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Comment Not true 4 me! (Score 1) 97

Depending where you land @ Comcast - ornery seems to be the right term....

I am suing in small claims court by them being totally obnoxious and their - well, probably legal staff - is cocky.
Will see what the outcome is.

Seems that corporations make rules right now (or since the beginning of time, just bigger and bigger now) to their advantage and the small guy/gal has to swallow and see how to deal with it.

The automatic process is, if there is no insight on their side, they rack up your bill and then forward it to a collection agency - in this case they are using - all those nice kiddies coming up on their site and how great they are... Hope they get burnt in my case.

Problem is that you have to be quick to file at court if Comcast does business in your county - once it's at the collection agency, far far away, forget about small claims court and deal with endless phone calls talking to people in maybe far away countries and try to cut a deal....

A basic question is, if a large corporation can even remotely be customer-friendly? Their rule set is purely profit maximization driven and somebody pays for that.

Comment Dilemma Solution (Score 4, Insightful) 396

If Robots take away jobs from humans, the (Robot "employee") work need to be severely taxed and the tax income put into a fund to support humans loosing their income.

This will take away the incentive to prefer and use robot work over humans and help the transition to a workable solution..

Will this fly - nope because the system is purely profit-driven and humans are just a means to create more profit for the "higher cast" and dropped when a cheaper method is available.

This is seen by outsourcing jobs and production to cheaper wage and production environments.

Are there laws to hold corporations socially responsible? Sure not in the USA, maybe somewhere in North-European countries where people live a happier life and people think more about common well being affecting everyone as compared to regular capitalistic or totalitarian structures where the "right" religion is instilled from birth on and every change brutally repressed and eliminated.

Comment Business as usual... (Score 1) 236

The spooks do what they want because it's "important to security" and if they are called on it, they kill the messenger instead of cleaning up their act...

Seems both sides - not the messenger - but the spooks on either side have a similar character makeup and feed on each other to keep this game going.

The neverending story.....

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