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The Internet

Submission + - ICANN approves .xxx extension for porn websites (

An anonymous reader writes: Icann, the organisation which determines what "top-level domains" (TLDs) such as .com or .uk can be added to the internet announced today that it will begin the process of registering .xxx by making checks on ICM Registry, the company that wants to run the domain and sell registrations.

But many pornography companies are unhappy with the idea of a dedicated space online because they expect that as soon as .xxx is implemented, conservative members of the US Congress will lobby to make any sex-related website re-register there and remove itself from other domains such as .com or .org.


Submission + - Cameron bans mobiles from cabinet meetings

An anonymous reader writes: The UK's new Prime Minister, David Cameron, has banned the use of mobile phones and BlackBerries from cabinet meetings. According to the BBC, use of mobile phones and other devices during meetings and debates in parliament used to be banned, but now politicians are allowed to have them, but they must be in silent mode. In 2008, then Commons Speaker Michael Martin rejected a plea from MP Greg Mulholland to fine colleagues if their mobile phones rang in the chamber. He made the call after a fellow MP's phone rang twice while then Culture Secretary Andy Burnham was answering questions in the Commons, but Mr Martin said he was "powerless" to implement the idea, even if the fines went to charity.

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