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Submission + - AT&T adds another hidden fee to Uverse service 1

noah977 writes: A recent project of mine required me to send a few emails per day (aprox. 10) from one of the machines in my home office. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get an e-mail out. Finally, after a lot of tests, I discovered that my very expensive ATT Uverse Internet connection had port 25 blocked!

When I phoned AT&T to inquire about port 25 being blocked, they informed that it was part of a new effort to stop spammers. (Understandable, I hate spam as much as the next guy.) The fun part was when I requested them to unblock the port. The rep said, "sure, I can do that immediately, but we charge a fee of $29." The explanation was that the $29 fee would prevent spammers from send out spam. I guess AT&T doesn't think the bad guys can afford their $29 fee. Or, more likely, they just found another excuse to generate a few dollars more profit.

I literally have to pay an extra fee to "unlock" service that I'm already paying for. Thanks ATT!

Zombie Pigs First, Hibernating Soldiers Next 193

ColdWetDog writes "Wired is running a story on DARPA's effort to stave off battlefield casualties by turning injured soldiers into zombies by injecting them with a cocktail of one chemical or another (details to be announced). From the article, 'Dr. Fossum predicts that each soldier will carry a syringe into combat zones or remote areas, and medic teams will be equipped with several. A single injection will minimize metabolic needs, de-animating injured troops by shutting down brain and heart function. Once treatment can be carried out, they'll be "re-animated" and — hopefully — as good as new.' If it doesn't pan out we can at least get zombie bacon and spam."

Submission + - The real cost of starting a cellphone account.

noah977 writes: With all the new phones and deals flying around just before the holidays, many consumers aren't aware of the the true cost of buying a cellphone.

To start, most phones advertised as $99 or $179 are sold at a higher price with a "rebate" that takes 4-6 weeks. Then, there are always "first month" fees, deposits, activation charges, etc.

For example. I recently signed up for Sprint with the new Hero phone.
The in store charges, to activate the account and walk out with the phone were $323. (For a $179 phone!)
Then, the first bill was $275. (deposit, month charges, more activation fees, etc.)

So the true cost of the $179 phone and $99 monthly fee is $600.

I would love to see that in a commercial, "Switch to Sprint, it only costs $600!"

Comment There IS a law that might make this illegal (Score 1) 454

There is a law called, "The Lanham Act" that covers a whole range of advertising practices (trademarkes, etc.) However, Section 43(a) prohibits any use of false or misleading description or representation in commercial advertising or promotion that "misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities, or geographic origin of.. goods, services, or commercial activities." You can read it here: IANAL, but this seems like it would apply to your situation.

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