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DirectX 11 Coming To Browser Games 200

arcticstoat writes "Forget Farmville, Flash puzzlers and 8-bit home computer emulators. The next generation of browser games will be able to take advantage of DirectX 11 effects, not to mention multi-core processing and both Havok and PhysX physics effects. A new browser plug-in called WebVision will be available for Trinergy's new game engine, Vision Engine 8. This will enable game developers to port all the advanced effects from the game engine over to all the common browsers. Of course, any budding 3D-browser-game dev will face the problem that not every PC has a decent graphics card that can handle advanced graphics effects. Not only that, but limited bandwidth will also limit what effects a developer can realistically implement into a browser game. Nevertheless, this is an interesting development that could result in some tight 3D programming, as well as some much more interesting browser games."

Submission + - Microsoft Spain launch a web page to attract geeks (microsoft.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft Spain has developed a web site on MSN designed for the non-MS developer. According to the page "If you develop with PHP, Java, Python,.. and Microsoft have not helped you yet, discover the new Microsoft technologies you can use without changing platform (Silverlight, AJAX, Live,WS)..."

If the text is "funny", the page design is... well, better see it : http://www.microsoft.com/spanish/msdn/spain/purecode/default.mspx


Submission + - Scientist draw up wishlist of space experiments (arxivblog.com)

KentuckyFC writes: "While NASA fiddles with the International Space Station, a team of bigwig scientists has drawn up a wishlist of space experiments that could spot new phenomena while testing physics to breaking point (abstract, pdf). The list of proposed spacecraft includes a probe called LATOR to measure the non-euclidean geometry of space around the Sun, a mission called SpaceTime to measure whether fundamental constants might actually vary and several tests of gravity's inverse square law. The question now is whether NASA can get over its obsession with human spaceflight and free up the money for some decent science"

Australian Researcher Boosts ADSL Speeds 114

sea_stuart writes "Like your ADSL connection to go 100 times faster? Despite the grim state of Australian mathematics and science, there is still exciting original work being done Down Under. John Papandriopoulos, a Research Fellow with the ARC Special Research Centre for Ultra-Broadband Information Networks (CUBIN) has developed a method to reduce crosstalk interference in ADSL technologies to bring speeds up the theoretical maxima possible. With an Australian Federal election due in a few weeks, and both parties promising improved broadband speeds and access, this is a welcome development, hopefully enabling higher speeds without huge expenses."
Input Devices

Submission + - USB: The next generation (smh.com.au)

More_Cowbell writes: I had not heard of USB 3.0, but found this write up of the specs, with tidbits such as:
"...a 27GB high-definition movie takes about 14 minutes to download with high-speed USB 2.0. With superspeed USB 3.0, it will take 70 seconds"

Finally an end to the annoying MP3 upload times?

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