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Comment Re:I'm afraid this means vodka rationing, boys (Score 3, Interesting) 184

What? This was the FIRST failure of a progress module. Also as far as I know, they haven't had a single fatality related to their current manned space vehicle (the Soyuz) and unless they are hiding some early issues, they have never lost any crew on manned flights. Remember, the shuttle lost 2 crews, and we lost an Apollo crew on the ground. I would say the Russian human spaceflight program is safer than the US program, although IMHO losing 2 shuttle crews is a reasonable amount of loss for a pioneering program. Just think about how many ships were lost when man first started exploring the globe.

Comment Re:Pluto rules (Score 1) 173

The problem is big and massive are two different things, and it depends on the material composition of the object. So we will end up with objects that are in hyrdostatic equilibrium that are smaller in diameter / size than other objects that are not. Take asteroid 4 Vesta for instance, it's larger in diameter than several objects that are in hydrostatic equilibrium, yet it is not itself. Also there are plenty of moons that are in hydrostaic equilibrium, according to your definition these would be planets. I think you at a minimum need to add "and orbit around an object which is massive enough for fusion to occur". Then of course we get into the weird world of brown dwarfs...

Comment Re:Fail (Score 1) 451

Or maybe people like of the idea of currency that can't be de-valued. Once all 21 Million bitcoins have been mined, the price of products will actually go down (and become more fractional). You can basically just hold your bitcoins indefinitely and not have to put them in a savings account just to maybe keep up with inflation if you are lucky.

Comment Re:Here it comes (Score 1) 78

My point was that Facebook used to sell that info to be used in targeted ads on Facebook's site, not for anywhere on the web you might visit. I also disagree with you that people know what Facebook is doing with your data, I'd actually argue that the vast majority don't know. Folks who I've had conversations with about what Facebook uses your data for were usually surprised. Your mom is the exception rather than the rule, most people in the US at least don't read a newspaper and don't hear/see radio and TV news, they are too busy with American Idol and Extreme Couponing.

Comment Re:Here it comes (Score 1) 78

Google is a lot more clear about what they are doing, you know they are an ad platform and you knew they were BEFORE you gave them any info. Some people trusted Facebook more specifically because they weren't doing this. Now Facebook is basically taking a back door, it'll probably be opt out so millions won't even know they data they post on Facebook is being used to target ads OUTSIDE of Facebook. Facebook is desperate, they have no real ability to make money other than to sell your personal info and they know it. It's why they tried to set up their own stock exchange so they didn't have to go public and reveal all the underhanded things they intend to do with your data. They are the next MySpace.

Comment Re:"If we litigate, we have a chance to win.'" (Score 1) 346

You are probably correct about utilization, but with data caps in place at all major carriers it is irrelevant. Fact is they provide you with 5GB per month on your "unlimited" plan (which is already B.S.), but in reality they don't build enough capacity for all users to even use their monthly allotment. So for users that have the potential to actually use their 5GB they are entitled to, they have to pay more. Same network, same device, same bandwidth, extra cost.

Comment Re:This is way over the top (Score 3, Informative) 475

"Indeed, look at top handsets in top20 countries of this report [opera.com]. Just look at them; beyond some probably fairly atypical (but vocal and visible) place. Curious way of being "toast"... "

This data is wildly skewed. It's take from Opera mini/mobile use. For that reason alone you are unlikely to see phones with a good browsers (iphone/android) showing up on the list as folks with those phones simply won't be using Opera.

Comment Re:Democrats loved the Pentagon Papers (Score 2, Insightful) 833

How do you intend to elect a politician if they lie to you? Shouldn't you know how your elected representative feels about certain issues so you can vote for the person who will represent you properly? If politicians can just lie to get elected, not do anything beneficial to you while in office, and then cover up everything they do or so or vote on in the name of protecting security or some other bs, won't you just vote for them the next time when they lie to you? Politicians need to be accountable for EVERYTHING they do while representing you. If they communicate in any way in an official capacity, you as their electorate have a right to know what they are doing and saying for YOU.

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