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Submission + - Flu shot doing poor job of protecting older people (

Gunilla writes: "It turns out this year's flu shot is doing a startlingly dismal job of protecting older people, the most vulnerable age group.

The vaccine is proving only 9 percent effective in those 65 and older against the harsh strain of the flu that is predominant this season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

Health officials are baffled as to why this is so. But the findings help explain why so many older people have been hospitalized with the flu this year.

Despite the findings, the CDC stood by its recommendation that everyone over 6 months get flu shots, the elderly included, because some protection is better than none, and because those who are vaccinated and still get sick may suffer less severe symptoms...Read more:"

Submission + - Drinking Coffee in Middle Age Promotes Longevity

An anonymous reader writes: If you can never decide whether you want coffee or tea in the morning, these new findings will make the decision easier. Scientists have recently discovered that drinking coffee can add years to a person's life. The study, which involved nearly half a million older Americans, revealed that the risk of death decreased the more cups of coffee participants consumed.

Comment progesterone and traumatic brain injuries (Score 1) 105

one of the neatest recent developments in treating traumatic brain injuries is the finding that the human hormone progesterone dramatically improves the survival chances and outcomes of humans who sustain a traumatic brain injury. As someone who doesn't remember a 2-week period following a concussion/near drowning at the lake some 13 years ago, I wonder what my experience would have been like had my doctors known about this use for Progesterone USP.

Progesterone is the body's most important steroid hormone, because the body transforms it into the other steroids (cortisol, aldosterone, testosterone, estrogen) through the process of steroidogenesis. Birth control uses fake progesterone to help shut down women's hormonal cycling (and ovulation), which always results in progesterone deficiency (the chemicals in birth control do NOT fit into the steroid cycle).

Comment Re:where there's smoke, there's fire (Score 1) 29

I thought that the article should have an on-topic comment, so that interested people could have some points to look up if they were so inclined. I prefaced my comment with the bit about 'vitalism haters' to acknowledge that most slashdot users won't be interested.

..., but when my opinions veer away from the provable...

People tend to be wedded to their belief systems, thus it is very challenging to 'prove' anything to their satisfaction.

Comment Re:where there's smoke, there's fire (Score 1) 29

Someone like yourself once asked Mr. Cayce how he could prove he was real. Cayce responded that it wasn't his job to prove anything, and asked the questioner how he could convince himself.

Similarly, I have NO need to "show[] a statistically significant event" to you - you'd just find a reason to explain it away. I simply offer my experience in the hopes that maybe someone will find it useful.

Comment where there's smoke, there's fire (Score 0, Offtopic) 29

I'm a little cautious to be posting this, because strict materialism is strong with users here, and vitalism-haters always pop up to spout their beliefs. I was once a materialist too, but then the medical establishment left me out in the cold.

Materialism was seemingly supported by science. But in the past few decades non-dogmatic scientists have made great progress in giving names to phenomenon which existed before anyone knew how to describe them, or had tools to measure them. A few examples:

Action potential: In physiology, an action potential is a short-lasting event in which the electrical membrane potential of a cell rapidly rises and falls, A nerve conduction study (NCS) is a test commonly used to evaluate the function, especially the ability of electrical conduction, of the motor and sensory nerves of the human body. The Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz flux equation (or GHK flux equation) describes the ionic flux carried by an ionic species across a cell membrane as a function of the transmembrane potential and the concentrations of the ion inside and outside of the cell. Since both the voltage and the concentration gradients influence the movement of ions, this process is a simplified version of electrodiffusion. Electrodiffusion is most accurately defined by the Nernst-Planck equation and the GHK flux equation is a solution to the Nernst-Planck equation with the assumptions listed below.

My journey back to health started with nearly losing it completely. I knocked myself out and nearly drowned at the lake when I was 17 years old. While the emergency medicine was great - I didn't need a hole drilled to relieve pressure from intra-cranial bleeding, but it was nice of the doctors at the hospital to watch my condition long enough to make sure. I have Retrograde amnesia starting an hour or two before I sustained the injury, and Anterograde amnesia for the next two weeks (first 10 days were at the hospital). My memory started to recover at about the 2-week mark, and had mostly recovered by 6 months.

The neurologist who'd followed my case at the hospital sent me for neuro-psychological evaluation, and said I'd probably get better without interventions. Indeed, the double vision had mostly resolved after 4 or 5 months. But my everyday experience wasn't like before. I got headaches from running, wearing birkenstocks, and certain foods, so I stopped running and wearing birkenstocks, and paid close attention to what I eat.

When I started at college, things went rapidly downhill. It was an entirely miserable 3.5 year experience, and after I graduated with my CS degree I spent the next several years trying to figure myself out.

At one point I found a really neat email list. The owner of said list said that "if you have a health condition, the best place to start is with what Edgar Cayce said about it." He also said that the best current source of information about the body's subtle energies is Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine (actually written by husband David Feinstein, based on interviews with Donna). Edgar Cayce was known as "the sleeping prophet" because he had no conscious memory of the health readings he gave. They followed up on the recipients of the readings, and people who implemented the suggestions usually got the benefits they were told to expect.

My reason for sharing all this now, in this slashdot story about an Electrotherapy Museum, is that Edgar Cayce sometimes recommended electro-therapeutic devices. These included the violet ray (which is mentioned at the electrotherapymuseum's website), a weak battery called the "wet cell", and a subtle battery now known as the Radial-Appliance.

The Radial Appliance was said to help balance the body's "subtle electric charge", to help improve a person's ability to relax. I had trouble sleeping, and decided that I needed a Cayce Radial Appliance... But all I could find was the device made by the Cayce Association's "Official Supplier", and there was also a website detailing the difference between the Baar Radiac and the Radial Appliance described by Edgar Cayce (the original website was taken offline when Baar threatened to sue his dissatisfied customer for trademark infringement).

So I decided to build my own. I had trouble falling asleep from childhood until I started using my device regularly. It's a rather niche product, but the people who buy my version tend to love them.

I don't have any Radial Appliances left to sell right now because I've been concentrating on a new project related to natural approaches to health. The Birth Control situation is rather tragic. Over the course of the 20th century various scientists described the hormone system, and figured out how to use human-identical hormone supplements to help women balance their hormones. Safe bioidentical hormones are not profitable for the pharmaceutical industry, so they sell women various xeno-hormone-based drugs instead. This is why birth control is so good at helping women gain weight, for example.

Progesterone USP is non-prescription for physiologically-appropriate amounts (women make 15-20mg/day during the luteal phase of their cycle) because it was available before the 1938 Food & Drug act was passed.

And interestingly enough, researchers have recently found that giving progesterone USP injections to humans who sustain a traumatic brain injury doubles their survival chances. I wonder what my experience would have been if they'd known to give a useful form progesterone right away, way-back-when.

Since the users here are mostly men, I guess I should say that Perfect Progesterone can buffer high levels of testosterone, and might help your hair grow back. I use Amazon's fulfillment service, so if you don't like what you get just send it back.

Comment the adjuvants are a problem too (Score 1) 858

If there is a problem with vaccines, it is most likely related to the Adjuvants. These chemicals are included in the shot to irritate the body, hopefully getting it to take action against the targeted virus.

Personally, I think sewers, garbage service, and iodized salt have done much more for public health than vaccinations.

A tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine, for example, contains minute quantities of toxins produced by each of the target bacteria, but also contains some aluminium hydroxide.[4] Such aluminium salts are common adjuvants in vaccines sold in the United States and have been used in vaccines for over 70 years.

- Adjuvant (emphasis added)

There is also a full article here: Immunologic adjuvant

Mercury injected into a muscle is much more of a problem than environmental/dietary mercury exposure.

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