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Comment user rights turned into the 'manifesto' (Score 1) 110

conveniently the users bill of rights morphed into this corporate-jargon manifesto. its all vague enough that enforcement is almost impossible, but there are some points of hilarity to debate

Individualsâ(TM) security and privacy on the Internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional.

then give us back cookie control, let us completely disable tiles, and work for a real and meaningful way to thwart intrusive advertising and user tracking.

Individuals must have the ability to shape the Internet and their own experiences on it.

okay. my experience is emphatically not social. Get rid of the video/voice chat feature. sync is pointless to me, so make it an optional add-on. microsummaries are a waste of cpu cycles. the star button is pointless.

Transparent community-based processes promote participation, accountability and trust.

then start fixing the bugs. no more of this closed/cantfix or closed/wontfix shit. take the time to explain to users why Firefox is a RAM hog, why performance is miserable, and why stability suffers.

Comment translation (Score 1) 157

We think about mobility broadly. In other words, we think about the mobility of the human being across all of the devices, not just the mobility of a single device.

translation: we have been hammering this market for 7 years, and despite being as big a failure as the Zune we continue to furiously pump money into a project that showed up four years too late, and has no demand. market share for this electric turd is now less than one percent, but rest assured we're still committed to giving customers the same microsoft razzle dazzle every least...until the X-Box life support revenue runs out and we quietly shovel this electronic embodiment that can be called redmonds shame into a cold cold grave.

Comment old meme is old. (Score 1) 113

Slashdot: THE PC IS DEAD. in its wake we find tablets, fablets, e-readers and cellphones have entirely supplanted what was once a monolithic waste of time of no value at all.

Also Slashdot: THE PC MARKET, which was once dismissed as entirely extinct, is now on suicide watch/life support recovery as we've learned people sometimes use the device to accomplish work outside of twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook, and snapchat. at this time, a single computer has been sold.

Comment clarifying this garbage article (Score 0) 93

Since 1957, Russia has launched over 3,000 rockets -- roughly twice as many as the U.S.

not all were commercial, the majority were transport ICBMs for nuclear payload. the ones youre concerned with are called Proton rockets. 98 have ever been launched, 10 have failed. an 89% success rate isnt the best, but its cheaper than Falcon 9 and has seen 12 times as much service.

But with the Russian economy in crisis

you cant have it both ways. either russia is evil and must have sanctions imposed upon it by your nation, or russia is a trusted partner in your space program. make up your mind.

The U.S. space agency, NASA, received a budget of $19.3 billion in 2016 alone.

not sure why you mentioned it in the article at all. its still less than the russian budget by 2 billion.

Comment pump the brakes, CNN (Score 4, Insightful) 62

...reaching millennial viewers with the street cred of Neistat's reporting and commentary

Then you should have gone for someone like PewDiePie, Arin Hanson or Markiplier; youtube celebs with some actual pull amongst millennials. Neistat is popular with only one segment of the popularion: elitist pricks seeking to live vicariously through one of New Yorks globetrotting clickbait-pandering monied elite.

Caseys problems, ipod batteries that dont last long enough and wacky shit that happens on a chartered Gulfstream jet, arent relateable to any millenial stuck with 50k in college debt and a 20 year old car that doesnt start in cold weather. his "reporting and commentary" so far has been 2 videos whining about trumps election and a ringing endorsement of Hillary with no real reason or defence of the position. He once made a video solely about him buying a $21,000 airline ticket. not something a Millenial easily identifies with.

but sure, CNN, if segmenting the american populus into democrat and republican, conservative and liberal, elite and blue collar is the goal here then selecting a project from Caseys "poor mans vine" is a good start.. From here youre free to repeat the same mistakes that led you to vaingloriously confirm Hillaries ascension before the numbers ever came in.

Comment literally why? (Score 2) 403

Why would I ever do this? windows 10 costs $100. once im done with my code, ostensibly youd like me to run this on windows server? that starts at $600. what if my code needs to run, as it does, on 400 servers in a cloud somewhere? are you really suggesting i spend a quarter of a million dollars on just my project at a startup company?

Fire up a Windows 10 Insiders' build instance and run your code, run your tools, host your website on Apache, access your MySQL database from your Java code

or i run these tools on Linux, which has a 20+ year track record of running this software, and not some OS that conveniently added support once they realized the future of cloud computing was entirely based around avoiding their historic and well documented efforts to intentionally fuck up everything they touch.

Comment likely over-reaction. (Score 5, Insightful) 141

disclosure: i worked as a contractor for LA Metro.

its arrival-time screens just displayed the message "You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted"

not a hard feat to pull off. the data thats shown on these screens is either dynamically generated by track signal data thats processed through SCADA and into a windows system, or you can issue an override screen for construction/etc...removing this screen should not be hard.

and all the rides were free

there is no magic button to make all rides free centrally. This was likely done by Muni as a last ditch effort because their card transaction databases were offline or the system that handles accounting for this database was offline due to the hack. Muni simply put their turnstiles into bypass mode and sent their fare enforcement officers home for the day. it means when they run their fare-jump report for the month, theyll have to adjust for the days they had open fare points.

"The transit agency has no idea who is behind it, or what the hackers are demanding in return,"

nothing. chances are great they didnt expect to get this far. its possible the warning on muni transit screens is a side-effect of a wallpaper or start screen that machines are now forced into depending on what model of annunciation system they purchased. if thats the case, reimaging the screens will take 2-3 hours and can all be done centrally. as for the accounting database for oyster/muni cards, thats an easy restore from backup or calling transactions back from their VAN provider (value added networks, generally operated by IBM or Cisco.)

as for people worrying about getting paid, this happens a lot. ive once shut down live map systems on a handful of busses to upgrade the video drivers, and by the end of the day there was a rumor spreading that the payroll department was hacked. Drivers/operators are not brilliant minds.

Comment an unpopular opinion. (Score 4, Insightful) 278

this isnt going to be a very popular opinion here, but the reason for the historic thaw is surprising. Typically the united states is content to hold trade embargos indefinitely against any nation that so much as thinks of challenging unfettered capitalism. The reason for this thaw is similar to the reason for the Iranian thaw. The US is losing geopolitical capital at an unprecedented rate early in the 21st century.

central and south american leaders are no longer subscribing to the teachings or guidance of american politicians. instead theyre renationalizing their resources and divesting from markets typically dominated by american presence. Cuba was a last ditch effort by the state department to keep a foothold in trade agreements that are rapidly moving away from the dollar as their standard. Prior to this we had tried calling in our debts from socialist democracies, demonizing their policy in our media, and withholding world bank investment only to find these countries far more resilient and fungible than they were 35 years ago when we could routinely replace their leaders with a coup.

Comment not sure if i should be surprised (Score 1) 158

when ever major news outlet is run as a corporation with a mandate to generate 15% revenue increase per year its a wonder any real reporting occurs at all. Youll also be shocked to know that sometimes news about disease and illness is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies in the form of interrelated advertisements for analgesics and prescription drugs.

Comment the problem is in the market. (Score 3, Insightful) 88

You dont spend 45 years teaching people to mindlessly consume technology and then suddenly expect them to become software engineers. These are the same multinational corporations that have fought hard against hacker culture with everything from the 'dont copy that floppy' campaign to DMCA takedowns and international raids against "suspected hackers." These are the same people that led a witch hunt against Aaron Schwartz for his 'hour of code.' The same corporations that insist their source is sacrosanct, their licenses indelible, and their "intellectual property" unquestionable. many would argue they are the least qualified, if at all capable, of ensuring a future america can write so much as a hello world.

Minecraft is slowly rearing its head as one of microsofts worst decisions. Yes it had a lot of users, but not a lot of new users. sure, you can create logic engines in it, but the average 11 year old on minecraft isnt doing that. Notch walked away with the bulk of minecrafts real profit, leaving microsoft to shepherd servers and find new ways to milk a cow he gave up on years ago after the food mechanic. the MS deal alienated a lot of hackers/coders who enjoyed writing mods for the platform and saw it as just another thing gobbled up by redmond to be slowly bled dry through incompetent mismanagement.

Comment can we please stop this 'fake news' bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 272

memes, clickbait, and outright BS on the internet has been a thing since the first ARPANet users started advertising the Rockwell Turbo Encabulator as an engineering joke. this isnt some new and uncontrollable menace thats only now become some insurmountable boundary to a free and open election in the United States.

The flood of "fake news" this election season got support from a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign that created and spread misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton

Yes, regular campaigns from 4chans /pol board aimed at 'meme magic' 'meme war' and other pepe based shilling against the candidate existed but /pol has been a lightning rod for this sort of MAD Magazine kind of crap for a while. 4chan and 9gag memes make their way into social media very readily, with or without state actors..

Please stop beating the Russian horse. Occam's Razor argues that either there is a deeply clandestine and inexplicably state backed multi-million dollar effort from Russia to sway american elections for an equally inexplicable reason, or, just maybe, hillary clinton was a turd of a candidate that rigged her own primary, had no tenable domestic or foreign policy outside the Harlem Shake, and spoke divisively against blue collar americans, and rarely if ever campaigned in their states on issues they cared about.

Comment its a healthy step to an alternative. (Score 3, Interesting) 134

I know several friends plagued with the latest macbook and looking for an alternative, but dont want to sacrifice the reliability of the OS. BSD is an excellent choice, and Darwin helps to inform the more inquisitive mac user that there are alternatives if you can tolerate reimaging the machine, or buying different and sometimes less sexy hardware.

Comment a breakdown of how this works during our elections (Score 1) 286

1. $candidate loses. outrage ensues. this year outrage gets a +20 to property damage.
2. the electoral college is briefly and vigorously crucified as a source of corruption the likes of which not seen since the Crucifixion of Christ our lord.
3. $object is seriously flawed. during Bush, it was hanging chads. Now for Clinton, its "fake news." if only that cursed fake news hasnt existed then maybe we could have a good president.

paper ballots wont help us get past our weird and albeit rather skewed approach to counting votes in general. We need an open source solution to do this, and it needs to be independently monitored by a foreign coalition. 600 million votes cannot be hand counted.

now on to the ancillary matter I hope slashdotters will forgive me for being offtopic about. Hillary was a turd of a candidate who lambasted americans as deplorables and avoided campaigning in places like wisconsin. She was implicated in numerous scandals. She had a hard time identifying with regular americans like auto mechanics, welders, truck drivers and others. If Democrats had run Sanders, he would likely have won. He had a practical message that spanned conservatives and liberals for the most part, and was willing to tackle several of the populist issues Trump had championed. The key being, Sanders never alienated an entire segment of the US population just because they didnt wear Dior and drive a Tesla.

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