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Comment Re:The herd's moving (Score 1) 508

My tax supports public schools, and I dont have kids. Where do I get my refund?

No, public schooll can have rules. one of those rules can be you must be vaccinated, if medically safe to do so. Same as saying your child must be clean, presentable etc.

If you dont want to abide by those rules, you dont have to go, but you are not getting a refund. After all, you have chosen to exclude yourself.

Comment Re:Love it (Score 2) 321

Yes it does. Litigants in person in the UK can claim £18 per hour for their time. If you hire legal representatives they can claim for their time

Costs also depend on parties being reasonable; court should be a last resort, so even if you win if you are unreasonable you may not get any costs awarded, or a nominal amount.

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