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Comment Re:Sour grapes (Score 1) 1424

Clinton and Trump campaigned in the swing states because that is what the Electoral College encourages. The popular vote "imbalance" is a mirage. If they had been campaigning for the popular vote, if there had been no Electoral College, the campaigns and the results would have been different in ways we can't imagine.

To change the Electoral College process now, after the popular vote is over, is sour grapes.

So, eliminate the MF "mirage" instead of bitching about it, if it's actually hypothetical!

Now it goes into "convincing" the individual members of the EC. Can it get even more messy?

Seems that presidential election process can be moved around like Play-Do since the members of the Electoral College are not necessarily bound to for whom they are chosen to vote. If they suffer any consequences by not doing so as expected is another issue.

Who benefits from the EC? Those are the reason that it still exists.

It will be a constitutional amendment. The rules for all this this are in the US Constitution Article II and Amendment 12.

Seeing how money is influencing US politics, fat chance that anything like this will happen impeding that force and the bitching, accusing will go on filling the media.

The last election campaign has brought this charade to a new low.

Comment One wonders... (Score 1) 667

How long this kind of nonsense is going to stay - often seems like 3rd Reich in the beginning... On the radio I even heard people shouting, after asked if they can pronounce the German word for "lying press" - where the press organs which were not in line with the upcoming movement, were constantly denounced - the crowd roared enthusiastically LÜGENPRESSE.. This may have been just a small rightest wing gathering, but Donald consistently labels anything not conforming to his "Universe" as lie again and again.
This is a simple idea and concept picked up easily by crowd minds.

Comment OK (Score 1) 90

Is the US now again at it or still at it - playing World Police?

Do those laws valid in the US spread out into the whole world?

Or, the other way around, there are countries where some simple things are penalized with death penalty, would those laws over the wire spread as well to here in the same way and then, when one travels there, applied?

Seems people got nothing better to do than abusing whatever is available to them without any reflections on consequences...

Comment Re:Trump haters worse than Trump? (Score 2) 497

Ok I think Trump is a moron who will probably fuck the country over,

If that is your expectation? What is your conclusion, maybe this:

but I support the democratic process therefore support him as the elected leader.

Democratic process? People go and vote, one person, one vote to be counted. Is it then fair, to filter those votes by state through another element - electoral college - historical origin described there: and turn the result into the opposite what the vote count resulted in?
Not the first time this happened and supposedly again this time. Isn't this the opposite of a democratic process and can be manipulated?

In general, you have a 2-party system in the US and all kinds of things happen to leave it that way. Not really a great mechanism to reflect different opinions and promote changes.

One thing I am already sick of is the amount of anti-Trump articles doing the rounds based purely on speculation of what he might do as POTUS.
  This sort of thing is bearable during an election when everyone is trying to convince others to vote for their person, but its over, he won, let it go.

Hold it right there - not just yet the POTUS but given plans for his presidency, selecting and announcing his cabinet members and coming back to his election campaign promises. That has already great impact on people and other states which are watching anxiously. That's not speculation, those are facts!

One example: Deport "illegal" aliens in whatever great numbers - millions or even a fraction of that - what are the logistics to run such an undertaking, the legal background to even do this and the repercussions in people's mind - aren't US immigration offices overloaded with applicants fearing Trump action's consequences. In an orderly legal system, there will be court cases with deportations but personal/judges have been cut short:

He should be given the chance to lead and be judged on his actual decisions, not what we think he might do. All this Anti-Trump hysteria is doing is proving Trump right and feeding the monster.

Trump has no political experience at all:
Professional Experience
Chairman, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, Incorporated
Founder/Chairman/President/Chief Executive Officer, The Trump Organization, 1975-present

And seem to have screwed people during his career, I think it's just natural to be suspicious. Why don't YOU relax?

Comment BS! (Score 0) 524

I do my own "support" and build my own machines from components. The original equipment costs for MAC are something else in comparison. Also being part of this special "race" of Apple/MAC-Hype-Members being proud of any new gadget coming out, lining up at stores feverishly and looking forward to the next Apple-Event would be way too high a cost as well.

Comment This truly exposes a major hypocrisy present (Score 2) 99

Repression of lust, enjoyment sexual expression is present in any human society on this planet. To control one of the most important drives in a species - procreation - is paramount to control, repress and pervert people in various societies (and religions) from early childhood on.

Just look - everyone has it, any creature on this planet does it, it's part of life and it is "forbidden", controlled - no, your body does not belong to you, what you do and how you do it in your bedrooms - no, can't do this or that, it's against (fill in whatever believe conditioning is there),

This Facebook acting is another example of this ongoing mental castration!

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 255

I think that marijuana is going to be the sequel to tobacco. Smoking different stuff isn't healthier. Around the 2030s we will probably see lung cancer and throat cancer go up again along with everything else as the second anti-smoking campaign begins.


Ingesting THC from MJ has 5 x the potency compared to smoking. Why is anyone smoking that stuff?

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