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Comment Re:Also it stands to reason (Score 2) 303

'Under the skin' is the magic dust the Apple marketing people came up with this time.

It's the Altivec Unit of 2013.

AltiVec is a Freescale Semiconductor trademark. Apple calls it Velocity Engine, IBM and P.A. Semi call it VMX.

And, it's SIMD vector processing tech... hardly merely a marketing buzzword.

Comment Re:News For Nerds (Score -1, Offtopic) 290

the newer demographic who just want shiny luxury tech like iPhones

The idea that iPhone owners aren't and can't be geeks is a red herring.

Despite that, I agree with the overall gist of your comment: the quality of Slashdot posts has declined.

The article summary mentions nothing about patent, so what's with the comment on prior art?!

Comment Re:After a month of daily use... (Score 1) 911

I think you'd be surprised how many real geeks use apple devices.


I'm 35. I got my first computer (a TRS-80 CoCo 1) in 1980. I was writing pretty sophisticated code by the mid- to late-80's. Wrote a wardialer for OS-9 Level II when I was in my teens. I've been professionally involved in IT (engineering, consulting and management) for well over a decade. I own or have owned most easily obtainable computing platforms, often just for the sake of exploration and learning. I recently bought an old HP-9000/735 just to play around with NeXTStep PA-RISC. I do system administration for various flavors of Windows, Linux, and Unix, including Mac OS X.

By almost any account, I'm a hardcore geek. And I love my iPad. If anything, just because it's a new platform to explore. But also because it's a great kick-back and relax device for content consumption and play.

For some reason, there's a group of people out there who view the iPad as a threat of some kind. I frankly just don't get it. Apple's not forcing anyone to buy or use their products, and they aren't trying to take away your "real" computer. If you don't want one, don't buy it. But, leave those who do buy it in peace. The iPad appeals to a wide class of people: both hardcore geeks like myself who are eager to explore the new platform, and also to people who really don't want to put up with the complexity of traditional computers just for the sake of sending an email to their family.

Comment Re:May have to do with Student Loans and Refunds (Score 1) 554

There's also the problem of would be terrorists coming to the US on student visas and then doing something else with their time in the country. This is likely the strongest case for involving Federal funds in this matter although there should be more appropriate means of verifying a student's presence at a campus that don't involve the wholesale homage to Big Brother.

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