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Comment Re: Not acceptable. (Score 1) 665

Or they want a unified user experience rather than the clusterfuck of UI experiences there are for the different versions, a single OS to support in the future, and everyone on that one OS so xp for 20 years doesn't happen again.

Making things not suck is another way of making money, it just requires the business to use that very rare process of "thinking ahead".

Comment Re: Is there a downside to upgrading to 10? (Score 1) 665

I did, and I think it's great. I turned off all the big privacy issues that should keep ms from obviously spying on me. I just assume the rest, that are difficult to disable, are for the NSA. People forget that the NSA used to get in (at a minimum) with exploits. I'd much rather have a proper backdoor so the exploits can be found and fixed.

Beyond ethical reasons, I just don't care about the NSA or MS getting a ping from my computer. If you think yours isn't vulnerable, then you probably spent man years securing it, don't do anything interesting, or are delusional.

Comment As a parent... (Score 1) 69

I don't get the issue...

I don't remember the registration asking for an address, just an email. If they did ask, it was "1234 fake st".

Omg they have my email address and name noooooo. And who cares about a pic of my kid, who looks like a million and one other kids out there.

If you want to see the interesting depths of a chat log of a kid, just fire up your favorite markov chain.

Wtf is everyone so worked up about?

Comment Re:Good of them (Score 3, Interesting) 207

I think it's more that they can't afford to have something go wrong because they know the press will rip them apart. This will cause hundreds of shit journalists to delete the sensational clickbait articles they were working on, and gives huge cred. to their quality.

If a seatbelt in a Toyota comes apart, nobody gives a shit, and you couldn't pay a reporter to make a story about it. Is there some name for this type of "quality curse", similar to what Apple has?

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 227

I wouldn't be surprised if it worked on systems that didn't meet the spec...but I also wouldn't be surprised if they didn't guarantee *any* sort of pleasant experience on those systems including motion sickness, like they already have a problem with. All of the requirements are there to reduce latency, especially the synchronous display.

Comment Re:Sounds like internet.org is offering (Score 1) 75

> On the plus side, I can see how it would be appealing to people without a lot of money who can't afford internet any other way.

There, fixed that for you.

I get the problem, but I'm sure the people who can't afford any sort of connection are a bit disappointed right now.

Comment Re:I hope they give this to google... (Score 1) 60

Oh, and google maps *is the best* with crappy internet. It'll just silently continue on, using some inertia based guidance that you can see plowing through stoplights, with no indication whatsoever, including it *not giving directions* or extremely delayed directions. No warning or tone or something, just silence. Maybe they fixed this in the last 6 months or so...I was tired of u-turns so switched to Waze.

Comment I hope they give this to google... (Score 1) 60

The play store is unusable with an erratic connection. Goes to blank screens if you're trying to open a link to an app from an external source, jumps back to unrelated screens if a problem happens when you're trying to access an apps page, has non-fucking-modal popups that you have to access in your notifications before you can continue using the app if there's a problem during download...ffs.

The *only* app that i've seen handle crappy connections is iheart radio. It'll actually sit there and retry as the buffer depletes, and seamlessly continue. Most others seem to range from strange behavior to crash.

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