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Submission + - [Cloud] VMWare View for Android Tablets (

Mightee writes: "Have you been tempted by the recent onslaught of Honeycomb tablets entering the market, but forced yourself to hold back due to the lack of virtualization options available on the platform? No, neither have I (held back, that is), but these 'pro' applications always help when using a tablet, right?

VMWare users will be no doubt be delighted to hear about the arrival of VMWare View on the Android Market, which has been designed and developed from the ground up to give Honeycomb users the best possible experience when accessing their virtual Windows desktops on the go."


Submission + - Search the world's smartphone photos (

mikejuk writes: Researchers have devised and tested a system called Theia that can perform an efficient parallel search of mobile phones to track down a target photo. It could be used to perform a realtime search for a missing child accidently caught in a photo you have just taken or the location of a criminal or political activist.
You might think that the security and privacy aspects were so terrible that you just wouldn't install the app. However exceptional photos of a sporting or news incident are worth money and the profit motive might be enough for you to install it -
"Install Theia and earn big money with your camera phone".
  If money isn't your concern wouldn't you join the search for a missing child by downloading the app?
You can see that having Theia installed on a large percentage of the worlds phones isn't so unlikely. Would you install it?


Submission + - Apple To Eliminate Printer Drivers (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple has filed two patent applications that describe an approach as well as file formats and APIs to eliminate the printer driver as a requirement for users to access a printer and print documents. If the company has its way, there will be three ways to access a printer in the future: The first will be via a conventional software driver. The second will be via a cloud service and the third will be via a driverless access method that supports “universal” printing from any type device.

Submission + - The maximum overhang algorithm (

mikejuk writes: From playing with bricks as small children we all understand the idea of overhang — or at least we used to think we did. Recent award winning research suggests there is more to it than you might think.
So what is the biggest overhang you can create by stacking n bricks.

Submission + - Best Thirty list of planet's greatest Role-play ga (bestthirtylistofplanetsgreatestrole-playgamegamesoftwenty-firstcentury)

hirampena921 writes: Needless to say, bad products occurs, and King Graham needs to attempt an extended and also hazardous mission to eliminate stated bad things.

The technicians of the game tend to be suggestive to people of King's Quest V and onward. An individual are positioned on the framework food selection at the top, select the action you want Graham to accomplish, and click on where you would really like that action to be carried out. For being only the first occurrence, there is plenty to educate yourself regarding. Do not expect hrs regarding gameplay, even though, from this a single show. We finished the whole thing in about an hour or so.

My favorite point about this RPG online game down load will be the tiny asides Graham claims. Seasoned King's Mission participants just like myself will be in for any handle when he or she tends to make sweet humor about occasions in the earlier payments. Certain, when you laugh, it's the identical kind of laugh which hoity-toity nation clubbers spew out any time someone is really a laugh about Roquefort, but we all deserve to produce this sort of elitism. Kiddos boast about getting rid of hordes regarding zombies within Personal computer Role play game video games. Big deal. Attempt climbing a control staircase because Rosella before you announce that you are a real champ.

It really is unhappy in which Sierra introduced such a bad sport regarding KQ8. An individual performed some mystical person and all sorts of learn about has been fight. It absolutely was a much better follow up to be able to Avenue Martial artist than King's Mission, and also the company truly needs to be embarrassed with alone. My partner and i applaud The actual Silver Coating for keeping in keeping with the actual charming character regarding King's Pursuit, and also believe they've got delivered a product in which significantly surpasses Sierra's latest effort to take closure for this great number of Personal computer Role-play game game titles.

It is possible to download every one of the PC RPG games in the The actual Silver precious metal Lining from the TSL server as is also launched. Whilst it offers parts that basically help make King's Mission veterans enjoy the game, I'm sure gumshoe outdoorsmen also can find a lot of entertaining inside the Silver Cellular lining.

Most people enjoy online to create the hobby associated with gaming simpler. Let's face it, you don't have in the present modern society to handle the chaos and also limitations regarding board games, or the hassle of needing to generate towards the video and also waste materials your hard earned dollars. Using the internet showing itself to individuals of all ages, all over the world, among the most reliable connective platforms, people can open up their eyes with a modern day and also practical whole world of gambling that has no limits. Conflict video games and Role-play game games are swiftly getting some of the most beloved online games to obtain lost in. using a degree of appeal which appeals to a broad market, and a reasonable dynamics which nothing can quite rival, people are acquiring addicted to battling game titles and also Role play game game titles every day.

rpg games

Submission + - EV fast charging standards in flux (

savuporo writes: With the first battery electric vehicles becoming available on markets worldwide, there is an increased push to establish standards for fast charging plugs. Unfortunately, the story is far from simple. US hopes to establish its own DC fast charging standad by 2012, and Europe cannot come to an agreement about their version. Meanwhile, CHAdeMO fast charge standard developed and widely deployed in Japan, used on both Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi MiEV is gaining momentum with deployments underway both in US and Europe. CHAdeMO is limited to 62Kw charge rate, able to charge smaller battery packs to 80% SoC in 15-30 minutes.

Submission + - It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May No (

frnic writes: "German Telcom is tracking it's customers locations and saving the information: "In a six-month period — from Aug 31, 2009, to Feb. 28, 2010, Deutsche Telekom had recorded and saved his [German Green party politician, Malte Spitz,] longitude and latitude coordinates more than 35,000 times.""

Submission + - Assange police reports leaked on to the internet (

An anonymous reader writes: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is getting a dose of his own medicine, with details of the confidential Swedish police pre-trial investigation continuing to be leaked on the internet.

The latest leak is a 100-page fax between Assange's Swedish and British lawyers that was posted to a website on January 27 by an unknown person.

Although Swedish chief prosecutor Eva Finne decided that there was no rape case to answer for Assange and rescinded the warrant for his arrest, the documents show that the police continued to investigate the WikiLeaks founder and interviewed witnesses for months.

A full translation of the police records is available here.


Submission + - How many technically advanced civilizations exist (

An anonymous reader writes: Essay by Steven Soter, Scientist-in-Residence in the Center for Ancient Studies at New York University. Gedanken experiments, which have been used for hundreds of years by scientists and philosophers to ponder thorny problems, rely on the power of one's imagination to project these scenarios to logical conclusions. They do not involve lab equipment or, often, even experimental data. They can be thought of as focused daydreams. Yet, as in the famous case of Einstein's Gedanken experiments about what it would be like to hitch a ride on a light wave, they have often led to important scientific breakthroughs.
The Media

Submission + - Some Wikileaks Contributions to Public Discourse 3

Hugh Pickens writes: "EFF reports that regardless of the heated debate over the propriety of Wikileaks actions, some of the cables have contributed significantly to public and political conversations around the world. The Guardian reported on a cable describing an incident in Afghanistan in which employees of DynCorp, a US military contractor, hired a "dancing boy," an underaged boy dressed as women, who dance for gatherings of men and is then prostituted — an incident that contributed important information to the debate over the use of private military contractors. A cable released by Wikileaks showed that Pfizer allegedly sought to blackmail a Nigerian regulator to stop a lawsuit against drug trials on children. A Wikileaks revelation that the United States used bullying tactics to attempt to push Spain into adopting copyright laws even more stringent than those in the US came just in time to save Spain from the kind of misguided copyright laws that cripple innovation and facilitate online censorship. An article by the New York Times analyzed cables released which indicated the US is having difficulties in fulfilling Obama's promise to close the Guantánamo Bay detention camp and is now considering incentives in return for accepting detainees, including a one-on-one meeting with Obama or assistance obtaining IMF assistance. "These examples make clear that Wikileaks has brought much-needed light to government operations and private actions," writes Rainey Reitman, "which, while veiled in secrecy, profoundly affect the lives of people around the world and can play an important role in a democracy that chooses its leaders.""

Submission + - Internet Profile of AZ Shooter Jared Lee Loughner (

danielkennedy74 writes: A shooting earlier near a Tucson Arizona grocery store (Safeway) that killed six people and wounded twelve including U.S. Congressman Gabrielle Giffords is dominating every news channel as new details emerge. One of the aspects of modern attacks by in this case what appears to be a lone mentally disturbed individual, is that the thoughts of these individuals are usually available online.

The 22 year old shooter in custody, Jared Lee Loughner, is no exception. He had a MySpace profile and a Youtube channel, revealing both what he looks like, some biographical details, and a bizarre personal philosophy mentioning grammar, the timeline of man, and currency creation.

Submission + - Full Unencrypted Wikileaks in Norway (

An anonymous reader writes: The Inquirer has the lowdown on Aftenposten, Norway's largest circulated newspaper, claiming to have the fully unencrypted copy of Wikileaks' cables.

Submission + - "Stairscraper" Gives Highrise-Dwellers Back Yards (

Zothecula writes: One of the big drawbacks for high-rise living is the lack of outdoor space, which in the best case is usually limited to a small balcony, or in the worst cases a window flowerbox ... or nothing at all. An innovative skyscraper design by Barcelona-based firm Nabito Architects solves this problem with a corkscrew design that makes the roof of the unit below an outdoor space for the unit above.

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