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Submission + - Google’s Action Against Link Schemes Continu (searchengineland.com) 1

nj_peeps writes: Last week, J.C. Penney made the news for plummeting in Google rankings for everything from “area rugs” to “grommet top curtains”. Turns out the retail site had a number of suspicious links pointing at it that could be traced back to a link network intended to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithms.
Now, Overstock.com has lost rankings for another type of link that Google finds to be manipulation of their algorithms. And in the midst of all of this, a company with substantial publicity lately for running a paid link network announces they are getting out of the link business entirely.

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Submission + - When to switch from IPv4 to v6?

nj_peeps writes: Just read an article on CNN predicting that we will run out of IPv4 addresses in the next 18 months (old news I know). Many ISP's haven't even started offering IPv6 services to homes yet, and as such many businesses haven't felt the need to move their servers over to IPv6. My question is, how many of you (or your companies) have made the plunge to IPv6, and what challenges did you face?
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Submission + - The Broadband Net Neutrality Debate Continues (enterprisenetworkingplanet.com)

nj_peeps writes: As the FCC tries to re-classify broadband, and the USF Bill gets debated in the House. Republicans are now seeking to block the FCC from "regulating the internet"

Cliff Stearns (Fla.), the ranking Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee's Internet subcommittee, introduced a bill on Tuesday that would require the FCC to provide Congress with evidence of a market failure in the Internet service sector before enacting any form of regulations governing how ISPs manage their networks.

"I see no reason for Internet regulation," Stearns said in a statement. "Yet, if there is ever a cause for regulation, it is a decision to be made by Congress — not the FCC."

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