored, where settings are, which registry keys to edit, how to change drivers and so on. I made the initial switch to Linux a year ago, and now that I feel capable with using Linux from an end user's point of view, and when things go wrong, I can fix them, thanks to Google. I now want to now start to get deeper into it. Are there any great resources, such as websites, wikis or books for someone that wants to find out exactly how Linux works and how to fix and modify it?

Submission + - GPL meeting software

Anonymous Coward writes: "Hi, Im currently looking for GPL type software for running a few small web meeting system — whiteboard/PPT/Voice Chat and possibilty video. So far I have dimdim [ installed and have been enjoying testing its features, however it is in early alpha stage. I haven't had much luck finding any other type of OSS Web conferencing solutions. Does anyone have some recommendations or possible products to check out? Don't get me wrong, DimDim is quite a cool application, but still in alpha. And most of the people connecting are non tecnical.. half the time is spent trying to figure out if its a problem on their end, or just alpha bugs"

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