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Publishing Company Puts Warning Label on Constitution Screenshot-sm 676

Wilder Publication is under fire for putting warning labels on copies of historical US documents, including the Constitution. The label warns "This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today." From the article: "The disclaimer goes on to tell parents that they 'might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written before allowing them to read this classic work.'"

Geomagnetic Storm In Progress 110

shogun writes "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports a strong geomagnetic storm is in progress. The shuttle, ISS and GPS systems may be affected." They think this storm was caused by a weak solar flare on April 3rd. As you may expect, this has caused some unusually impressive northern lights since it started. What you may not expect is a photograph from Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi aboard the International Space Station showing the aurora from orbit. He apparently tweets a lot of pictures from space. He and his crewmates have taken over 100,000 pictures since coming aboard the ISS.

Comment Re:Wonderful news (Score 2, Interesting) 413

Don't worry, Saint Reagan gives you his word that it will all trickle down eventually, if only your faith is pure and your marginal tax rate low...

IMHO, Reaganomics works only in a country where manufacturing is a strong industry (where the workers of the nation are actually needed); sadly, the USA no longer significantly 'makes' anything.

Comment Re:Liars and thieves (Score 1) 35

If these toll booths are in Chicago or New York he's barely making a living.
Move somewhere else.

That's completely beside the point. In those locations you're not going to find someone worth hiring for less. Hiring is as competetive as getting hired; supply and demand works on both sides. The question is "do I work in a toll booth or move", the question is "my toll booth is in Chicago, how do I hire someone who's not a felon, insand, or drug addict?" The answer is good pay and benefits.

I'd rather someone who at least has some accountability to me do it than my employer
And you think your Congress-critter with the gerrymandered district is accountable to you?

I can vote the Governor out of office if enough voters agree with me. There's no way to vote my boss out of his job.

Comment Re:It's sad to see (Score 1) 477

If it makes you feel any better, it's probably the US's fault on both sides. Which at least means that the US did do something good in Europe, even if they did a whole lot of crap in the US. Now let's just hope that the EU can keep to its senses in the long run. (Personally, I don't think there's much hope for any meganation, like the US or the EU. Once you get too big it's too easy to lose touch. I would prefer countries of five to ten million people, allied and with free trade and travel agreements, but not federated or confederated.)


Passage of Time Solves PS3 Glitch 147

An anonymous reader writes "A quick update on the widespread PlayStation 3 glitch we discussed recently: as of last night (Monday, March 1st) the problem has resolved itself. I powered up my PS3 to find the clock was set to April 29th, 2020, but once I went into the system menu and set the date and time via the internet I got an accurate date. That seems to be the test of whether your PS3 is 'fixed' or not; Sony says you should be all set."

Comment Re:Dr. Zen's answer (Score 1) 951

They're going to see the scary number, click "Ignore error", retry and tell you that there was some error... something about 'technical support'... If you ask them to retry and note the scary number, they won't understand the purpose. Even if they read it, they'll only remember that their "file system is damaged", thinking about buying a new computer. I'm serious, I had similar experiences. Your approach may be good for more advanced users (who had contact with 'security permissions' and 'file systems'), but I believe it's not worth the effort to maintain such messages.

The Trial of Terry Childs Begins 502

snydeq writes "Opening arguments were heard today in the trial against IT admin Terry Childs, who was arrested 18 months ago for refusing to hand over passwords to the San Francisco city network. InfoWorld's Paul Venezia, who has been following the case from the start, speculates that the 18-month wait is due to the fact that 'the DA has done no homework on the technical issues in play here and is instead more than willing to use the Frankenstein offense: It's different, so it must be killed.' On the other hand, the city — which has held Childs on $5 million bail despite having already dropped three of the four charges against him — may have finally figured out 'just how ridiculous the whole scenario is but is too far down the line to pull back the reins and is continuing with the prosecution just to save face,' Venezia writes. The trial is expected to last until mid-March. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, to whom Childs eventually gave the city's network passwords, will be included in the roster of those who will testify in the case — one that could put all admins in danger should Childs be found guilty of tampering."

Comment Re:Bandwidth can be hogged - I've seen it (Score 2, Insightful) 497

Companies overselling is a very popular and acceptable thing too (for them). Airlines, hotels, and movie theaters often do this expecting no-shows and cancels. But i expect the percentage oversold is based on historical facts for that particular day the previous year. ISPs might have been able to oversell so much in the past but as more content moves from tv/phone/radio to the internet, the typical usage might be outstripping the previous years usage numbers. Just my thoughts..

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