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Comment Re:That is not Netflix's plan (Score 1) 181

I dropped my Netflix sub years ago when their catalog started to drastically shrink; or at the very least when their catalog started to drift towards old B-movies that nobody wanted to watch. Even TV series that I might want to watch were not showing up.

I might come back to watch some Marvel shows, but once those are over I will cancel again.

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 1) 250

I was under the impression that you either needed to be a cable subscriber to use NHL Live or you could only use it to view "select out of area games". Which basically means it is completely useless.

The funny thing is I want to pay someone to watch hockey. They literally will not take my money.

Comment Re:Dear article writer: Listen to yourself (Score 1) 75

I hope I can get this to +5 Troll.

The thing I am most angry and prickish about is that people try to force analogies where they just don't belong in order to falsely direct the conversation. Analogies might be intuitive, but they are often so intuitive that it gives people the false sense of actually knowing what they are talking about.

Internet of tubes and all that.

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