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Submission + - Microsoft clears up Linux confusion over Windows 8 ( 1

CSHARP123 writes: Redhat employee Matthew Garrett speculated that OEM machines that ship with copies of Windows 8 may lock out support for Linux installations. Garrett highlighted Microsoft’s new Secure Build OEM requirements for Windows 8 systems. Microsoft chose to directly respond to confusion surrounding its Windows 8 Secure Boot feature on Thursday.

Tony Mangefeste on Microsoft’s Ecosystem team revealed that Microsoft is working closely with its OEM partners to improve the security experience of Windows. “Microsoft supports OEMs having the flexibility to decide who manages security certificates and how to allow customers to import and manage those certificates, and manage secured boot,” says Mangefeste. ”We believe it is important to support this flexibility to the OEMs and to allow our customers to decide how they want to manage their systems.” Mangefeste believes the customer is ultimately in control of their PC. “Microsoft’s philosophy is to provide customers with the best experience first, and allow them to make decisions themselves. We work with our OEM ecosystem to provide customers with this flexibility.”


Submission + - Apple: No Tactic Is Too Sneaky to Defend the iPad ( 1

bizwriter writes: First, Apple talked a German court into a preliminary injunction against Samsung, to bar the Galaxy Tab tablet from most of the European Union for the time being. Now it's trying to do the same to Motorola. But this isn’t a story of Apple protecting some hard-won patented innovations. Instead, the company is trying to block competitors based on a trademarked design — basically, a tablet shape. And it’s filing for these preliminary injunctions without giving the other parties any warning that would let them defend their position in court.

Submission + - Online QR Code Generator (

barneyconner49 writes: How can one read them? A private person needs a mobile phone with pre-installed QR code reader. But thanks to the Internet, anyone can download a reader for his model. Although, it should have a camera that can catch the image of the code. A QR code read by this software would normally take the user to the requested location on the Internet, or in case of a phone number — make the phone ring the number at once. The soft-ware is available on a lot of resources and is for free.

For a business who would like to implement a QR code system, it can be necessary to purchase a code scanner. It looks like a normal bar code scanner, but has a small camera-detector that catches the two-dimensional code image. The price lies somewhere between 150 and 400 dollars. They can be found in some online-shops.

How are they applicable for a Bed and Breakfast hotel? It was inspiring to see how one of B&B's pasted its new QR code on Facebook and asked to check if it worked. Besides using for marking goods in a souvenir shop, here are some ways I can suggest.

- Your web page, blog or Facebook fan page (with Likify for example). Lead the potential customers to "Like"-button on Facebook og the Book Now on your web page!

- Contact card: address and other contact details for your business card or brochures.

- Some suggest to use codes for decoration and souvenir products: on T-shirts, cups, pens, etc. Use your imagination!

- Code a map for how to access your location.

- If your property has limited access or the reception is not working 24/7: put a QR code with the phone number that would be accessed directly once the guest accesses it. He will be able to call you at once.

- Use QR codes as voucher for reservation and check-in: if your have a code reader on your phone, or a code scanner, the guest could show you his QR code confirmation, and you would know all about him at once.

- Breakfast: make a QR code out of your today's specialty recipe or history and paste it next to it. Your guest can read what the dish is about while enjoying his breakfast.

- Give extra-service: create a code for the local Tourist Information guide or web page, and place it in the rooms. The guests would appreciate the possibility to check out places in the neighborhood, activities and events.

- Use QR codes as coupons.

Everybody seems to be enticed with the intriguing QR codes. There are hundreds of websites and forums talking about this controversial codes. Almost all of the amateur online businesses and even the local businesses are beginning to get involved with this controversial codes. What makes this code controversial? What is QR code and why does everyone seems to be very entangled with it? How can we generate this code?

In simple terms, QR code stands for Quick Response code. This is a two-dimensional bar code which can be read by code readers in cameras and smart phones. So, what makes this code intriguing? This code when scanned can directly bring you to selected images, products, information, videos and company websites. Online QR Code Generator, Online QR Code Generator


Submission + - SafeBox Privacy App Wins Consumer Messaging Award (

An anonymous reader writes: SafeBox Private SMS App has won the 2011 Global Messaging Award for Best Consumer Messaging Application for its popular mobile application (reaching 1 million users) that allows its users to easily send and receive private SMS within a selected circle of contacts.

The awards were voted on by a panel of distinguished industry judges, and were announced at the Global Messaging Congress Awards reception in London, UK.

This award celebrates the very best in messaging innovation and development in a whole range of mobile messaging products from SMS and MMS, to IM, email, and voice messaging.

Millions of people leave their sensitive text messages openly stored on their mobile phone, for their curious friends, nosy colleagues, jealous spouse and many others to see.

The SafeBox App was developed to make unwanted mobile phone spying a thing of the past as users can choose which text messages or contacts they want to make invisible to anyone who may be snooping through their phone.

SafeBox is a private SMS mobile application that allows its users to easily send and receive private SMS within a private circle of contacts. The entire content of the SafeBox is stored in a PIN-protected space of the phone, and is inaccessible to prying eyes without knowledge of the PIN.

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