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Submission + - Why are we still using A2DP? 2

nightfire-unique writes: "I recently bought a "7.1" channel wireless gaming headset, and it's spectacular. It got me thinking.

Why is it that we're still using (for the most part) Bluetooth 2.x + A2DP for mobile wireless headphones? Anyone who has used them will be familiar with the problems: high latency (causing audio sync problems, particularly with games), excessive audio compression, long connection times, insufficient radio power (causing frequent drop-outs and subsequent pitch bending), a limit of two channels, etc.

Virtually everyone I know with a smartphone uses headphones to listen to media content. Isn't it time to add a dedicated wireless media chip to our mobile devices? Something capable of higher power output, low-latency uncompressed multichannel audio, and instant connection? A datagram service with forward error correction could virtually eliminate transient signal loss.

While such a device could draw more power than A2DP (in high-bandwidth mode), even this could be mitigated by presenting the user with and option to reduce bandwidth/channels/quality.

So my question is, why hasn't this been invented and deployed yet? Are vendors waiting on Bluetooth 3.x? Anyone here in the industry — is something in the pipeline?"

Submission + - Should GPL update prohibit locking users out of th 7

nightfire-unique writes: "With the DMCA exemptions for mobile device rooting nearing expiry, Americans face a very real danger: losing legal access to root on their own devices. Almost certainly, someone will intervene to prevent this from happening, but is this good enough? Perhaps it's time to fight back and turn the battle in the favor of developers, innovators and tinkerers, by adding a new clause to the next GPL: manufacturers intentionally restricting customer access to "root" on any devices they ship lose the privilege of redistribution. For where would Linux be today, if early PCs had these limitations? Thoughts, fellow /.'ers?"

Submission + - So, any /.'ers use the Nokia n900?

nightfire-unique writes: Not news to most who are following it, the n900 runs a Debian-derived truly open source OS, with X11. Sounds too good to be true. I've been on the fence for a few months, wondering if this could be the ultimate phone for me, a *nix admin. But at over $600USD, it's not cheap.

Having been burned by the Zaurus C7x0 in the past (unstable, and essentially abandoned by the time I got mine), I'm wary of dropping this kind of money. And of course there's Android, which would undoubtedly have better commercial app support.

I've read all the previews and reviews I can find, but none have been done from a typical /.'ers perspective. So, anyone here tried one out? Can you SSH into it using its public IP? Will it wake-on-IP? Is it stable? How is the keyboard for the typical bash user? Does OpenOffice run, and if so, is it actually usable? How long does it take to compile the kernel on-device?

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