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Submission + - Copyright jackal Righthaven sues young blogger (

newtley writes: Steve Gibson, the lawyer behind Righthaven, is continuing his attack on Brian Hill, the 20-year-old blogger who says he's mildly autistic and suffers from a rare and potentially fatal form of diabetes. He runs the non-profit USWGO Alternative News "where I write my own articles and mirror others articles with links to the source (Sometimes include pictures) to educate people that certain political agendas are going on". He re-posted a pic of a Transportation Security Administration agent groping a passenger. Righthaven owns the copyright and Gibson is demanding $6,000 to settle out of court for alleged infringement. "I am barely making it and hardly have any income since I cannot work due to my illnesses affect on my everyday life", says Brian. Righthaven's strategy "is to sue hundreds and thousands of these websites and counts on the fact that many are unfunded and will be forced to settle out of court”, says the Righthaven victims blog. "Nearly all cases are being filed in a Nevada Federal Court and must be fought in this jurisdiction” but “You are not safe from Righthaven if you are out-of-state”, it says, emphasising that Stephens Media is in “partnership with Righthaven”.

Submission + - RapidShare wins against Atari (

newtley writes: "RapidShare AG has once more won the case against Atari in a dispute regarding the scope of its auditing duties", says the company in an email to p2pnet. Used not only by alleged file sharers but also by the likes of Big 4 music gang member EMI, according to MP3tunes' Michael Robertson, the company appealed a ruling by the Dusseldorf Regional Court in March last year. Rapidshare, "one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites with millions of files stored on its servers", was accused of not taking adequate measures to "hinder the distribution of the computer game 'Alone in the Dark' via its platform". Meanwhile, "Having been named as a 'notorious' piracy site by both the RIAA and MPAA", RapidShare is fighting back", says Music Ally, noting, "In an interview, RapidShare's attorney and spokesperson Raimer "indicated that the company intends to work the Google parallel for all it's worth, saying it is no more a piracy haven than the search engine." Accordingly, "It's hired US lobbying firm Dutko, which has previously worked for Google. Its main task: to 'counter negative attacks on the company from US copyright interests'."

Submission + - Crookes, RIAA, MPAA, ICE: 'linking is publishing' ( 1

newtley writes: What do Canada's Wayne Crookes, the Big 4's RIAA, Hollywood's MPAA and brand new ICE agent Andrew Reynolds have in common? They all claim linking is the same as publishing. Crookes is using it to demand Canada's Supreme Court effectively shut down the net in Canada. With the RIAA and MPAA providing the 'initiative', the Obama government is using Andrews [read ICE — US Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to try to shut down innocent sites for, and on behalf of, Hollywood and Big Music. The sites are "accused of contributing to online piracy, and it was essential for the domain names to be seized without a trial and without giving the sites a chance to respond. Why? Such sites are destroying the US economy". Forget about legally appointed courts, proof or due process. Hollywood and Big Music rule.

Submission + - Hello Dashword, goodbye ICANN (

newtley writes: The Pirate Bay co-founder and former spokesman Peter Sunde wanted to see a peer-to-peer-based alternative to today's ICANN-controlled DNS system implemented, said Circle ID. Now he has his wish. And the proof comes via a revolutionary internet and DNS system open to the general public and not connected, reliant or answerable to ICANN. "Operating on Dashcom (not Dotcom) protocols, this new DNS is also completely free" says Dashworlds. "A transformation in the DNS structure means that DOTCOM has become DASHCOM. Simply select any two words and separate them with a dash. For example, take 'music' and 'com' to create the website 'music-com' (you no longer need 'www'). Try any combination (in any language).Also available on and

Submission + - MediaSentry, still alive and well in Australia (

newtley writes: In April, "Hey!I received the same letter from TPG for Dexter", said Sara in p2pnet . TGP is an ISP based in Perth, Australia. Sara went on "but this is the super weird thing ... it was not for my account but for an account that i pay for, for my 60-year-old-parents who 1. absolutely hate Dexter and 2. wouldn't even know what downloading is! I don't understand how these buggers got my parents IP address and then why they would be accused of something that i know has definitely not taken place." And it's all down to MediaSentry, the disgraced RIAA 'private eye' which provided 'evidence' in the Jammie Thomas-Rasset saga and was later sold for a song, only to re-surface in Oz where's harrassing innocent people on behalf of various Hollywood studios. Today "Yep got one from MediaSentry ... also with TPG", says another reader.

Submission + - Operation Payback shuts down IFPI site (

newtley writes: Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony Music’s main IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry) is down. Not coincidentally, here's an Operation Payback post on the fact The Pirate Bay crew lost their sentencing appeal: Dear IFPI, MAFIAA and other parasites, The recent verdict in the Swedish Appeal Court (ThePirateBay spectrial) provoked this statement from Operation: Payback. We emphasize our statement with a Distributed Denial-of-Service attack aimed at the IFPI's website.

Submission + - 7,000 + SoundExchange artist list: the Full Monty (

newtley writes: p2pnet has the latest 7,000 (and then some) SoundExchange artist list, together with a promise from its Laura Williams that the RIAA spinoff outfit will "do better keeping the lines of communication open". Nashville entertainment lawyer Fred Wilhelms responds to Williams — in depth and in detail. He says: 'It has come to my attention that SoundExchange has, through the adoption of a device known as the 'Manager's Amendment,' agreed to act as the collection and distribution agent for these direct license agreement. Such an arrangement appears to be in contradiction of the Copyright Act, which, as noted, limits the authority of an entity like SoundExchange to dealing with statutory licenses. So here are my questions: 1. Does the Manager's Amendment exist? 2. Why has SoundExchange failed to publicize it? 3. Under what authority does SoundExchange purport to amend the Copyright Act regarding the limitations on its power and authority?'

Submission + - Google unblurred Canadian StreetView pix (

newtley writes: Canadian cities snooped by Google StreetView now include St John’s, Sherbrooke, London, Sudbury, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Nanaimo, Victoria, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Ottawa Kitchener and Waterloo. But is Google is the Facebook of pix that can come back to haunt you? Because although Google promises to remove images on request, “Sneak View victims can ask to have their pix removed only if they know they’ve been photographed,” says p2pnet, running a series of images where faces and license plates are clearly visible for all to see.

Submission + - p2pnet wins precedent-setting onloine freedom of s (

newtley writes: Vancouver, BC, businessman Wayne Crookes tried to use Canada's antiquated defamation laws to put a freeze on the net, But his efforts have been killed. Crookes had tried to claim p2pnet defamed him by merely linking to an article. But in a ruling with implications for not only Canadians, but for everyone everywhere with a net account, the Court of Appeal for British Columbia has agreed with BC Supreme Court judge Stephen Kelleher's decision that website owners aren't responsible for defamatory content on other sites to which they've linked.

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