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Submission + - UK Local Councils Spy on Emails and Calls (

MrSteveSD writes: The Daily Mail is reporting that local councils have been using the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) to spy on peoples phone and email records. Reasons given for the surveillance include checking for evidence of people storing petrol without permission and investigating unburied animal carcasses. The surveillance was uncovered using the Freedom of Information Act. The scope of the RIPA act is staggering. It would be simpler to list who isn't allowed to access your phone and email records. Aside from political action, what can be done technologically to combat this threat? Use Skype rather than the normal telephone?

Submission + - Water leak at Slovenian nuclear power plant (

Mak writes: "A faulty valve caused a water leak at a nuclear power plant in southwestern Slovenia that raised alarms across Europe a day earlier, officials said Thursday. This is the first time that a State activates the European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange (ECURIE). In Italy and in Croatia there are no reported rises in radiation levels and the Slovenian government says that "Everything is normal." I live in Italy, at 140 km from Krsko and I have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this story."

Submission + - UK to Criminalise Virtual Child Pornography 1

Brian Ribbon writes: "The English Ministry of Justice has today announced that it will criminalise "all images of child sexual abuse, including drawings and computer-generated images". A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice justified the decision by claiming that "paedophiles could be circumventing the law by using computer technology to manipulate real photographs or videos of abuse into drawings or cartoons", however it is already illegal to do this or to possess any image derived from an indecent photograph of a child, under Section 69 of the 2008 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act. It is presently illegal to distribute any obscene publication, so the proposed new law will actually target only the possession of virtual child pornography for which no real child has ever been abused."

Submission + - UK proposes banning computer generated abuse (

peterprior writes: The UK Justice Minister is planning to outlaw computer generated images and drawings of child sex abuse. While photographs and videos of child sex abuse are already illegal, undoubtedly to protect children from being exploited by these acts, what children will be protected by this new law? If there is no actual child involved is the law merely protecting against the possibility of offenders committing future crimes against real children?

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