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PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: Shadowrun fans, we need more bodies!

The community-driven MMO project Shadowrun:Awakened is needing more bodies. We have come a long long way in design and coding, and are now at the stage where we need the fabled infinity monkeys at typewriters.

If you are a coder, writer, or artist (3D or 2D) then stop on by and lend a hand!

We are the only authorized Shadowrun MMO project out there! Now, I think, the only project at all... the 800lb gorilla that is Microsoft (who holds the interactive rights to Shadowrun) landed heavily on a rival project that was not authorized.


Journal Journal: RIM releases cause of failure

The following information is current as of 09:00 on April 18, 2007. All times are EDT. On April 17, 2007, at approximately 20:15 EDT, the BlackBerry Network Operations Center (NOC) started investigating monitoring alerts in regards to issues with BlackBerry service in the Americas. BlackBerry subscribers in the Americas were unable to receive messages and received an "x" when sending messages. Subscribers were unable to use BlackBerry Email Roaming to or from the Americas. Initial investigations revealed an issue with the BlackBerry® Infrastructure. Subsequent troubleshooting efforts were not immediately successful in restoring service. At approximately 02:00 on April 18, in an effort to restore service, the components and services for the BlackBerry Infrastructure for the Americas were restarted. Since approximately 05:45, the service has been operating near expected traffic levels. Some subscribers may continue to see delays until message queues are cleared. The BlackBerry Support team is continuing to investigate reports of any remaining issues. The root cause of this issue is under investigation. Please note that the ability for subscribers to place telephone calls from voice-enabled devices was not affected during this event. Thank you for your continued support, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Sincerely, BlackBerry Customer Support
PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: Travelling Tech + World Of Warcraft = BAN

My buddy for many years received bad news today. His World of Warcraft account, with multiple level 60 characters, is banned. Why? They cite logs that show logins from multiple IP's all over the place in the last few months. The kicker: they ban it just before the expansion, but release the ban on opening day. He buys, installs, and activates BC. He logs in for a few hours, and then gets kicked out. Email arrives: they have re-reviewed and decided the ban is valid, after he spent his $40 on the expansion. Maybe a good reason, assuming it's being shared, power leveled, or used as a farming account... but it hasn't. He travels. As a tech for a very large computer company, he is all over the place. Sometimes he is inside the company network, playing through a proxy... whichever one is available at the location. This can be just about anywhere on their humongous network. I know he is not botting or sharing accounts, selling gold, what have you. He is just everywhere, sometimes 2 or 3 locations a day, wherever the plane takes him. And yes, he plays a lot. As he often fixes the issue in minutes, then has to wait hours to monitor that the fix is good. What better way to pass that time? So, after multiple calls, and detailing his travel and networks nearly to the minute, they finally reply that the account will not be unbanned, and they will no longer address it. They did, however, refund his BC activation code. The moral of this story is: If your work requires a lot of travel, leave your WoW at home: they do not want your business.

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