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Comment Well, (Score 1) 153

one of the x million claimed users has W10 silently sleeping on a HD somewhere laying around on the floor waiting to be used at one point, when I get around....

Got more important stuff to do.

Ah - when I try again and plug on the disk, network cable is unplugged and there is somewhere a printout of this:

which I have to read in more detail...

Comment Re:Just compare the prices of other utilites (Score 1) 219

Why did you put quotes around natural? What's not natural about natural gas? Do you think the methane is manufactured somewhere?

There are some voices that "natural" gas is not of organic origin, but formed or occurring deep down in the planet at a time long before organic processes existed nor, when they existed, those would not capable of creating such amounts:


That's not my point though. The term "natural" implies being OK, renewable, then good to use. While it may be better than crude oil derived fuels or coal, it still is a carbohydrate when oxidized, creates CO2, a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming currently creating climate havoc on this planet.

So, IMHO, it's a hogwash misleading term for the use of large corporations securing their established way of business and continuing creating profits at the cost of others.

You may think of all that what you want, won't make a difference at all...

Comment Re:Nope, no wealth inequality here (Score 2) 177

It doesn't get much better than that.

Weird - no software patents, skalp CP/M and ...

After a couple of years then...

In his 43-page conclusions of law, Judge Jackson's final judgment on the evidence, the judge wrote that ''the court concludes that Microsoft maintained its monopoly power by anticompetitive means and attempted to monopolize the Web browser market,'' as well as ''unlawfully tying its Web browser to its operating system'' -- all in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.


You need to watch His court depositions, what a hero!

Having control over OS and application software to control and monopolize a market may have been wrong i. e. unlawful, but in the United States, where nothing is impossible, it just wen through after the proven principle "it cannot be what may not be".

Comment Making recordings (Score 1) 99

of a person's activity without consent or court order is illegal and should be punished.
Keeping those recordings on a storage facility for later view does not change anything of the original act.
Parents doing it to their minor children w/o consent of those is within their right of parents.
So, a program installed concealed without consent is illegal.
Surveillance cameras active in an area need to be disclosed, phone conversations/email activity within a company need to be disclosed to employees that this is happening.

Now, is all this happening to those rules?

Comment How is that going to work? (Score 1) 161

Written or spoken word can be insult, defamation or ??
Hate crime seems to be a crime (deed) against a person or group - how is this possible with words?
If it's (a deed or fact) being reported/mentioned on some internet place, it is possibly worth pursuing by some police, but this seems to become a thought-police type thing. Where are the exact rules and regulations to get a hold of what is going on except politician/hype.

Is England going the Turkey way - wholesale locking up judges/journalists/soldiers without due process because of one mentally sick madman?

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