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Comment Segregate Features from Core (Score 1) 74

However, certain embedded clients -- in particular, those integrated into smart TVs and available for the PlayStation 3 -- are being deprecated, with no replacement. Microsoft says that since those clients are little used and since almost every user of those platforms has other Skype-capable devices available, it is no longer worth continuing to support them.

Another reason for segregating features from key components such as displays and vehicles. If Microsoft said those things it would be kind of a low blow considering developers would likely say the same about some of their past (Zune, WinRT) and current (Win Phone) devices.

Comment Re:Missing The Point! (Score 1) 950

I don't want my kids (or grandkids) to get this information from poorly equipped teachers who have 30 new kids to raise every year.

We hare having this debate and protests in Ontario since the government came out with their updated curriculum.

There are some against it for many different reasons. I don't really worry about them because they'll probably teach their kid someday or wake up really fast when their kid says their pregnant. It's the vocal minority i'm worried about which seem to be Muslims and other religious groups. They will never teach their kids these things and perpetuate the idea that women are belongings. These are the ones who come up with pure FUD such as

"In Grade 1 they will learn to reveal their private parts (not just name), they will see posters and flash cards of private parts, they will learn to touch the private area and identify it on themselves and others."

Comment And you can't opt out (Score 2) 142

The grocery store or ATM, with cameras all over the place, could do it by simply having a sign at the front of the store that says CCTV. They could record your picture at the register and associate it with a bank card or credit card. After 5 transactions they could guarantee that the person using that card has your face and is likely the owner. They could then flag how many times somebody else uses your card. They could track you throughout the store, like they do now but associated with an individual. Stores would have cameras at the entrances and exits. They would know how many people are currently in the store and who they are. They can't track though, I use cash, right?

The grocery store subscribes to a third party a face recognition aggregator.

At the beginning you'll have a shadow profile (#34950892). All it takes it one pump at a gas station, or taking cash out at the ATM to associate your face. About the only thing you could do is wear a disguise, but a different one each time.

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