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The Courts

Submission + - First Amendment Ruling Protects Internet Trolls (arstechnica.com)

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "A recent ruling by the Court of Appeal of the State of California (PDF) in Krinsky v. Doe H030767 overturned a lower court ruling and ruled that the First Amendment right to anonymous speech protects internet trolls, too. Specifically, the ruling said that 'this juvenile name-calling cannot reasonably be read as stating actual facts.' And, even though some of the statements were crudely sexual and accused Ms. Krinsky of being among 'boobs, liars and crooks,' the statements were held to 'fall into the category of crude, satirical hyperbole which, while reflecting the immaturity of the speaker, constitute protected opinion under the First Amendment.'"

Submission + - How to Calculate the Distance to the Horizon (linux-party.com)

Eggun writes: "Via [LinuxParty] Spanish Translation available, I found this interesting article In WikiHow: "Have you ever watched the sun disappear into the horizon and wondered, "How far is the horizon from where I'm standing?" If you can measure how high your eyes are from sea level, you can actually calculate the distance between you and the horizon as follows.""

Submission + - Microsoft's 'HealthVault' really 'PornVault'? (vortex.com)

thatseattleguy writes: "Lauren Weinstein, the well-known commentator on technology, security, politics, and privacy, note in a recent blog entry that Microsoft's heavily-hyped HealthVault initiative — at least the search engine component — has significant quality control issues. "Completely valid queries to the HealthVault search engine — mentioning bodily parts or bodily functions — returned extremely high percentages (sometimes almost 100%) of porn keyword "sucker" pages. [...] HealthVault uses SSL crypto for searches in both directions. So finally there's a way to search for porn on the Net with better privacy! All Microsoft needs to do now is simply rebrand their service as "PornVault" — now that's a winner."

Note that this is a separate issue from previous commentary on the privacy implications of HealthVault, and the wisdom of having all your health and medical data in one centralized location, making it ever-so-easy to get at with a court order or governmental/law-enforcement request."

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