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Submission + - NASA moon rocket may shake too much (

caffiend666 writes: "According to an AP New Article: "Engineers are concerned that the new rocket meant to replace the space shuttle and send astronauts on their way to the moon could shake violently during the first few minutes of flight, possibly destroying the entire vehicle.... NASA officials hope to have a plan for fixing the design as early as March, and they do not expect it to delay the goal of returning astronauts to the moon by 2020.... The shaking problem, which is common to solid rocket boosters, involves pulses of added acceleration caused by gas vortices in the rocket similar to the wake that develops behind a fast-moving boat...." Astronauts always desribed the shuttle ride as rocky until the SRBs fall off, I was wondering what would happen when they no longer had the counter-weight of the main tank and the orbiter."

Submission + - Szulik steps down as CEO and President of Red Hat (

gdek writes: "Matthew Szulik has stepped aside as President and CEO of Red Hat, Inc., in order to spend more time with his family as they cope with a severe illness. He will remain with the company as Chairman of the Board. He presided over the ascent of the largest Free Software company on Earth. Among Red Hat associates, he will be sorely missed for his honesty, his integrity, and his commitment to building a global business without sacrificing the ideals that made Red Hat possible as a company. Godspeed, Matthew."

Feed Engadget: Wateen Telecom launches massive WiMAX network in Pakistan (

Filed under: Cellphones, Wireless

Good news for those in Pakistan hungry for another link to the 'net: Wateen Telecom has officially launched its WiMAX / HFC services for the consumer market. Reportedly, Motorola played a huge role in deploying the "first 802.16e commercial WiMAX network in Pakistan," and according to Wateen, it's the largest WiMAX network "ever installed." In case you hadn't already guessed, Wateen Telecom is indeed a Abu Dhabi venture, and the service will initially be made available in 22 cities. For more details on exact coverage and rate plans, be sure and check out Wateen's website.

[Via Metroblogging Karachi, thanks Zainuddin Z.]

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Submission + - Nokia claims Ogg format is "proprietary" 2

a nona maus writes: Several months ago the WHATWG workgroup of the W3C decided to include Ogg/Theora+Vorbis as the recommended baseline video codec standard for HTML5, against Apple's aggressive protest. Now, Nokia seems to be seeking a reversal of that decision: they have released a position paper calling Ogg "proprietary" and citing the importance of DRM support. Nokia has historically responded to questions about Ogg on their internet tablets with strange and inconsistent answers, along with hand waving about their legal department. This latest step is enough to really make you wonder what they are really up to.

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