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Comment BS! (Score 0) 397

I do my own "support" and build my own machines from components. The original equipment costs for MAC are something else in comparison. Also being part of this special "race" of Apple/MAC-Hype-Members being proud of any new gadget coming out, lining up at stores feverishly and looking forward to the next Apple-Event would be way too high a cost as well.

Comment This truly exposes a major hypocrisy present (Score 2) 95

Repression of lust, enjoyment sexual expression is present in any human society on this planet. To control one of the most important drives in a species - procreation - is paramount to control, repress and pervert people in various societies (and religions) from early childhood on.

Just look - everyone has it, any creature on this planet does it, it's part of life and it is "forbidden", controlled - no, your body does not belong to you, what you do and how you do it in your bedrooms - no, can't do this or that, it's against (fill in whatever believe conditioning is there),

This Facebook acting is another example of this ongoing mental castration!

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 255

I think that marijuana is going to be the sequel to tobacco. Smoking different stuff isn't healthier. Around the 2030s we will probably see lung cancer and throat cancer go up again along with everything else as the second anti-smoking campaign begins.


Ingesting THC from MJ has 5 x the potency compared to smoking. Why is anyone smoking that stuff?

Comment Re:The ROOF The Roof THE ROOF IS ON FIRE (Score 1) 198

What to you want to do? The holy grail in US - and other's is money - the more one can squeeze out, the better. Where it comes from, what does it do, does not matter, those are the losers and not smart enough, so they are the problem.
Look at airlines with their charges for non-refundable ticket returns. They can charge any obscene price they want. Many people just drop the game and the tickets can be sold again - profit. Read somewhere that 7 % of all non-refundable tickets will not be used - ok, so it's double sales on 7 % of those tickets sold, all a money game. Charging $ 400 (UA) for a re-booking - how much does an actual computerized transaction cost? $ 15 or so. OT this here but the underlying urge, more is never enough sure is there too.

Comment Well, (Score 1) 153

one of the x million claimed users has W10 silently sleeping on a HD somewhere laying around on the floor waiting to be used at one point, when I get around....

Got more important stuff to do.

Ah - when I try again and plug on the disk, network cable is unplugged and there is somewhere a printout of this:

which I have to read in more detail...

Comment Re:Just compare the prices of other utilites (Score 1) 219

Why did you put quotes around natural? What's not natural about natural gas? Do you think the methane is manufactured somewhere?

There are some voices that "natural" gas is not of organic origin, but formed or occurring deep down in the planet at a time long before organic processes existed nor, when they existed, those would not capable of creating such amounts:


That's not my point though. The term "natural" implies being OK, renewable, then good to use. While it may be better than crude oil derived fuels or coal, it still is a carbohydrate when oxidized, creates CO2, a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming currently creating climate havoc on this planet.

So, IMHO, it's a hogwash misleading term for the use of large corporations securing their established way of business and continuing creating profits at the cost of others.

You may think of all that what you want, won't make a difference at all...

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