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Submission + - Coolest Kickstarter Moves Production Off Shore, Backers Go Wild ( 1

nixkuroi writes: The Coolest, a cooler/smoothie maker/speaker box/usb charger which was successfully and overwhelmingly funded on Kickstarter, announced today that they were moving production to a factory outside the US. Backer outrage in the comment section was swift, with many backers asking how they could get a refund.

The cooler, which recieved 62,642 pledges totaling $13,285,226, is one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time. In a backer update, project owner Ryan Grepper outlined the following:

I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce that we have finally selected the factory that will be manufacturing your Coolest Cooler. We used two separate sourcing groups helping us locate a trustworthy and experienced factory with a history of producing products at the highest level of quality. We looked at the US and overseas, but ultimately decided US manufacturing wasn’t feasible for our launch because of the tight timeline and the challenge of finding large blow-molding/injection-molding capabilities AND high quality electronic/motor/battery assembly that could work together quickly.

Our chosen factory is fully committed to the Coolest vision, and my production team and I will be visiting them, along with battery and bluetooth speaker suppliers next week. Go frequent flier points!

Grepper also outlined an update in battery technology as well as an investment (presumably made from backer money) that was made in a survey tool that would help his team create surveys for his and other Kickstarter projects.

Submission + - Redbox Raises its Prices to $1.20 per Day (

nixkuroi writes: "Redbox, apparently not having noticed the backlash against Netflix, as decided to charge its customers 20% more per day. Though there will be a discounted grace period for the first day of rental until Nov. 30 2011, the full pricing increase will kick into effect on December 1. Merry Christmas movie lovers!"

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