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Submission + - How do you manage the "knowledge" you download? 1

nicc777 writes: My problem is simple: Since the Internet early days (1994'ish) I've been downloading copies of web pages, TIFF and PDF documents, CHM and MHT files and other files that I thought would be interesting at some point in time. When I need information I first try to get the information on my local "knowledge base", but lately it's becoming a real mission and it's easier to just search for the information on the net. Now I sit with a dilemma... Do I (a) dump all my precious info and just stick with google searches for the rest of my remaining life; (b) Implement a open source solution that will index all my info and give me the same results as that of an Internet search engine (as far as possible with what is available anyway).

Personally I'm leaning to option (b) but only because I know I've got so much information available locally — some of which I know are no longer available on the Internet. But if I go with this option, what is out there that can handle all my different file types?

I really hope to get some interesting and meaningful comments from you all :-)

Submission + - South African Blogger Arested (

nicc777 writes: A South African blogger of the blog South Africa Sucks was arrested by the ANC government. The original article is in Afrikaans and translated using the Google translation service. Updates can also be read on the blog. Question is: to what length will governments go to stop bad press? Another question: is the new ANC government really that different from the old SA government (apart from Apartheid, of course)?

Submission + - Is MySQL dead? (

nicc777 writes: Looking for new features on upcoming version of MySQL and then I found this: "The MySQL 6.0 Reference Manual has been retired. MySQL 6.0 was not developed beyond Alpha status and new releases have not been made for some time, so the manual has been withdrawn as well." Should I be looking for another DB System?

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