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Comment big caveat not mentioned (Score 4, Interesting) 203

The board itself, which starts at $117

and theres the non-starter. Intel has forgotten the purpose of the Raspberry pi isnt to outperform anything, its to provide affordable low power computing available for a wide array of applications. And FWIW if youre really that squeamish about linux, the Raspberry pi will run Windows 10 (albeit probably not much else after that.)

Comment how is this still relevant? (Score 2) 382

It's unclear what, exactly, the committee will be able to learn from the information Reddit preserves

or why it would be applicable to a closed criminal investigation that resulted in no indictment and no charges. at this point its just a political fishing expedition to slander the character of a presidential candidate thats already generally reviled by Americans yet unaccountably still able to secure her parties candidate nomination.

maybe if republicans had spent the time it took to conduct four hearings into benghazi more prudently by...say...building a functional candidate and forming meaningful foreign and domestic policy that address genuine issues in the upcoming decade, we wouldnt be stuck voting for a criminal in a twelve thousand dollar potato sack that lectures ad nauseum on the middle class.

Comment technical translation of the description (Score 5, Funny) 120

Today, September 21, is a foul pox upon mankind in this foul year of our lord 2016 for Linux users, especially those who love seizure-inducing lensflares and widgets lifted straight from the rough draft of Minority Report, as the next iteration of a cautionary tale in software development is now officially available. Yes, that's right, we're talking about GNOME 3.22, dubbed Karlsruhe after the German demon that feasts on the remains of the QC team whom it slaughtered, which took place last month between August 12-14, 2016. Prominent features of the GNOME 3.22 desktop environment include batch rename functionality in the hands of those least qualified, and support for integration of compressed files built directly into a system that will grind to a halt upon their encounter, a new Week View, support for alarms other than segmentation faults, and the ability to drag and drop both your once unbroken pride and self respect to the GNOME Calendar, as well as an updated GNOME Music app that supports handling of music libraries with thousands of tracks until it inexplicably cant, or wont. There are lots of improvements for the GNOME Games app as well, as it now offers support for numerous retro gaming consoles whether you wanted them or not. Among other improvements, we can mention Flatpak integration for chinstrap hipster code camp junkies vaping salvia, photo sharing that youve been doing in the browser for 5 years now, revamped GNOME Software app with support for firmware updates which sounds important but means nothing, infuriatingly redesigned keyboard settings and a marketing-driven reskin of the GNOME Control Center panel, and a redesigned dconf Editor we call windows registry simulator 2003 thats guaranteed to provide your own personal hell from which the only escape you once called linux now lays before you a corrupt degenerate called GNOME. A video overview of the new features of GNOME 3.22 is available on the official website titled "where is your god now."

Comment out of ideas, and out of touch. (Score 1) 136

1. $1000 phones havent been fashionable in almost a decade, with most users preferring more versatile and affordable Android based devices. the killing stroke? wireless earbuds guaranteed to be swallowed by the nearest toddler.

2. Apple laptops were once flagships of technological innovation. now most laptops sport outmoded processors and ram with only slick video to gin up the fanboys. the killing stroke? function keys are now a touch screen.

3. the Tesla will easily beat them to the market for a high performance luxury supercar with "ludicrous" speed showing up as an upgrade. nissan, bmw, and toyota already have award winning design and functionality thats not only ChaDeMO compatible but affordable for anyone whos lunch didnt happen on a yacht. Google, Uber, Lyft, and a host of other companies have already spent more time and money developing and testing the self driving car. If apple seriously thinks that somehow buying a supercar company with no experience in fully electric vehicles is somehow going to help them its difficult to see how. It would have been smarter for them to just buy an existing company, but im sure Tesla flat-out refused.

Comment a little too late (Score 1) 156

Oracle has unveiled its second generation of cloud infrastructure

Cloud isnt something for which there exists a second generation market (only old fashioned servers and hardware have generations, the cloud is eternal so they say.) in other words, you dont get a chance to upstage your competitor after the opening bell rings. You can undercut them in terms of price but Ceph and about a dozen other cloud providers are already very well known and accepted by the community.

truth be told no ones heard of the oracle "first generation" cloud if there was such a thing. Most people are however very familiar with the acronym ORACLE: One Rich Asshole Called Larry Ellison. Youve branded yourself too expensive to sustainably do business with...heck, Oracle licensing is part of the reason things like REDIS, haproxy, maria and percona exist. You drove the exodus, so there is nothing for you to embrace.

Comment clearly they havent heard (Score 5, Insightful) 81

customers can quickly configure their domain to point to the web service of their choice with push button simplicity

which is already available in plesk, openstack, and godaddys own panel. why do we need to reinvent this shit every year?

"GoDaddy is seeking to take all the friction out of the process,"

what friction? the DNS RFC has been around since 1987, its not some arcane rune stone of indecipherable glyphs. hell, you managed to get it to work in your panel.

GoDaddy's implementation of the API their senior VP of Domains Engineering "said that the program will not be open to public developers and that any service providers wanting access will have to be approved by his team at GoDaddy."

aaaaaand go fuck yourself for trying to make the internet proprietary. you might have swinging dicks backing this idea, but you can expect a shit-storm of legitimate registrars like Dreamhost and register4less to completely ignore this DNS fever-dream you have. Im sure youll support it for 4 years as an option, then quietly shuffle it under the rug of shit that didnt work out like that cloud storage you based entirely off net-app called Nebula.

Comment wrong buzz word slashdot (Score 3, Informative) 232

A hater is a person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. I as well as many other slashdotters have legitimate substantiated grievances with the business practices and technical decisions made by Microsoft. Quit trying to marginalize dissent in the ranks of your advertising audience.

Comment we are not lost god damnit. (Score 1) 213

I know exactly where we are alright? The Phanerozoic Eon was just the first agnathan fishes, then after we did that I made a left turn near the Earliest salamanders, newts, cryptoclidids, elasmosaurid plesiosaurs, and cladotherian mammals...I stopped once to ask homo habilis for directions and the key to the bathroom but ill be damned if we stop again for homo sapiens to turn us back around another direction when weve got the muon detectors telling us the universe is infinitely expanding. Anatomically modern man my ass, that thing worships the higgs boson and launches garbage into its planetary orbit.

Comment its been tried before in socal. (Score 1) 157

Socal edison tried this 10 years ago by extending their peak-usage pricing from corporate to residential customers only to find it was effective to the point of creating a profit loss. scheduled blackouts and rolling brownouts are a thing of the past largely due to advances in LED home lighting and a switch from desktops to laptops and eventually tablets. SCE dropped the tiered pricing plan in 2012 --even for corporate customers-- but revived it in 2016 as a boogeyman to scare regulators into remission after their blatant obstructionism and utter failure to contain the porter ranch gas leak. it took nearly a year for them to even acknowledge it was a growing concern.

regulators didnt buy it and the whole thing was revealed in the LA Times as a transparent attempt to muscle the state into letting it open porter ranch wells again despite having made little effort at cleanup or repair. By partnering with Nest and alphabet, it seems like edison is trying the carrot approach to getting the state to look favourably on their business again.

Comment because it doesnt teach whats really useful. (Score 1) 323

simulated electronic dolls only teach children the approximate modes and methods of caretaking an infant. drop sensors detect potentially lethal impacts that are factored into scorecards, and rand() algorithms activate and deactivate pre-recorded audio through a speaker to simulate crying.

Children dont learn the complex consequences and repercussions of what it means to have a child our of wedlock or unplanned, For example, markedly lower income and education. They do not correlate the robot child in their arms with statistical increases in drug abuse and crime. Children are in many municipalities instead taught to avoid pregnancy but arent given viable options to do so such as condoms birth control or emergency abortifactants despite their safety for use in ages as young as 12. the doll program in the United States served no purpose than to drive sales of D cell batteries for all intents and purposes.

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