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Comment Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot. (Score 1) 417

If the problem is sensationalism in the media, then why did they write this article? I can 3D print a mechanical replacement for my hand, I can build an autonomous drone for under a grand, and when I walk into my apartment my lights come on automatically and some nice music starts.

If we haven't invented anything in a while I would have been doing all that stuff ten years ago.

Comment Just more problems to solve. (Score 1) 610

What is wrong isn't putting touch on a desktop, it's putting touch on a desktop and then configuring it as if it were meant to be controlled by keyboard and mouse. If you want a touch PC, you need to put the screen flat on the desk, tilted up towards you. THAT is the future of touch computing. Making you gigantic monitor touch enabled is technology for technology sake, without enough thought put into how it should be used.

Future touch computers should look like a block of cheese on its side.

Comment Internet is king (Score 1) 469

Google is a tool that 50 years ago nations would have gone to war to have access to. And it's freely available to every human on the planet. Google/the internet in general is the thing mankind has created with the most potential to bring peace to the world. We can address the side-effects as we go.

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