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Comment as a layperson, im a little confused. (Score 4, Interesting) 558

disclaimer: im just a machinist who likes linux.

we had something similar to this in the late 90s when kickpress workers and fabricators were starting to get replaced by multi-axis milling machines and fluidform/laser. almost overnight we had a crisis where we needed more people who could do CAD/CAM, because while im sure managers saved a bunch of money handing out pink slips to the line workers they were losing a hell of a lot of money on trying to find a good desk jockey who didnt crash tools and wreck parts every hour. Management offered hundred dollar bonuses if we could convince someone to join the team and this worked for a while until someone started complaining about diversity and asking why we didnt have it.

we didnt have black or latino CNC or SPC guys because most of them never saw a promotion. Its not racism --nobody was yelling bigoted obscenities-- but the managers in charge of lining up bonuses and promotions came from an ancient era where brown people were still some subset fraction of an actual person. the ones that got promoted didnt see much of a raise either, at least at the North Carolina shops i worked at. When the diversity hammer started to swing too close to the portly boss-types, they made excuses until retirement. Either they promoted a hard work ethic, or they were trying to drive cost.

and women? we had women but they were all in the office stamping paychecks and handling HR claims, or in shipping. we had welders, good female welders, but management fired them once we started shipping the parts to missouri, then mexico for final weld. The management came down hard on us for creating hostile work environments, and sure in some cases that was true. The worst shop i was in had 3 sexual harassment meetings in a year. But to tell the truth, it was probably the pay or the fact that if you left for maternity, you usually lost your job. I worked at a place that ran an entire diversity job fair for a year before realizing the factory area we worked in never had a womens locker room, so incompetence can certainly be attributed..

but programming? what barriers exist? i mean christ its every day im online seeing courses or classes, or getting some handout from a government agency that encourages me to take a spreadsheet class or something. programming is an office job; is an office a hostile workplace?? why is it so hard to just give someone the damn job so long as they have enough sense not to chooch up the work? why is there a percentage to achieve?

Comment migration paths per distribution (Score 5, Funny) 76

4.8 is a large step, however ive compiled a list of migrations for major distributions
Ubuntu: apt-get install...wait...apt-cache update && apt-....isnt there a widget? ignore the update its probably already happened or systemd already did it...
fedora: in the dark ages, 40 minutes ago to be precise, this old kernel called 4.8 was often said to be the next version. youre currently on Fedora 23, so in the next 11 minutes once youve upgraded to fedora 29 you'll be patched for the upcoming vulnerability in kernel 6.0.
Slack: 2.4 booted just fine this morning and the coffee is already done so no time for compiling some new fangled bullshit from the "hyperlink" transport protocol. lets load up some gopher and call the cops, those kids are getting a little too overambitious with the pokemon GO at the park down the street.
Gentoo:...hey did you see arch wrote a really good doc on upgrading?
Arch: finish the doc for gentoo guys theyre almost done compiling userland.
BSD: load up nethack, queue something up on MPD and lets wait for this whole cow fiasco in Linux land to blow over.

Comment overreaction abounds. (Score 4, Funny) 109

Among the more serious exploits ive encountered, i must protest that "dirty cow" is not a sufficiently spooky enough name for this one. We all know Halloween approaches, so why not call it haunted cow? or zombie cow?

in addition, this exploit is far less severe than the shoulder surfing exploit of 2005 which resulted in direct root privilege access and a broken friendship, Margaret, that led me to conclude I could no longer trust you to use either the mini fridge or my Sriracha sauce anymore because friends dont just log in to anyones workstation Margaret, i trusted you and you deceived me.

Comment thew most important detail left out. (Score 4, Funny) 79

Here in the UK we've taken into account internet for those unfortunate souls who may have had such access terminated in their home or residence unexpectedly. If you've recently experienced this issue, say, at the hands of an embassy or rather during, say, a political asylum against a rather simple investigation that is in no way a witch hunt with the potential to result in extradition to an island torture camp, the UK government has a solution.

simply leave the embassy, and walk directly toward the van marked "Internet." We're also offering free stainless steel bracelets to the first customers.

Comment easily made up in peripherals. (Score 2, Interesting) 523

Speaking as an admin, the number of mac users that request elegant peripherals is not trivial. Magic mouse? if one guy on the floor got one, youre dropping $80 a piece to make sure all your mac users get one. wireless headphones? sure hes the only guy in the office with Beats by Dre but pad your budget because everyone will want them at $300. add up all the magic trackpads magic keyboards and magic fuzzy accessories the average user wants and it starts to rival what you paid to buy and image a Dell. and if things ever get too hairy for a dell, your restore process is entirely automated in windows or linux. restoring a mac is nothing short of corporate witchcraft.

and remember, your fanboi doesnt want a used magic tracpad...he wants a new one.

Comment nothing new with DMCA (Score 2) 218

using copyright as a friendly kudgel to silence "creative" speech online is a time honored tradition embraced by some of the largest multinational media companies in the world (AKA your friends.) But remember, its only successful when youtube posters remember to cower in fear, recoil in shame, and sink into remorseful consumption of approved content and products offered through their favourite online vendors and endorsed by their favourite super celebrities and brand icons!

Never use the tools provided by Youtube to challenge your DMCA takedown, and whatever you do, try to ignore the crushing blowback of the Streisand effect that inevitably comes surging through online media outlets --seemingly unstoppable in its pervasiveness-- in response to friendly DMCA takedown notification. Surely a nasty review or, heaven forbid, inventive online gaming content, wouldnt be instantaneously copied, shared, and disseminated endlessly online as a response to whats widely perceived as an "abusive cabal" of "predatory media conglomerates"

Comment sure, but other researchers? not so glorious (Score 1) 83

When stanford does it theyre being progressive and advanced, with newspapers calling them "brilliant" but when i do it im being "unprofessional" and "dangerously irresponsible" with nothing more than a bystander or two remarking that ive "flooded the bathroom" with a "wad of paper towels in the sink." Some appreciation for showing you the ocean of the future on the fourth floor near the copier.

Comment thanks for nothing (Score 1, Interesting) 25

PC Magazine, PC World, Macworld, and Macworld Expo.

thanks for 40 years of shilling some of the most unaccountable garbage in computing history, and for spearheading a magazine that had a well established policy of avoiding even remotely damning criticism of advertisers or industry leaders. thanks for not only refusing to challenge, but actively pushing the insufferable fanboy culture that apple subsists on while conveniently ignoring stories of labor abuse and exploit denial at Apple.

Yours was truly the mcdonalds of tech literature shovelled onto the desk of the CIO and into the gaping maw of the road warriors carry-on luggage. so many shops are indelibly littered with your fly-by-night huckster hardware and bloatware its a miracle modern computing hasnt come to some shuttering halt in the wake of a publication that did everything in its power to keep the playing field "windows or mac."

Comment other options in the emails (Score 4, Funny) 171

1. former stockbroker, investment advisor, and financier Bernie Madoff
2. owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Charles Montgomery Burns
3. elderly Scottish anthropomorphic Pekin Scrooge McDuck
4. A large slightly moist burlap sack of cash marked "campaign finance reform or whatever"

Comment its difficult to dispute the position of Apple. (Score 4, Insightful) 284

There are more than four-thousand banking corporations in the Uniited States alone.
1. Does the aggregate of Australias banking industry authentically believe each corporation should be permitted their own programmatic implementation of contactless banking?
2. who or what will be liable for breeches in security? as of this foul year of our lord 2016 banks are often furiously reticent in disclosing security breeches let alone taking responsibility for them.
3. what if any qualifications does a banking institution have that define it as a cogent source for software? Apple has been developing quality hardware and software for a generation now.

Comment the real reasons for this (Score 5, Interesting) 403

1. no real work week. a plurality of americans work in the service sector, which is far different than an office job. theyre intentionally scheduled to work 39 hours, or some subset below 40, to avoid insurance from their employer which is mandated by law. This has become less of an issue lately due to the affordable care act, however it doesnt excuse the fact that most service sector does not have a set schedule.
2. no schedules. service sector and manufacturing often have mandatory overtime requirements. You cant be fired, by law, for refusing overtime however in almost all states you can simply fire the worker for no reason at all. Hence, it pays to work overtimes to stay in the good grace of the employer. finally
3. low wages. if youre only working for ten dollars an hour at 20 hours a week, youre working 2-3 jobs to maintain an apartment and a car (a car is generally required in america.) if you have kids or a family, or are a single parent, the burden requires you to pick up far more than 40 hours of work at a low pay grade. this isnt likely to change as the united states has the unique approach of using children as punishment for sex. contraception, abortion, and even simple reproductive education in the United states are inconsistent and wraught with urban legends, religious overtones, and outright pseudoscience.
4. predatory culture of consumption. everything here is offered on credit, with unlimited financing and relatively lax regulation (especially in subprime markets) of terms. In the US its not uncommon for a security guard making $13 an hour to drive a Lexus or Acura luxury sedan, because the terms and conditions of her credit never take into account the fact that a $48,000 touring sedan isnt in their budget. US check caching companies can charge more than 50% interest with impunity, and many do. The average US citizen carries more than ten thousand dollars in debt at any given time.

Comment clarification (Score 5, Insightful) 208

Americans can be forgiven for being remiss about this, as this was nuclear and defense research in arctic climates related to the US ability to ward off an impending attack over alaska. We learned we could indeed install nuclear reactors and war bases in the tundra, however we unfortunately learned that cooling these reactors and ensuring they stayed in one place was a completely untenable matter.

the most damning part of this research was that it took place without Greenlands consent. these were secret bases established on remote areas of Greenland that existed for only three to six months before disappearing entirely. The cleanup is nontrivial amounts of chemical and nuclear material. As an american i feel we have a duty to clean this up, but as an american I also understand there isnt much impetus to get us to do anything responsible after the fact.

Comment in other words (Score 1) 221

the New York Times --your officially sanctioned regime mouthpiece-- has instructed you to discontinue your intolerable dissent against drone regulation and registration now that $CURRENT_TERROR_TARGET has begun using $CURRENT_FUN_THING to attack (freedom || liberty || children || values)

so remember, terrorism is everywhere and given that you are of course incapable of accepting even a modicum of inconvenience or risk, the state must take its rightful place as the teat from which we all collectively suckle our valium.

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