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Comment maybe its worth it. (Score 2) 72

I'm an unfortunate fan of dodgy vindaloo, so let me offer a bit of advice to Googles half-billion dollar order of curry.
1. If it comes with naan, eat it. that will usually buy you 5-10 minutes on the train ride home...
2. Ignore your doubts, if the kitchen sounds like world war 3, and the chef looks like a war refugee, that currys going to be epic.
3. pay attention to your doubts. if the bollywood music playing in the shop sounds clear, and theres less than an inch of dust on the sexually suggestive ethnic portraits, that curry is going to need a diaper with it.
4. pick routes with lots of pubs. sure, that curry shop might only be 3 blocks from your house, but stumbling dazed from toilet to toilet on the way home is common. The barman always knows dehli belly when he sees it.
5. If you've eaten kebab for lunch, and follow it up with curry for dinner, make sure your 4:00 tea includes a last will and testament.

Comment reduce revenue? are you kidding me?! (Score 5, Interesting) 635

...would reduce revenue to tractor manufacturers

bullshit. Speaking as someone who grew up on a farm, almost no independent farmer "buys" a tractor. Its all leased seasonally or yearly, depending on what/when you need it. These manufacturers have a constant stream of interest payments and down payments coming from their own financial lending firms.

A Claas-Axion, used: is $140,000. assuming youve got a lot more than 100 acres, youre going to need a xerion...which again used is more than 200 grand. Do you want to harvest those crops too? you wont be buying Claas because theyre harder than hens teeth to find. John Deere is going to run you through the ringer for another $335,000 "9 series" combine that will refuse to start for almost any code.

so in short, no one on a farm owns a tractor and if they do its 50 years old. Youre hearing more about the DMCA iissue because shops are wising up and refusing to carry replacement and repair parts, at the behest of people like Deere that want to move more new stock in a car dealership model.

Comment it didnt work for the soviets, it wont work for us (Score 4, Insightful) 40

The solution to our definition of terrorism isn't some sort of panopticon of surveillance. The soviet attempt to quell unpatriotic behaviour in mass surveillance was only moderately successful in doing anything more than converting droves of citizens against the cause of the state. The chinese solution of blanket surveillance is so broken as to be unusable. with an untenable dearth of bulk garbage collected monthly the only solution is to ignore it, invent your charges, and hope they stick. most citizens have modern, functional VPN to subvert whats essentially a very expensive boilerplate.

the solution to americas terrorism problem is a review and modernization of our foreign policy from the carter doctrine of middle eastern interventionism. democracy as a pretext for dominionism has never been accepted outside of the US citizenry. its a fairy tale we tell ourselves through the nightly news to avoid the uncomfortable truth that we grant ourselves unfettered access to foreign resources through a rudimentary network of hollow dictators and an unspoken drone assassination campaign with no accountability. When youve made a group of people determined with nothing to lose, stripped them of security and purchase in their own land, and then marginalized their self-determination to a handful of platitudes about trade then they can and will strike back in a myriad of unpredictable means. your choice is to either chase the white dragon until you've exhausted all your resources in defense and you can no longer sustain the moral pretext of armed service, or you can stop the madness and focus on issues that kill far more of your citizenry than actual terrorism. heart disease, car crashes, alcoholism, and gun crime.

Comment never attribute to malice (Score 4, Insightful) 48

that which can be more effectively explained by stupidity. Skiddies will always claim victory for instability. Niantic likely supports GO authentication servers in shared hosting/colocation outsourced datacenters. Its far more likely Niantic is either under-resourcing their Pokemon infrastructure to control costs for a largely free game, or that their infrastructure scales poorly with the particular code used to run pokemon GO. its also possibly that hasty configurations like NAT instead of DSR or a lack of IPv6 infrastructure could be bottle-necking large amounts of authentication traffic, or if it truly is a DDoS then Niantic is just choosing to ignore it rather than escalate to things like prolexic or hiring more network staff to address the problem.

Comment breakout from the article on different types (Score 3, Funny) 24

the different types of cybercrime I found fascinating. For example in England sophisticated viruses and worms are mostly to blame, while in northern ireland its some unemployed chav named Connor beating your head in with an old Model M keyboard until you give him fifty quid and whatever you picked up at the chipper.

Comment hoping the campaign can share some info (Score 4, Funny) 407

I think this is an excellent choice, and sure to help Trumps candidacy but on an unrelated note i hope the Trump team can lend a little insight into a common american problem:
you see, ive spent 2 years polishing a giant turd in my backyard, but i cant seem to figure out how to get it to shine. I put it next to a pretty woman, no deal. I set it next to an ugly stack of papers about Benghazi, but that didnt work either. I even took my turd and used it to smear other turds to make them seem less shiny than my turd...but im not entirely clear that did anything since nobody seems to like any of the turds.

Comment lets break this down for the record. (Score 1) 62

Hands-on guidance from some of the most influential experts in the tech community

enjoy your agile. Scrum, burndowns, swimlanes, and standups are now to become a newfound part of your otherwise normal development cycle where you just push to github and finish your pint. Get ready for status reports.

featured placement on the App Store

but given the million other pieces of garbage that get "featured placement" its hard to see how this would help an app developer if they already have an appreciable enough following to attract the attention of "planet of the apps"

and funding from top-tier VCs.

So take your BSD and your GPL licenses, print out a copy, and stuff it right up your ass. When these guys are done your once interesting project now comes with a myriad of new data access requirements, branded tie-ins, and advertising channel demands. your releases are now their releases, and youll do kindly to keep working at their pace.

this isnt a show for developers, its a show for people who want to cash in on developers.

Comment who does he think we are? (Score 4, Funny) 106

this hacker will not detract us. he cannot subvert our freedom or our liberty, or our elections. He must understand that this is a government by the people, for the people, and one in which the current candidates for president are a woman in a $12,000 burlap sack who committed treason and a xenophobic, racist, and somehow unaccountably sentient mind-controlling murkin.

Comment yes, because the alternative is frowned upon (Score 5, Funny) 180

10-15 years ago i made a vigorous proposal to move all software developers into silicon valley for easier categorization. Cattle ranchers would be moved into cattle valley, and car repairmen would be moved into car valley (this makes indexing and normalization easier.) problems began to mount from the start. Some people complained they "didnt want to leave" their friends and family. others answered back with "sure ill move but i dont have a job" and "when will i see my wife again, you told me she was safe." Whiners.

Anyhow once id approacher 40% of developers I noticed they didnt stack well, and many of them complained of food shortages and transportation problems. Id instituted a "no family" policy to try and remedy this, and it worked for a while, until people told me that id have to find a way to get new software developers imported. Constructing a giant tube, i used it to hydraulically propel anyone from about age 17 on who tweeted even a cursory interest in software into my silicon valley. things were working well, so long as once weekly I greased all my programmers so they could move freely in the valley and made sure to flood their cubicles with nutrition slurry once or twice a day. Then the real issues started to mount. once id hit 80% of all developers, their combined mass and pressure was enough to begin to elicit a gravitational field. Project managers now had to come with an escape velocity equation in their salary, and pizzas from neighbouring cities were delivered from 3 miles outside the valley by letting go of the pie and hoping for the best. I unfortunately had to give up on my grand vision of a valley of programmers when a rogue sysadmin at a rest stop accidentally flew into the valley and impacted it with enough force to blanket the valley in a dark cloud of coffee beans and office chairs. its now a cold, barren wasteland inhabited by a race of creatures that subsist entirely on fried meat and energy drinks. they communicate in an arcane language of 3 letter abbreviations and social justice causes.

Comment hes not *technically* wrong. (Score 2) 89

during brute force attacks, sequential reads from disk into RAM contribute to the overall MTBF and MTTF statistics for the hardware. depending on how old the disk is and how complex the encryption, you could very well end up with a nontrivial number of missing sectors and potentially corrupted data on the disk just from thrashing it for personal gain. depending on the encryption, any writes will also contribute to things like SSD write life...controller actifity like purging deletes or any other administrativa undertaken by the OS as part of housekeeping are also nontrivial during long running attempts to crack asymmetric cryptography.

Comment political sausage stuffing at its finest! (Score 1) 644

some are outraged that Sanders has decided to endorse her, but it bears remembering: Al gore once campaigned on the open rejection of the policy that US GDP will increase by 30% in the wake of americas addiction to overconsumption of carbon-heavy resources. A few months later, once appointed to the winning candidates office, he approved a massive trade agreement with china.

I suspect sanders sees the writing on the walls. Its not relevant anymore what elected leaders are told to do by the gilded elite. Massive routine civil unrest in the past 4 years from occupy to blm, combined with unsustainable levels of incarceration and blanket surveillance have galvanised most public opinion ubiquitously against the elite. It frankly doesnt matter what Hillary does, from nationalized healthcare to free college she faces no repercussion from a ruling corporate class that have no other party to turn to.

However if you dont like the party or the candidate, the largest act of protest you can engage in is failure to spend and buy. After 9/11 George Bush didnt tell us to brainstorm more effective foreign policy, or invest in alternative energy, he told us to go out to the malls and shop.

Comment not as promising as id imagined. (Score 1) 157

When I first heard Surface as a Service, I envisioned a system where I could blow a whistle and from around a corner a sweat-drenched, breathless, and slightly bloated Steve Ballmer would bolt, full-tilt toward my being with a mighty "woooooooo!" and a surface in each greasy paw and a Microsoft phone the size of a prison lunch tray strapped to his hip.

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